HBO Max is one of the biggest platforms for watching movies on the internet. It’s hardly surprising that customers are lining up to purchase HBO subscriptions. As a result, they made nearly 8 billion dollars in 2021. Despite this, HBO still offers cheap subscription plans and even a few free movies. The only problem? Many of these HBO Max movies are filled with annoying ads that interrupt you as you watch.

Therefore, movie watchers like you must search for other ways to watch HBO Max movies without those irritating interruptions. One solution is to download the movies and save them offline, fortunately, HBO max gives you that option. The only problem is that you still need to watch the videos on the HBO Max platform. You’ll still have to wait for the ads to finish. Moreover, you won’t be able to watch any of these movies once your HBO Max subscription ends.

Therefore, we’re going to review the best movies on HBO Max so you can understand just how valuable this collection is. Then, we’ll find you an alternative to watch them without so many ads. Keep reading to find out how.

Can you Download Movies on HBO Max?

Yes, downloading movies on HBO max is quite simple once you have a subscription. That said, when you download HBO movies, you don’t get to keep them forever. You’ll only get the video for about 30 days after you download it. Even worse, it’s hard to rewatch your favourite movies because they get deleted 48 hours after you first start watching the movies on your device.

HBO Max movies:Can you Download Movies on HBO Max?

So, it’s true that you can download movies on HBO Max. However, you won’t be able to keep the movies for long. Moreover, you’re limited to 30 HBO downloads at once.

Can you Download HBO Max Movies on Laptop?

Yes, many users like to watch HBO movies on their laptops, tablets, and mobile phones for maximum portability. You could watch a movie offline while you’re in transit. Or, you could make sure that you don’t waste your time with a buffering video on movie night by having a whole movie downloaded ahead of time. Either way, HBO downloads will work on your laptop. The only issue, of course, is that you won’t be able to watch the videos anymore after about 30 days. The videos won’t stay on your laptop.

How Can You Download Shows on HBO Max?

There are two ways that you can download shows on HBO Max. The first way is to use the HBO Max interface directly and download it from there. However, the other way is to use the StreamFab HBO downloader. This will allow you to avoid the problems that come with the built-in HBO downloader. You can use StreamFab to download HBO movies in MP4 format.

StreamFab HBO Downloader

The StreamFab HBO downloader is quite easy to use, click the link to start your journey.

HBO Max movies:StreamFab HBO Downloader

Get the free download, you’ll be able to use StreamFab and test out some of its features. Once the software is finished downloading, you can go ahead and open it.

Once you’re at the welcome screen, you’ll see a navigation bar on the left. Click on “VIP Services”, then, you can find the HBO Max Downloader among the options.

HBO Max movies:StreamFab HBO Downloader

Click on the “HBO Max” panel and wait for HBO to load. You can enter your account credentials or make an account with HBO if you don’t have one already. Once you’re ready, search for a movie that piques your interest. We’ve listed some of the best movies on HBO later in this article. Take a look if you need some movie ideas.

Once you’ve landed on the movie you want, simply click on it to get the video download process started. Our software automatically detects the video once it starts playing.

HBO Max movies:StreamFab HBO Downloader

As you can see, you have the option of downloading a single video, or even an entire season. This is extremely convenient for binge-watching in the future.

Once you’ve selected the format that you want, continue and click “Download Now”. As you can see below, the video continues downloading in the background while you watch it. You can have any number of videos waiting in your download queue.

HBO Max movies:StreamFab HBO Downloader

Now that you’re finished, you can see that was quite an easy process. Rest easy, downloading videos rarely takes more than a few minutes. You can choose how fast you want the download to finish by selecting a lower-quality video if you want. Otherwise, you can enjoy HBO movies in ultra-high definition 4k.

Since HBO also releases quite a few popular TV series you can subscribe to each episode using StreamFab. As a result, every time they release a new episode, StreamFab will automatically download the video to your device using whichever format you want.

Since this software costs only $39.99, it can make watching HBO movies more affordable than normal. Since HBO deletes your downloads automatically, you won’t be able to use your subscription to go back to videos all the time unless you keep downloading videos over and over again and paying the monthly ($10) subscription. Just use StreamFab to get access to all your favorite movies and download them in one month using the subscription. Afterward, you can cancel your HBO subscription and still have access to all the movies. Not a bad deal, right?

Get started with a free trial of the HBO Downloader right now, you’ll receive a 30-day money-back guarantee.

