One of the major challenges of working with social media content is that not all images are professionally shot on a camera or by expert people. Therefore, image enhancement has been needed and applied by many people. Imagine you came back from your vacation trip and wanted to share your captured memories with your friends. You can full of excitement, yet it turns out that all its images are too blur to be watched. I can picture your angry at that time. That’s why we need image quality enhancers to help us out.

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Part 1: What is image enhancement?

Image enhancement is the procedure of enhancing image quality and the information content of original data before processing. There are two kinds of image enhancement: qualitative enhancement and quantitative enhancement. The qualitative enhancement refers to the modification of images to make it more appealing to humans. Let me give an example to express myself. For instance, you use filters on your photos to make them better looking. This is the qualitative enhancement. In terms of the quantitative enhancement, it refers to the modification of information that an image carries. For example, you sharpen the edge of an objective so that you can analysis it better. This is what we called quantitative enhancement. Image enhancement aims to make visual information clearer.

Part 2: How to enhance an image?

We already knew that what image enhancement is and that we are in need of image quality enhancers as well. Then what we need to consider next is how to enhance an image. Well, the best method is to ask image quality enhancers for help. And luckily, there are many of them available in the market. We have prepared some of the best for you.

Online image enhancer

This online image enhancer utilizes advanced technology called AI image enhancement quality. That is to say, this image quality enhancer is powered by AI to enhance your image resolution by improving your image colors, removing compression and upscale your image up to 16x.

How to use this image resolution enhancer?

Step 1: Upload your image by clicking that circle icon

Step 2: Once your image is loaded, you can select processing options.

Note: Two categories of options are offered: Upscaling and Enhancement. Upscaling includes “Phots and art” and “Illustrations”, while the Enhancement includes “Add textures” and “Improve colors”.

Step 3: Customize your image

When an option is select, you will see more advanced settings listed below. For example, if you have chosen the “Photos and art” option, then you can choose how large you want to upscale your image as well as the image format - JPEG or PNG.

Note: Some functions are paid only.

Step 4: Start Processing

When your settings are done, click the “Start Processing” button. Seconds later you will get your image enhanced.


beautiful user interface

fast enhancement speed


you have to log in to start using

limited functions are reachable

Are you seeking for a method to realize image enhancement? Try this online image enhancer. This is a 1-tap image quality enhancer that allows you to make crucial modifications to any image easily. The best news is this one is totally free. This free image enhancer features a lot, including but not limited to color correction, image fix, and image quality enhancement.

How to enhance an image with it?

Step 1: Locate this free photo enhancer website and then press that "Get Started" button

Step 2: Click the "Open" tab to load the image you want to enhance

Step 3: Enhance image quality through many options

Step 4: When you are done, press the "1-TAP ENHANCE" button and save the improved image.


Free to be reached

Multiple edit options


Pay to get the premium version

Must join in to remove its ads.

This is a neural network image quality enhancer. Applied with convolutional neural networks, it helps you to increase your image size, remove artifacts as well as enhanced image quality. Just keep in mind that only 5 images are free to be upload if you don't pay for it.

And the more images you want to improve a month, the expensive this image enhancement tool will be.

How to use this online image enhancer?

Step 1: Open its official website

Step 2: Click that big plus button to upload an image

Step 3: Set the Upscale Images option and the Remove artifacts option

Step 4: Hit the "Enhance image"

Note: When your images are finished to be enhanced, you have to leave your email address to get it on your own. Otherwise, this image will be deleted forever after 24 hours. This is the biggest drawback of this online enhancer.


well-labeled interface

 provide an app for phone

allow batch upload


only JPG and PNG formats are supported

a little bit expensive

slow enhancement process

Everything you need to achieve image enhancement is offered by the FotoJet’s. This online image enhancer simplifies the image enhancement process which means you can finish the enhancement within one click.

How to enhance images online with it?

Step 1: Open and then press the "Get Started" button

Step 2: Add an image through the "Open" button

Step 3: Edit your image

Step4: Download it onto your computer


Provide many edit features for users

Allow you to directly print your image


A little complicated for new image editors

As soon as you open its official website, you shall see all its functions well-labeled. Therefore, you can easily know what this online image resolution enhancer can do and also what it can not do. It should be pointed out that this is also a free image enhancer used to enlarge photos or images online.

How to achieve image enhancement with it?

Step 1: Visit the website

Step 2: Hit the "BROWSE" button to select an image to upscale

Step 3: Enlarge your image. However, you can only adjust the image size

Step 4: Click the "ENLARGER!" option


super easy to be used


many inserted ads

that big "Start" button is not the access to enlarge image

has limitations to the image's size

few features available

Do you want to add some effects to your image to make them more interesting? If you do, then you are in the right place. This free image enhancer can not only allow you to enhance image resolution but also offers many effects to make your images more attractive.

How to use this image resolution enhancer?

