Why Do Videos Get Blurry on TikTok?

There are many factors why TikTok can make your videos blurry and for you to know how to get better quality on TikTok. Most of us presume the poor quality is owing to our recording device or smartphone camera. But this is not always the same.

TikTok can make your videos look blurry automatically on video preview or your phone screen. But it will not be blurry on the device of another TikTok user. If you try seeing your TikTok video on a different device such as a tablet, iPad, or desktop computer, you may see the video is in ideal resolution. Before posting a video on the platform, make sure to avoid the following points if you do not want a blurry video.

  • Video specifications:

TikTok does not change the video quality if you have selected the correct size for the video. It also does not hamper the quality if you have uploaded the video in the needed format. Also, the video remains the same if you select the correct codec type.

Remember that there are no resolution problems if you record a video with the help of the TikTok camera since it records clips in the correct specifications set by the developers of the platform. But if the media file is not edited and you upload videos from your phone library, the video quality may alter after you post it.

  • Device screen resolution:

The maximum resolution for TikTok videos is 1080p. Hence, if you make a 4K video, it will reduce to 1080p. Ensure to always resize your video to 1080 p from 4k prior to uploading. The quality of the video will be better as compared to the one in the native app.

  • Server capacity:

In simple words, hosting quality video files needs a huge amount of power and space. This may hamper the quality of your TikTok video. If restricted server volume is the major reason for blurry-looking video, you can know how to upload HD on TikTok by reading the article further.

How to Fix Poor TikTok Video Quality with DVDFab

Sometimes editing videos within the TikTok app can make glitchy or blurry videos. Rather than editing videos directly in the TikTok app, you can use DVDFab Video Enhancer AI. You can save the video in high-quality 1080p and share it directly to your account on TikTok.

In addition to this, if you have 4K video, how can you upload it to TikTok? The highest possible resolution for TikTok videos is 1080p. Hence, if you record video in 4K resolution, it will be reduced down to 1080p. You can use DVDFab Video Enhancer AI to reduce your 4K video to 1080p before uploading so that it does not hamper the quality of the video. Follow the below steps to know how to make high-quality TikTok videos using this tool:

Step 1: Download and launch DVDFab Video Enhancer AI on your machine.

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how to get better quality on tiktok:How to Fix Poor TikTok Video Quality with DVDFab

Step 2: Click on the Add Videos option present on the top left corner of the screen to upload the source video. You can also drag and drop the video on the main UI.

how to get better quality on tiktok:How to Fix Poor TikTok Video Quality with DVDFab

Step 3: Under the AI Models tab, you can select a different options such as For Home Videos, For Web Videos, For Anime V1, For Anime V2, Ultrafast, Sharpen, Denoise, RealSR, Real-ESRGAN, SRMD, etc.

how to get better quality on tiktok:How to Fix Poor TikTok Video Quality with DVDFab

Step 4: You can select denoise and sharpen to increase the quality.

Step 5: Under the Output tab, adjust the parameters as per your needs. For TikTok, the max video quality is 1080p. Select FHD 1080p option from the Resolution drop-down menu.

how to get better quality on tiktok:How to Fix Poor TikTok Video Quality with DVDFab

Step 6: Once you are done adjusting the parameters, click on the Start option.

Step 7: A new window will pop up showing you PC information. Click OK to proceed.

how to get better quality on tiktok:How to Fix Poor TikTok Video Quality with DVDFab

Step 8: Clicking OK will start the upscaling process.

how to get better quality on tiktok:How to Fix Poor TikTok Video Quality with DVDFab

Step 9: Once the process finish, you will get your upscaled video.

How to Fix Poor TikTok Video Quality While Recording

To know how to make TikTok quality better and fix poor quality videos, you have to set the maximum video quality manually prior to recording. Choose 30 frames per second or higher and 1080p video quality for the maximum video quality on TikTok. Once the settings are correct, you can create a good-quality video easily. If you are recording in a low-light area, the lower video resolutions such as 480p or 720p may be better compatible for your video.

Before you begin recording, ensure to use the back camera rather than the front selfie camera. The rear camera of your mobile tends to offer better video quality and resolution. The TikTok’s settings Data Saver mode may also make your videos look blurry when recording. To switch off the Data Saver mode, navigate to Settings and Privacy >> Cache and Cellular Data >> Data Saver >> Off.

how to get better quality on tiktok:How to Fix Poor TikTok Video Quality While Recording

Correct TikTok Video Dimensions and Specs

When recording your TikTok videos on your professional camera or smartphone camera, there are a few things that you should remember. Below are the TikTok video quality settings for Android to avoid blurry videos.

  • 75 MB is the size of the clip if uploaded from an Android device
  • 250 MB is the size of the clip if uploaded from an iOS device
  • 1080 x 1920 aspect ratio
  • H.264 codec
  • Vertical video format
  • MP4 or MOV type

How to Make Quality TikTok Videos While Uploading

If you want the best video quality, ensure to have a good internet connection. Weak internet can sometimes result in video lags and glitches during the saving or video export process. If your smartphone is having issues while uploading videos on TikTok, try to use the web browser of TikTok instead. Try to avoid third-party platforms that promise high-quality video content for TikTok. These services bypass restrictions from TikTok which can violate community guidelines, result in poor quality, and can even lead to getting your account blocked on TikTok.


Why are my videos low quality?

It is possible that the low quality may be owing to issues such as audio, or video codecs, bitrate, or the encoding process. It can also be due to not using the correct and recommended settings for your capture device for TikTok.

Is there a way to Unblur a video?

The process of unblurring a clip is a very time-consuming and complex task. This process can be achieved with a motion estimation algorithm by deconstructing the video, making a motion field from this data, and then using a Wiener filter to get rid of the noise from the clip.

Why are my TikTok videos low quality?

TikTok videos are of poor quality as compared to higher production and more professional video editing tools. TikTok videos are made on a smartphone with the app which is less powerful as compared to the computer utilized to edit more professional videos. This lets the user use the camera of their phone and edit their video on their phone directly with no extra software required.


All in all, we just had a look at how to get good quality on TikTok. We saw different settings that can be used for better quality video. We also saw that DVDFab Video Enhancer AI can be used to optimize video for TikTok. The software is an AI-based program used to enhance video quality and enlarge resolution as a video upscaler. The tool upgrades videos with poor low resolution and image quality automatically. It uses super-resolution tech to know the missing pixels using a neural network. This ensures that the video image is upscaled without any loss in quality.