Starting as a premium cable network, HBO brought the ultimate movie experience into the homes of thousands of viewers across the United States. Today it is counted among the top streaming platforms alongside Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Currently, the HBO network has three services HBO Go, HBO Now, and HBO Max, of which one of the services is soon to become obsolete. However, it is still highly confounding for users, so we bring you the intrinsic differences between HBO Go vs HBO Now vs HBO Max. 

What is HBO Go?

HBO Go vs HBO Now vs HBO Max:What is HBO Go?

HBO Go had begun its life as an on-demand offshoot of the HBO network that was limited to broadcasting HBO shows and movies for a certain number of days. However, HBO Go soon widened its lens and started getting counted among other top-rated streaming services. It began to enhance its content library by adding older HBO shows and keeping them for longer durations.

What is HBO Now?

HBO Go vs HBO Now vs HBO Max:What is HBO Now?

A successor to HBO Go, HBO Now brought about a revolutionary change as users no longer required a cable subscription to HBO. Moreover, HBO Now introduced the concept of a free trial for HBO, which was not possible earlier with cable providers. It soon ran into discontinuation, but before that, it cost viewers a monthly rent of $14.99 without taxes. Since it was not a part of the cable package, you did not get bound into a long contract period and could discontinue your subscription anytime. 

What is HBO Max?

HBO Go vs HBO Now vs HBO Max:What is HBO Max?

HBO Max came as the latest offering to the erstwhile HBO Now subscribers, especially for those who subscribed through the app. Things may, however, be different for those users with cable subscriptions to HBO that have also given them access to HBO Now. These users may still find HBO Now on their screens. HBO Max offers viewers more original content and added media from the Warner Bros. media library.

HBO Max vs. HBO Now vs. HBO Go: The Difference

HBO Go vs HBO Now vs HBO Max:HBO Max vs. HBO Now vs. HBO Go: The Difference

Supported devices/compatibility

While HBO Go is on its way to becoming obsolete, many devices and platforms like HBO Now still support it. Regarding HBO Now vs HBO Max, you can say that they are compatible with most major streaming platforms. 

Devices supported by HBO Now

Devices supported by HBO 




Android TV

Android TV (OS 5+)

Apple TV

Apple TV (4th gen and later)





Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung TV (2016+)

Xbox One

Xbox One

Playstation 4

PlayStation 4


PC and Mac computers


iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (with iOS 12.2+)

Android phones and tablets

Android phones and tablets (with Android OS 5+)

Fire tablets


Web browser (HBO


Amazon Fire TV



If you are wondering, what is HBO Now vs HBO Max is in terms of content, they have the same HBO content that includes some of the most popular shows like the Game of Thrones, Euphoria, Watchmen, and Last Week Tonight.  

The HBO Max vs HBO Now difference is that HBO Max comes with a much more extensive library that includes everything you will find on HBO Now and original shows like On the Record, Love Life, Craftopia, and Legendary. It also features Warner Media content such as Pretty Little Liars, Friends, Rick and Morty, and the Harry Potter series. There is also the entire catalog from networks and studios like Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, CNN, New Line Cinema, The CW, TBS, Studio Ghibli, TNT, Cartoon Network, Crunchyroll, and Adult Swim.


If you compare HBO Max vs HBO Now vs HBO Go in terms of prices, the cost of subscribing to HBO Go is irrelevant as it is on its way out. HBO Now gives users a trial period of seven days, after which it will cost you $14.99 per month. HBO Max too gives users a week-long trial, and after that, the cost per month is $14.99.

However, in the HBO Now vs HBO Max price comparison, it would be wiser to subscribe to HBO Max. Instead, it gives you everything HBO Now offers, along with a much more extensive media library and original content. Besides, if you are interested in other subscription plans, such as Amazon and HBO max bundle, click on this passage to find more information.

Which one to vote for out of the three?

So as you now see, with HBO Go bidding its final goodbyes, the game is between HBO Max vs HBO Now. However, when you try using the HBO Now app, it will ultimately direct you to HBO Max, which leaves only the latter in the final game. Moreover, with the ability of HBO Max to stream exclusive content from an expansive video library along with the HBO Now vs HBO Max price comparisons, it makes sense for most users to pick HBO Max over the others.

Streaming and watching offline

The HBO Max app is inaccessible for a Mac user. So it would be a great choice to use a web browser to view content from this platform. Suppose you want to watch a show on TV; you must install the HBO Max app on your device first and then search for the particular show. 

There is the option of watching all of the content of HBO Go, HBO Now, and HBO Max online. However, it will need a high-speed internet connection, incredible bandwidth, and continued internet usage. A great alternative would be to watch all the HBO Max offline with the help of StreamFab HBO downloader. 

StreamFab HBO Downloader: Your one-stop solution to streaming concerns

StreamFab HBO downloader is a powerful software with the help of which you can directly HBO download videos. Downloaded video quality is superior as you get up to 4K or 1080p video and AC3 5.1 audio quality. With over 50 updates per year, over 100 million downloads, and upwards of 80 million users worldwide, StreamFab is one of the most popular downloading software. 

This tool can answer all your streaming woes as it lets you watch your favorite HBO Max movies and shows offline. So whether you are on the go, do not have access to a strong internet connection, or want to save your web usage, this is your ultimate solution. Moreover, it lets you keep all your favorite shows for eternity which you would have otherwise missed if they reached the end of their licensing agreement on the streaming platform. So you can now watch your videos anytime and anywhere at your convenience. 

Main Features of StreamFab HBO downloader

  • Downloads any video from HBO Now and HBO Max
  • High-quality video downloading at 1080p
  • Ability to download videos in 4K quality with HDR 10 effect
  • Completely ad-free
  • Allows playing downloaded videos on any device by saving them in MP4 format
  • Select audio and subtitles tracks in multiple languages based on the UI language set
  • You can download subtitles as external SRT files or remux them into your videos
  • Auto-downloading of new episodes/scheduled videos
  • Features a batch downloading option
  • Allows downloading metadata and managing media library easily

How to download using StreamFab HBO downloader

Step 1: Select StreamFab HBO Downloader:

HBO Go vs HBO Now vs HBO Max:How to download using StreamFab HBO downloader

Double click on the StreamFab video downloader icon and then select the VIP Services option from the left column

Step 2: Select the video that you wish to play:

HBO Go vs HBO Now vs HBO Max:How to download using StreamFab HBO downloader

Use your account log-in details to sign in to the HBO website with your account. Then select any video of your choice and play it.

Step 3: Select the StreamFab HBO Downloader: 

HBO Go vs HBO Now vs HBO Max:How to download using StreamFab HBO downloader

Once the video starts to play, it will flash a pop-up window. Start downloading the video being played by clicking on the Download Now button.

Final Words

So, if you are a fan of  Westworld, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Game of Thrones, True Detective, Silicon Valley, The Sopranos, or The Wire, you have more than one option for streaming them. Now that you have explored the difference and seen a complete analysis of the HBO Go VS HBO Now Vs HBO Max battle, you have a fair idea of how each is unique in its own way. While one offers a whole range of exclusive content, another has a lucrative price deal. While you get good device support on one, there is an ease of offline viewing available with another. So when it comes to your final choice, it completely depends on your needs and requirements.