Step 1: Upload a photo from disk or from URL, or choose one from your computer

Step 2: Select a level you want to enhance

Step 3: Hit that download icon to save the image


multiple ways to upload an image

several image effects


only two levels of image upload are available

uploading image costs a little long time

fail to work sometimes

This free image enhancer makes it possible for you to make image enhancement by upscaling small images without losing quality or introducing distortion. Even better, this image quality enhancer provides more than one method to assure you get the preferred upscaled version.

How to use this image quality enhancer?

Step 1: Upload a file by entering a URL or browsing computer

Step 2: Select output format

Step 3: Define the dimension for the enlarged photo, such as zoom factor, width, and height

Step 4: Click the "Start" button when everything is ready


totally free

support several languages


the max file size for upload image is 5MB

only JPG and PNG output image formats are reachable

Applied with advanced techniques, such as adaptive exposure, this photo enhancer is able to make your images surpass typical HDR effects. Furthermore, it can boosts contrast along the edges within a photo as well as improve details.

How to use this image quality enhancer?

Step 1: Land in its official website

Step 2: Hit the "Get Started" button

Step 3: As a result, a new interface switched in from which you might need to click the "Open" tab to add your photo

Step 4: Manage your photo and select a enhance DLX

Step 5: Press the "Save" button


beautiful interface

support batch upload


add watermark on your upscaled photo

If you still find it difficult in fixing common digital image problems in a snap, then, Enhance. Pho. to perhaps can help you out. Under the help of this online photo enhancement tool, you are able to correct color and saturation in your image, perform denoising and sharpening, and removes red-eye.

How to use this online image enhancer?

Step 1: Click "Select a photo" option on its official website

Note: Do not click that "Start Now" button which is not working and you will lead to another unrelated interface

Step 2: Check the boxes of features you want to apply to your image, such as lighting correction.

Step 3: Save and share your enhanced photo. And if you dream of editing it further, it is also possible here.


designed with a preview function

allow you to share to a website

offer 3 ways to add a photo


no batch image upload

Image enhancement software

Though online image enhancers don’t need to be downloaded on your computer, they greatly depend on your internet quality. In case you can not access these online photo enhancers while the internet is poor or unreachable, we also prepare some image enhancement software for you.

AKVIS Enhancer

AKVIS Enhancer is created as an image enhancement software that detects detail in underexposed, overexposed, and mid-tone areas of a photo with uneven exposure. This image enhancement software is able to improve every part of your image. Furthermore, it works in three modes: Improve Detail, Prepress, and Tone Correction. And this image enhancement tool provides uses with a fast method to fix a dark photo, add contrast and brightness to a picture.

How to use this image enhancement software?

Step 1: Download this software on a computer

Step 2: Upload an image you want to improve. Then, select a model among those three ones and adjust parameters.

Step 3: Save your enhanced image.


Professional to use

Available on Win and Mac

Offers a multi-language user interface


Only 10 days of a free trial

Contains plug-ins while downloading


This photo enhancer is particularly designed for beginners and intermediate users. And it is available for both Win and Mac OS systems. Given that it is designed for beginners, it basically eliminates the confusing and tedious options like brightness adjustment, contrast setting, and more.

How to use this image quality enhancer?

Step 1: Install it on your Win or Mac computer

Step 2: Click that "IMPORT" button to add your photo. Alternatively, you can directly drag and drop your photo.

Step 3: Once your photo is loaded, you can use a slider below to check the enhancement changes.

Step 4: When you are sure that that photo has been what you prefer, you can click the "Export" button.


easy drag-and-drop interface

allow image preview

support RAW photo format


pay $15 to get software upgraded

Part 3: The Best Video Enhancer

Since you already know how to improve a single image, we’d like to step further and explore how to enhance video image quality so that they are better to be viewed. Here we would recommend you DVDFab Enlarger AI.

Features of this image enhancer software

1. Equipped with Super-Resolution technology, DVDFab Enlarger AI is capable of upscaling videos from SD to Full HD, or from 1080p to 4K.

2. This software powered by AI can study and analyze the pixels of the photos using neural networks.

3. It can actually enrich the details of your photos and restore the original color to the objects using smart color correction algorithms. Another thing that should be pointed out beforehand is that this video enlarger tool needs to co-work with other software, such as DVDFab Video Converter.

How to use it?

Step 1: Install it on PC

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Step 2: Upload your video. Locate its “Converter” tab and choose an Enlarger AI option. Then click that plus button to add your to-be-enhanced video.

Step 3: Edit your video, such as trim, crop, etc., though that Edit option. Or preview your enhanced video with the preview button.

Step 4: Hit that “Start” button to upscale the video.


Capturing and sharing photos has never been so easier thanks to the advanced technologies. Also because of them, we are able to adjust our image light, add filters, or conduct other editions to make our ordinary photo seems professional which can impressive viewers better. Try these tools and find the one you like the most. But if you need to upscale your video image quality with AI, then always choose DVDFab Enlarger AI which can upscale your video image quality by using all these cut-edge technologies.