High-Efficiency Video Coding is abbreviated as HEVC and popularly known as H.265. It came as a successor of AVC- Advanced Video Coding, popularly known as H.264. HEVC offers a brilliant picture quality just as AVC however, it can be compressed to a better bitrate. Thus, it makes a lot of storage on your device through an HEVC Converter. Moreover, it lets you enjoy videos or movies of 1080p at 4MBPS instead of using 8MBPS. So, it maintains the same quality just at lower consumption of data.

If you are a movie lover or wish to enjoy videos with high output quality then an HEVC to mp4 converter is great to use. It allows better picture clarity to viewers as it upscales videos of a lower resolution to a higher one thereby improving quality and experience. It also works on batch photos and videos converting many files at once and saving time. HEVC converter preserves visual details in a better way and this leads to picture clarity.

DVDFab Video Converter[Optimal Choice for HEVC Converter]

DVDFab Video Converter[Optimal Choice for HEVC Converter]

If you are looking for an HEVC to mp4 converter that assists you in playing videos of any codecs and resolution providing you a high-quality watching experience then DVDFab Video Converter is just the thing you need. Besides supporting navigation menu be it Blu Ray or DVDs it also supports popular formats of videos like mp4, etc. It is the best HEVC converter with an upgraded user interface to work both with PC and TV playback modules.


  • Offers customizable settings for playlists making it a great HEVC converter for Windows 10.
  • Able to gather all information of movies even from the web.
  • Provides amazing contrast, color, and sharpness to videos and can be considered a great HEVC video converter.
  • Easy rotation of videos to all angles.
  • Supports amazing qualities as an HEVC to mp4 converter.

Price: Free Trial



  • Amazing features that are pretty easy to use.
  • Provides crystal clear picture and video quality.
  • Helps in creating customized playlists.
  • Provides high-resolution quality in video and supports almost all popular formats of video.


  • Cannot be an affordable option for some people.
  • Not beginner-friendly.

Steps to convert HEVC to mp4 using DVDFab HEVC converter

Step 1: Launching DVDFab and loading the source file

As soon as you have downloaded this converter double click on it to launch it. Now you need to look for the options bar and go for the converter module. Here you need to drag and drop the HEVC video you wish to convert into the main user interface. You can also do this by navigating through the add buttons. This free HEVC converter option is good for those looking for limited features.

Step 2: Choosing the profile and customizing the output audio or video

As soon as the video uploads you need to click on the Choose other profile option which is given in the drop-down menu. This will show you many device and format options in the library. You can select the format of your choice like mp4, etc. In case you wish to make some changes in the output video you can also go to Advanced settings and change all the audio and video settings or presets. This will transform your output video by deeply customizing it with the assistance of its built-in video editor.

As soon as you are done with this you can save the settings and click on the given folder icon. This will lead you to the output directory. It also leads you to the option of sharing the video directly to YouTube by using this HEVC converter for Windows 10.

Step 3: Starting the conversion of the video

After you are done with all the preset settings. You need to click on the start button and the DVDFab HEVC converter will start its job immediately. Within a few seconds, you will find that the input video has started converting to your desired format. The detailed progress of the process is shown to you and if you wish to cancel it anytime you can do it immediately. If you wish you can also set an automatic shut down option for your PC. Additionally, options of hibernating, exiting the program, or leaving the task on its own are also available and you can choose among these as per your preference. After the task is completed you will be able to see the desired output file in your destination folder.

Note: Almost every HEVC converter works in more or less similar ways. So the steps followed in this HEVC video converter will also work for other applications or software.


hevc to mp4 converter vidcoder

If you are looking for a free HEVC converter then this one can be your mate. It can be used across almost all devices like iPhone, Android, or Windows, etc. It comes with a lot of customization options where you can opt for multi-threading and MP4, MKV containers for the output file. It helps in keeping the aspect ratio and cropping features for videos making it a comprehensive and best HEVC converter that can be availed for free.


  • Provides immense options for conversion from H.265 to MPEG-2.
  • Complete integration of encoding pipeline.
  • Includes batch encoding and instant preview for source.
  • Allows pause and resume options for encoding.
  • Availability of portable version and is a free HEVC converter.

