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Image Upscaler | Top 15 Solutions to Upscale Images 2020


   Posted by Starry

2020-10-13 21:15:35


Summary: This article aims to guide you through 15 top AI-driven and non-AI image upscaler that enables you to upscale images. Among such photo enhancers, some are available on desktop, others online, even some on smartphone.

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It has become something of a trend to use an image upscaler to improve image quality. Have you found an one-click solution to enlarge image without quality loss? Vance AI Image Enlarge is your first choice. It’s human nature to capture the special moments of life and the times spent with loved ones by taking pictures. After all, every single photo has a story behind it. Once done, you may store them on a computer, make DVDs, share with friends, or post on social networks. Even so, some pictures don’t turn out as expected. What shall you do? Definitely, you need to upscale images from multiple aspects.


How to upscale an image? Photoshop might be your top priority, which enlarges and enhances photos via bicubic interpolation. Nevertheless, exported images enhanced with Photoshop are always imperfect, blur, or noise, which causes quality loss. This is the common error of all conventional photo editing tools. So, how to upscale image without losing quality? AI image upscaler shall come in handy to remove your pain point. You will see light suddenly upon reading through these given solutions as below. 


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PART 1: Top 5 Online Image Upscaler with AI
PART 2: Top 5 AI-Powered Image Upscaler Software

 PART 3: Top 5 Non-AI Image Upscaler Programs


PART 1: Top 5 Online Image Upscaler with AI


As fast-paced life approaches us, you are unlikely to take the trouble to download and install possible software to possess defective photos on your computer, let alone spending dollars on figuring out how to use professional tools. Considering this, we recommend you AI-based image upscaler online, with which you can upscale images without losing quality.


1. Let’s Enhance

Available: Online

Price: free trial, $6.99/m, bundles

Supported Formats: JPG, JPEG


• Improve colors, remove compression, increase image resolution

• Upscale images up to 16x without losing quality

• Fast conversion (within seconds) and high quality

• Noise reduction applied when processing images (.jpg/.jpeg)

• Deep Convolutional Neural Networks applied (AI)


• Export JPEG & PNG

• Uploaded pictures stored on servers for 30 days


• Each photo uploaded not exceed 15 Megapixels & Megabytes for free users

• Enlarge images up to 4x free, 5 images free upon register

This online image upscaler powered by AI enables users to achieve high-resolution images by automatically recovering lost textures and details, gaining vibrant and saturated colors within one click.


2. Deep Image

Available: Online, Android, iPhone

Price: free trial, $0.24 per image

Supported Formats: JPG, PNG


• Upscale image to 4k (25 magapixels at most), remove artifacts

• Fast image processing speed (1-4 seconds)

• Batch upload for Google Drive

• Convolutional Neural Networks applied (AI)


• Unique API key (1 month available) and 5 free image enhancements per month upon signup

• Pictures saved on server for 24 hours

Con: 5 images processed free without any registration

This online image upscaler allows you to upscale image free with limited images. Even so, with AI-based tech, you can subscribe to its premium version to upscale images without losing quality.


3. ImageUpscaler

Available: Online, live on laptop and smartphone

Price: free trial

Supported Formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG


• Upscale images and photos to 4x

• Increase image resolution but save its natural look

• Remove JPEG artifacts (1-20 sec)

•Deblur (10-60 sec)

• AI tech (GAN: General Adversarial Networks)

Pro: free without register


• Image size below 5Mb, width & height within 2500 pixels

• Image processing within 10-60 seconds

This free image upscaler is able to upscales images online without blur but with original quality. When you resize a bigger image, you need to crop necessary part before processing.



Available: Online

Price: free trial, $4/month

Supported Format: JPEG

Export: PNG


• Increase image resolution without reduction in quality

• Enlarge image size up to 8x

• Add extra details, improve texture, remove JPEG artifacts

• AI powered neural network

Pro: upscale 10 images for free

Con: export PNG alone

This free image upscaler enhances photos with AI-powered algorithm to add extra details that cannot be fulfilled by normal photo editing tools.


5. GDFLab pikaVue

Available: Online

Price: free trial


• Enlarge images up to 4x, upscale video up to 4k UHD

• Eliminate noise and restore details

• AI tech (deep learning, recognition and compression)


• Drag & drop or upload button

• 100 coins presented for free


• Upscale image one for each time

• Images can be upscaled to 2x free

• Export JPG only

This online image upscaler enables you to enlarge image up to 2x and artwork to 4x. Once free coins run out, you shall subscribe to further use.


The above-mentioned are top AI image upscaler online that can be used to upscale images as expected. Choose your desired one when hating to download and install image upscaling software.



PART 2: Top 5 AI-powered Image Upscaler Software


There might be times when you encounter poor internet connection that severely affects image upscaling process. So, you need to have image upscaler software at hand. Here are top 5 desktop AI image enhancers that deserve your try.


6. AI Image Enlarger

Available: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Online

Price: free trial, $14.99 Premium, $39.99 Pro

Supported Formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG


• Upscale image up to 8x, upscale images without losing quality

• Batch processing and super-fast enlargement process

• AI tech (machine learning), new-gen GPU, SRCNN structure


• Lightweight software and carefully designed for desktop users

• 19 images to be upscaled for free


• No batch processes and ads

• Upscale image free to 4x, max file size 5 Mb, resolution 1200x1200px

This best photo upscaler supported by AI tech allows for download and image enlargement within 30 seconds, standing out from its crowd. Note that you can turn to another alternative Photo Enhancer AI, the best photo quality improver for your choice to retouch photos to perfection by means of enlarging image without losing quality, reducing noise from photos, sharpening image for utmost clarity, and even optimizing photos in one-click to achieve amazing DSLR camera quality.