New Movies on HBO Max 2022

To meet ever-increasing demand, HBO has come out with quite a few new movies and series in 2022. Here’s a look at some of the best HBO Max, new movies only.

The Survivor

Based on a true story, The Survivor follows the journey of Harry Haft through the misery he endured in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Played by award-winning actor Ben Foster, Harry is compelled to fight in amateur boxing matches to entertain the camp’s sadistic Nazi officials. Unfazed, Harry perseveres through these tribulations, motivated by his love for his partner.

Barry, The Flight Attendant

Created by Steve Yockey, the flight attendant is a comedy series that features a variety of guest directors. The recurring theme? Barry is a flight attendant who might have killed her lover. We say ‘might’ because Barry woke up from a night of drunken carousing in bed with a dead man. Now, she wonders how it is she ended up in such a position, and if she was the cause of the man’s death.

Tokyo Vice

In an unusual twist, Tokyo Vice is a crime drama featuring a western journalist working the organized crime beat for a Tokyo newspaper. The journalist, named Jake Adelstein, pursues one of Japan’s most notorious organized crime bosses. Mentored by an older detective, Jake gives an account of his twelve years working for Yomiuri Shimbun, exposing himself to death threats in the process.

We Own This City

This is a 6-hour series base on a book by Justin Fenton, a reporter with the Baltimore Sun. We Own This City analyzes the failed gun policy and corruption of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force. Watch as the task force falls into moral decay, prioritizing their power-hungry egos over the safety of Baltimore’s residents.

Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off

Chronicling the life and career of world-renowned skateboarder Tony Hawk, this documentary gives an unbelievable look back at his past. You’ll find exclusive footage of training and interviews with Tony Hawk that have never been revealed to the public until now. Other important people in the world of skateboarding add their thoughts too.

The Best Movies on HBO Max

Looking for some good movies on HBO Max? Fortunately, some of the most famous and popular movies in all of history are available on this streaming platform. Here are our top 5 best movies available on HBO Max.


One of the most popular movies in recent years, Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix is a spin-off of the popular Batman series. Featuring elements of the Batman franchise throughout, you can follow the Joker as he descends into madness amidst the decaying landscape of Gotham City, leaving a trail of blood behind him. This film received two academy awards in 2019 including one for Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as best actor.

The Fallout

Released this year on HBO Max, The Fallout is a high school drama film featuring two young students dealing with the fallout of a tragic school shooting. The film chronicles the personal journey of Vada who descends into drug abuse as she copes with her grief. All in all, this isn’t just a tragic story but also one about friendship as the main characters all try their best to support each other, despite significant conflicts.

The Matrix

Yes, this iconic 1999 film is available on HBO Max. As one of the most influential movies in modern pop culture, you won’t want to miss out on this film. It starts as Neo meets Morpheus and Trinity, who help him explore and question the very fabric of existence. As it turns out, reality isn’t as real as Neo once thought. Facing vast dangers and unspeakable betrayals, watch as Neo undergoes intense personal growth and grapples with existential questions.

The Departed

Taking place in Boston, this movie follows a crooked FBI agent and his dealings with Boston’s infamous Winter Hill Gang. The film’s cast is a veritable all-star team of big names, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, and Alec Baldwin all playing prominent roles throughout the movie. With those names, it’s no wonder why this crime-thriller drama won 4 academy awards.

The Dark Knight

Another movie in the long and illustrious history of the Batman franchise, The Dark Knight is the sequel to Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. You’ll find that the Joker makes an appearance here too, as he attempts to wreak havoc in Gotham City. Batman’s task is to defeat his foe and restore order in the city once and for all. This film is also notable because it’s the last movie in which the late actor Heath Ledger appeared, he died while the movie was still in the process of being filmed.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell by now, HBO Max has hundreds of movies and series for you to watch, including some of the most popular shows of all time. Those without an HBO Max subscription are almost certainly missing out on a vast wealth of movies and TV series. However, the only caveat is that HBO Max makes you pay a monthly subscription and restricts your access to their movies even if you subscribe.

Therefore, you should get a copy of the StreamFab HBO Downloader. With this software, you’ll get to download every movie you can find and subscribe to ongoing TV series. Keep your favorite shows on your device forever because it allows you to download these movies in MP4 format. Not to mention, you’ll only have to pay a one-time fee rather than a subscription. We’re offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee, so go try it out now.