Price: Free


  • Have multiple threads.
  • The opportunity of 2 passes Encoding.
  • Well-integrated pipeline for encoding.
  • Many other options are other than the HEVC converter.


  • No option for keeping the resolution the same as the original file.
  • Requires .NET 4.

Divx Converter

hevc to mp4 converter divx converter

If you are looking for HEVC video converter software then this can be your best option. It is loaded with amazing video features and also lets you connect to a great cloud storage option. It helps in backing up your DVDs and Blu-Ray with its video conversion options. It also improves the audio and video quality by using its DivX Player which is available for Windows.


  • Provision of DTS-HD Plug-in and custom watermark option.
  • Multi-channel tracks to enhance the video experience.
  • Full support to play videos at any time and anywhere with cropping and rotating facility.
  • Modification settings, with B frames and target quantizer, are also available.
  • The paid software removes all the ads giving a better user experience.

Price: Free Trial for 15 days.

$9.99 for the Pro version.


  • Very reliable.
  • Available as an HEVC converter Mac and Windows software.
  • Very intuitive software.


  • You may need to download a few extra software to get complete features of a file converter


If you are looking for an HEVC to mp4 converter app that is an open-source platform then this one does the job for you. Handbrake helps in cropping and resizing the video to your desired format with the ease of fantastic tools.


  • Restores low-quality videos
  • Helps in cropping and resizing the videos.
  • Converts almost all the video and audio formats that are used commonly.
  • Helps in removing combing artifacts that are created by interlacing.
  • Adjusts the levels of audio volumes.

Price: Free.


  • Very light software and does not take too much space on your device.
  • Easily extracts videos from Blu-Ray and DVDs.
  • Conversion can be less time-consuming.
  • Free software.


  • The interface is complex and offers many options for configuration.
  • No Portuguese version is available.

Media Coder

hevc video converter media coder

If you are looking for an HEVC converter that offers free services then this transcoding software is just the thing for you. Its efficient and adjustable preset options provide better control for transcoding. With the latest codecs, it works smoothly and gives a better performance than other free HEVC converter options. It converts almost all the video formats from HEVC to mp4 and this converter also has a multi-thread design with a multi-core power option.


  • Converts almost all the popular formats of the videos.
  • Provides accelerated GPU encoding.
  • Rips the DVD/VCD/BD?CD options and also capture videos from video cameras.
  • Enriched parameters for transcoding that provide better adjustment and tuning options.
  • Has a multi-thread design and a segmental video encoding option is also available.

Price: Free Version.

$33.99 per month.


  • Supports many media formats.
  • Available for free.
  • Gives the best output with lesser efforts.
  • Options of variety of filters by enhancing audio and video outputs.


  • Supported only on Windows OS.
  • The conversion rate for files is quite slow.


hevc to mp4 converter app TenCoder

If you are looking for an HEVC converter for free then this one enables you to convert both audio and videos into a variety of formats. It allows batch rendering in large quantities with diverse customization options. It lets you change codecs, aspect ratio, bitrate, and several channels too.


  • Extracts even parts of the file and supports almost all the common video and audio formats.
  • Converts HEVC files easily and effectively.
  • Available in a variety of languages.
  • Multithread video and audio converter.
  • Deinterlacing and cropping are also available.

Price: Free.


  • It is open-source.
  • Available for free.
  • Extremely fast in working.
  • Very powerful and GUI is simple in understanding.


  • The source file folder does not open automatically after finishing rendering.


No, HEVC converter does not reduce the quality of videos however it reduces the demands of bitrate to half, making it run smoothly.

There are many options of HEVC converter windows 10 software that are available for free. Some of them are Handbrake, MediaCoder, etc.

Handbrake for Mac, Wondershare free video converter, and many more are available as free and good options for HEVC converter Mac software. For more information, you can check the post Review of Wondershare Video Converter and Its Best Alternatives.


With much advancement in the software industry, we can make use of better use of technology where conversion of formats is possible. With an HEVC converter, you can convert the video files without compromising the quality and it also lets you store files using much less storage space on your device. In case you wish to enjoy videos in mp4 format as it is compatible on almost all devices then an HEVC to mp4 converter can help you out. There are many HEVC to mp4 converter app that works even on android to support your conversion need. Moreover, with our informational guide, you will be able to get the best HEVC converter for all your video conversion needs.