That how to brighten a video has been frequently asked by video makers more than ever before. We are living in a world where we are getting used to shooting videos and then share them online with people. To ensure that people can enjoy our videos better, we'd better record videos in high quality which is not easy at all. Because there are times when we are shooting in a room or at night, the video footage is too dark to be seen due to the lack of light which is also an important factor while recording videos. Luckily there are some software, online websites, and apps available that help us to overcome this problem by brightening videos.

Section One: How to brighten a video on computer| software&online

Chances are that you have saved your poor-quality videos that are in dark on your computer. So the first thing we want to kick out first is to guide you on how to brighten a video on the computer via both the best brighten video software and online websites.

Part 1: How to brighten a video with DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

  • Improve video quality up to 4k automatically
  • One of the few video enhancers supported by Artificial Intelligence
  • Upscale old videos to a better quality
  • Work fast without quality loss
  • The best video enhancer offering a free trial up to 30 days without limitations
  • Easy-to-use and suitable for both beginner and expert

 i  Free Download   

How to use DVDFab Video Enhancer AI to improve video quality automatically:

  • Download and install this video enhancer on Windows
  • Launch it and add your videos
  • Select an AI Model like For Movie Video, For Home Video, and For Web Video
  • Set output format, resolution, bitrate
  • Click the button of Start

Video Enhancer

Then, DVDFab Video Enhancer AI will work fast to upscale your video automatically. There is no need for you to worry about the image contrast, color, brightness, saturation, noise, etc., since this AI video enhancer trained by machine learning models will set all of these parameters based on users’ preference.

Part 2: How to brighten a video with software programs on Win and Mac

DVDFab Enlarter AI

Available system: Windows only; Mac version is coming soon

DVDFab Enlarger AI

Whenever we are talking about how to brighten a video, the DVDFab Enlarger AI is the first one that is brought out. One of the reasons for us to recommend this software is that, different from others, this one is AI-powered, which means it can deal with video color issues in a more intelligent way.

And this is a one-click solution for users to brightens videos. Applied with super-resolution technology, this software is able to improve video quality and enlarger your videos by 300% without losing any quality.

Apart from that, this brighten video software is also equipped with video editing tools that empower users to make some editing jobs on video files, such as trimming, cropping, etc. And because it is AI-powered, the DVDFab Enlarger AI software is able to automatically brighten your videos. Another thing needs to be reminded is that the adjusting light function is inserted on DVD Ripper, DVD to Blu-ray Converter, and Video Converter modules. To learn how to brighten a video with this program, you may check the simple instructions below.
Note: Video Copy module is taken as an example here

Improve Video Quality

Step 1: Get this video color editor on your computer

 i Free Download  

Step 2: Upload your dark video
Locate the video converter module while starting it. Then select the Enlarger AI option through the profile switcher to opt for a format. Then, it's time to upload your dark video. The thing is a drag-and-drop interface is offered so you can directly drag your video file and drop it to the interface.

Video Enhancer

Step 3: Set your video file before brightening the video
If you choose Converter module, you can also customize your video with Advanced Settings and Video Edit options. Here you can only see Advanced Settings under the Copy module. Below, there is a screenshot showing you the two buttons under Converter module.

How to brighten a video

Step 4: Initiate the process of brightening the video
Please don't forget to pick up a location for your brightened video before clicking on the "Start" button.
Up to now, you know how to brighten a video on windows 10, you can also click here to find image upscalers. Then what if you are using a computer with the Mac system? How to brighten a video on a Mac computer? Don't worry. Here is also a good choice for it.

Wondershare UniConverter

Available system: Mac

Adjust video brightness

Though this one is not AI-powered, it's still a good choice for adjusting the brightness of your videos. Wondershare Uniconverter software offers a complete multimedia solution for editing, converting, and all other operations related to the videos. With this video upscaler, you can edit your videos and apply many effects to make your videos better. In addition, you are also allowed to transfer and burn video fast and ease with this video brightness software.

Features of this video brightness software:

  • Adjust video brightness in only a few seconds
  • Download videos from over 1000 websites
  • Transfer videos from computer to iPhone or Android
  • Convert images, create GIFs, burn and rip CD, etc

Part 3: How to brighten a video with online applications

In case you feel unsafe to download desktop programs to brighten videos, we prepared some online applications for you to brighten videos here.

You can produce wonderful videos in no time with this popular online video editor by utilizing its editor, compressor, converter, and webcam recorder tools. But to use this online application to adjust your dark video, you need to create an account first. Then, how to brighten a video with it? You can easily adjust your video light via the exposure and contrast sliders in the Color Balance menu to make your video more appealing. That how to brighten a video is no longer be a hard issue to deal with under the help of it. In a nutshell, Clipchamp is always the best online place to start whenever you need to edit your videos.

Upscale video

Features of this online video application:

  • Provide complete video editing tools
  • Offer customizable video templates
  • Mix and match stock footage and audio
  • Update technologies always to offer the best service

Clideo can also be put on your list when it comes to how to brighten a video. This online application can easily edit brightness, contrast, saturation, as well as add vignette to your video given that brightening videos is not simply adjust its light, but also its contrast, saturation, etc. Clideo empowers you to lighten up your dark video by changing those factors. Even better, you are able to change the settings on a clip, whether it comes from a computer or your mobile phone.

Brighten video

Features of this online video application:

  • Fix your video light without any effort
  • Provide a simple-to-follow interface to use
  • Convert your video to any format

Section Two: How to brighten a video on mobile| iPhone&Android

"How can I fix a dark video on my mobile?" Do you often have questions like this when you are shooting with your mobile phone? There is no denying that you can record a video with your phone any time and any place, but it also happens a lot that you are in a dim environment while recording. So, in this circumstance, find a video brightness app will be a great help to deal with this issue.


Platform: iOS
If you are searching for the best app for fixing your dark videos on your iPhone, then you won't want to miss out on this one - FilmoraGo. With the FilmoraGo app, you can create funny videos and relive your memories anywhere. And also, you are supported to share your wonderful videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., to let more viewers enjoy them. Designed with a simplicity and drag-and-drop interface, you can easily brighten your dark videos on your iPhone. Besides, video effects, such as trimming, adding music and applying a filter, and more are reachable. And no watermark will leave on your video.

Brighten dark videos

Features of this video light editor app:

  • Support imports from social networking like Instagram and Facebook
  • Offer an awesome template to choose from
  • Find the desired soundtrack for your video
  • Apply movie effects to your video


Platform: iOS and Android
Inshot is an all-in-one app. Everything that needed during video editing is provided by this app. For example, it can be used to not only trim video but also split or merge videos as well as flip and rotate footage, etc. What is even better is that this app even offers text, stickers, and emoji options to make your video more professional-looking and interesting. As for how to brighten videos with Inshot, the method is also very simple which is applying some filters to your videos to fix the light of them.

How to brighten a video

Features of this video light editor app:

  • Create popular Vlog music
  • Designed with many video editing effects
  • Different filters and effects
  • Add sticker and text to video

Write in the End

Due to various reasons, we often end up with some dark footage captured improperly. So it is necessary to know how to brighten a video. And with these utilities we have mentioned in this article, you might already have a clue of which one to choose from to brighten your videos. It is hard to weed through those qualified applications. And we hope you can find the most comfortable one to use.