how to compress a video on iphone

No worries, if you want to know how to compress iPhone video? It is quite an easy and simple process to capture the 4K or full HD footage using your iPhone or iPad. However, sharing that footage on social media and messaging apps can be more complicated.

The videos recorded in 4K resolution are generally measured in GBs. We need to compress these video files to share with our family and friends.

Here, we are going to compress a few best tools to compress iPhone video. These apps will help you compress your videos in minutes and share them on social media or send them via messaging applications. These tools will also help you to compress iPhone video to email.

Before proceeding to these five tools, you may also think about what to do if these tools don't work. Don’t worry, we are offering a wonderful solution for you. DVDFab Video Converter will be best to compress iPhone video. You can use this video compressor tool free of cost.

DVDFab Video Converter

how to compress a video on iphone with dvd video converter

Price: Free, $29.99

It is the most fully-featured video converter tool. With this, you will be able to convert videos (up to 1080p/4K/5K/8K) from one format to another. You can also convert videos to mainstream audio formats, which can be played on home theater and mobile devices. Moreover, you can upscale the low-resolution videos by 300% (from 480p to 1080p or 1080p to 4K) without losing quality.

How to compress a video on iPhone using DVDFab Video Converter?

If you are looking to know how to compress a video on iPhone, then DVDFab can be the best software for you. It is a full-featured tool that can read almost every video format and convert them to any mainstream audio or video format or mobile devices supporting video playback.

To compress video file on iPhone, you have to double click on DVDFab 12 and select the Converter module. Drag the source video and drop it into the main UI for the loading, or navigate with the add buttons. The users will be able to use this best tool to compress video file iPhone.

In the drop-down menu, tap on Choose Other Profile. In the profile library, you will see the Format and Device options, and you can select one of your desired devices or format. Moreover, if there are higher requests about the output video, you can set all the audio and video parameters in the Advanced Settings. Here, you can use the built-in video editor to customize the output video.

Then, go to the Save and tap on the folder icon to choose the output directory. Furthermore, you can also share videos directly on YouTube with DVDFab Video Converter.

Tap on the Start button for converting videos quickly and free of cost. This software will instantly convert the video to the target profile you choose. It provides progress details during the process. You can also cancel the task whenever you don't want to continue during the process and automatically shut down your computer.

Five Best Video Compressing Apps to Reduce the Video Size For iOS

It is not very complicated to know how to compress video on iPhone even after recording a video clip. All the video compressor applications we have listed below will enable you to compress video iPhone online quickly before you share it on social networks and send it to your family and friends.

Compress Videos & Resize Videos

compress video iphone

Price: Free; however, in-app purchases are available.

You don't need to worry about the video quality you're compressing when you use this free video compressor program. It keeps the quality of the films even when they're compressed by more than 80%. The Compress Videos & Resize Video software can help you save space on your iPhone or iPad by compressing and resizing your videos.

How to reduce the video size using Compress Videos and Resize Videos?

The simplest way to begin shrinking a video's size is to simply launch the app and pick all videos, newly added videos, or any other available categories.

Following the selection of a category, you can proceed to select one or more video clips from which you wish to lower the size of the video. When you access a video stored on your phone or in your iCloud Photo Library, the program will display the video's actual size and the location where it was saved.

To access the Compression Settings window, click the Next button after selecting the videos that you want to reduce in size. After that, you just have to drag the sliders to the left or right to modify the frame rate and video dimensions. Your videos will be compressed and saved in the Compressed Videos album when you press the Compress button in the Compress Videos & Resize Video app.

Video Compress - Shrink Vids

compress iphone video shrink vids

Price: It is free to use, but there are in-app purchases available that you can make.

Video recordings in 4K, Full HD, or HD resolution can be compressed in simple steps using video compression software. The program lets you choose which resolution to use when resizing many movies at once. In order to remove advertisements and have access to all of the app's functions, you must first make an in-app purchase.

Using Video Compress - Shrink Vids, how do you compress video?

Once you've downloaded and installed this free iOS video compressor software, you'll want to open it up and tap the Plus symbol to begin compressing your video. Assuming the app has permission to access the Photos app, navigate to the folder containing the films you wish to downsize and tap on them.

Following the selection of the videos you wish to use, the following step is to select a preset. If you like, you can alter the Bitrate or watch a preview of how the movies will appear before and after the compression process has been completed, among other options. As soon as you are finished, click on the Continue button and pick the destination album to which the resized movies will be exported. Video compression apps will ask you to erase your original video files when the procedure is finished and only preserve their resized versions.

Video Slimmer App

compress iphone video slimmer app

Price: Free or $2,99 for the Pro version

With Video Slimmer, iPhone and iPad users get more than just a video compression tool. The app's batch processing capabilities are particularly impressive, as you can export shrunk videos through Video Slimmer quickly. Compressing videos on your iOS device might free up to 80% of the storage space on your iPhone or iPad. You can check the post best online video compressors.

The best way to compress iPhone videos using the Video Slimmer App?

Even though compressing several films with Video Slimmer isn't time-consuming, the length is dependent on the video's size. Selecting videos from your camera roll can be accomplished by selecting the Add symbol after you have launched the app.

To change the Video Quality and Video Size settings, tap on the Gear symbol in the lower right corner of the screen. The Film Slimmer App also gives you the option of deleting the original videos from your device or adding a copy of the video to your Photo Library when the compression has been completed, among other things.

Afterwards, navigate back to the App Store's main interface and click on the Slim Now button to begin compressing the videos you previously selected. Videos that have been compressed can be sent to friends or posted on social media far more quickly than those that haven't been.

Video Compress – Shrink Video

how to compress video on iphone

Price: This tool has no charges for this service.

The free iPhone and iPad video compression app, Video Compress, may be just what you've been looking for. Even if you've never compressed a video before, you won't require much time to become used to this program's interface.

How does it work for video compression?

To begin compressing a video, all you have to do is launch the app and select the videos from your Camera Roll that you want to downsize. Once this is done, you'll be redirected to the Compress window. Where you'll see the Target Size and the compression %. You can only save downsized videos as MPEG-4 and QuickTime files, which is the only limitation of the software. See also: how to compress a video as you desire.

Video Compress allows you to simply distribute your compressed films on social media or compress iPhone video for email and messaging apps.

Video Compressor – Shrink Videos

how to compress video on iphone

Price: In-app purchases are available for a nominal fee.

To reduce the size of a video, use a video compressor. Using the Movie Compressor software, reducing the size of a video is made simple because it offers a variety of presets to pick from. This free video compressor for iPhones and iPads not only saves you time but also frees up space on your mobile device.

How does this app reduce the video's file size?

Since the app displays the size of all films, discovering large video files in your camera roll will not be a difficult task. The Video Compressor app can be used to reduce the size of images taken with your iPhone or iPad. By just touching the video clip you wish to compress, you will be able to choose a preset resolution for that particular video clip. Change the Bitrate before pushing the Compression button to achieve a better compression ratio. Video Compressor allows you to manage your compressed videos with ease, but only if you purchase the Pro edition of the software.

Bottom Line

The videos you record with your iPad or iPhone can be of huge sizes. It might be time-consuming to send or upload them on the internet. If so, then it can be a good idea for you to install a free video compressing application for iOS. All the video compressing tools discussed above can efficiently and quickly compress video, but the DVDFab Video Converter app is the best.