Available: Windows & Mac

Price: $35 lifetime


• Export high-res images by restoring lost details, touching up faces, boosting light and colors

• Bulk picture (1000+) enhancement and share on social networks

• Raw image processing

• Paced with 12 smart technologies leading by AI

Pro: drag & drop image upload and powerful user interface


• Extra subscription service

• Watermark added to enhanced images

• Export 1200px maximum long-edge size

This revolutionary photo upscaler software for PC and Mac allows users to upscale images and personalize images at ease. However, free users need to unlock full pictures by subscription.


8. Bigjpg

Available: Windows, Mac, Android, Online

Price: free trial, $22/month/1000 pics


• Enlarge images up to 16x without losing quality

• Batch and super-fast processing

• Deep Convolutional Neural Networks


• Offline enlargement and 20 images for a free plan

• Uploaded and enlarged images deleted after 15 days


• File size below 10 MB, resolution 3000x3000px

• Slow speed and share server for a free trial

• Processing time affected by network environment and the current number of online users

This AI photo upscaler software supports multiple platforms to upscale image free. However, you need to unlock full features for perfect image enlargement.


9. Gigapixel AI

Available: Windows & Mac

Price: $99.99 for one license


• Upscale photos by 6x without losing details

• Automatic face refinement and enlargement

• Increase sharpness by adding details

• Fix artifacts and restore dynamic range

• AI (machine learning and image recognition)

Pro: support free download trial

Cons: price not competitive; high system requirement

This AI-driven image upscaling software is devoted to providing advanced tools to enhance images. However, you shall embrace its high price.


10. DVDFab Enlarger AI

It is often the case that people tend to seek a versatile tool that kills two birds with one stone. Any image upscaler able to enhance videos?This AI video upscaling program that enhances video image is designed to improve your viewing experience.


 i  Win Free Download   


Available: Windows

Price: $79 lifetime/$155.35 (5-in-one bundle)


• Enlarge video by 300% without visible film grains, artifacts or distortions

• Add lost details to improve video image quality

• Adjust brightness, contrast & saturation to enhance video images

• Built-in video editor to make perfect edits

• Work seamlessly with DVD Ripper, Video Converter & DVD to Blu-ray Converter to revitalize disc movies and videos of low quality

• Share on Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo to increase likes and followers

Tech Applied: AI featured by deep learning & neural networks

Pro: Free trial before purchase

Con: system requirement for quick video image enhancement


Supported by AI, GPU acceleration and processors, this fabulous AI video upscaling software can upscale video resolution and enlarge video image without losing quality. Next time when you want to enhance video image, go and turn to this AI image upscaler and video upscaling software.


The above chosen image upscaling software powered by AI holds a place among all photo editing tools due to their distinctive features like upscaling images without losing quality by restoring lost details.



PART 3: Top 5 Non-AI Image Upscaler Programs


Despite the dramatic improvements in image upscaling, not all regular users can afford to upscale images or enhance photos with these AI-driven programs since they come at a price for advanced features and requires high on a computer system. Thus, here comes a non-AI image upscaler able to enlarge images and enhance quality.


11. Adobe Photoshop CC

Available: Windows & Mac

Price: $20.99/month


• Advanced features to enhance image quality

• Professional color grading and advanced layers

• Powerful plugins, filters, textures, actions and overlays

• Drawing tablets and merging pictures

• Video clips and design tools


• Complex learning curve

• Imperfect experience upon upgrading

Adobe PS is a trustworthy photo enlarger software, widely applied in picture post-production or digital drawing by professionals. This best image upscaling software ensures decent photo enlargement without much quality loss. So, never forget to upscale image in Photoshop when you won’t spend much dollars on AI image upscaler.


12. GIMP

Available: Windows, Mac & Linux

Price: free


• Enlarge pictures with various formats

• Numerous layers, effects, covers

Pro: open source and totally free of cost

Con: no advanced image editing features

This online image upscaler can be accessed for free on multiple platforms. When you seek simple image editing, this is a good choice.


13. Fotophire Photo Maximizer

Available: Windows

Price: $29.9


• Enlarge pictures by 1000% without pixilation and blur

• Basic picture post-production tools

Con: limited features for a trial version

Aside from enlarging pictures, this image upscaler can make basic editing to enhance quality. But only Windows lovers can access to it.


14. PhotoEnlarger

Available: online

Price: free


• Enlarge image or photo by the customized scale

• Offer 4 different enlargement algorithms

• Direct download or crop enhanced images

Pro: easy-to-use interface

Con: pop-up ads

This free image upscaler gives easy access to upscaling images online without losing quality.


15. Image Size Photo Resizer

Available: Android & iPhone


• Import photo in pixel, mm, cm, inches and resize as needed

• Color overlay, filters, effects

• Adjust brightness, blur, focus and flip pictures

Pro: a good photo upscaler app

Con: watch a 30-second ad before saving upscaled image

This image upscaler app is a nice tool to upscale image on a smartphone. Besides, no learning curve for novices.





Now you might have understood top image upscaler that helps upscale images online or enlarge photos on desktop, even upscale images without losing quality. Thus, there is no need to rack your brains as how to upscale an image. All these image enhancement tools are at your disposal.


Besides, the stunning AI-powered video enhancer, DVDFab Enlarger AI will lock yourself out when expecting to upscale image to 4k, even video quality, with which your disc movies and low-res videos will be completely revitalized. By the way, all your enhanced pictures will be the direct source of picture video maker, a tool that aims to design vivid and creative video slideshows.

Enhance video quality from 480p to 1080p or from 1080p to 4K

DVDFab Enlarger AI is the best video upscaler, able to improve video quality by 300%, display more details and offer fantastic watching experience. If you are not content with your SD videos, change its video quality to 1080p. If you want 4K videos, continue to enhance video quality with this free software.

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