Whether you have prior experience or not, with the smartest AI technology of the advanced full-body character creator generator, you can create any of your favorite characters for personal or professional use. So, let's see the top 10 character creator makers with their highlighted aspects.

Top 10 Best Character Creators

Get a brief idea about the top 10 character creator makers with their unique benefits and limitations.

Make Human

Make Human is a very well-designed character creator maker that helps you to build 3D characters with maximum customizable options of human attributes. This tool is perfect for beginners and supports multiple exporting formats like OBJ, Collada, STL, & FBX. This is also ads-free software.


  • The free, open-source software supports Windows, Mac & Linux platforms.
  • It provides 1170 morphings for parametric modeling.
  • There is the widest range of customizable features like body types, hairstyles, faces, clothing, skin color, texture, and so on.
  • It offers rigged characters for your animation.


  • This tool is not fully free; there is a paid version.
  • You have to pay for the commercial version.

Daz 3D

Daz 3D is the most advanced character creator 3D software for enhancing perfection in the professional world. While using this platform, you can achieve expertise in the artistic field of character creation and earn money by selling your creation.


  • This tool offers combined options of characters like People + Wearables, Places + Things, Resources + Add Ons, etc.
  • It uses studio-class processing to generate photo-realistic animated characters.
  • It has a 3D model library with over 10,000 hyper-versatile figures.
  • It provides endless customizable options for figuring, posing, clothing, etc.


  • The tool is not free, and the paid version is expensive.
  • This web-based tool only supports iOS devices.


Poser is a very high-end and old 3D character creator software for multiple purposes: art, illustrations, games, comics, education, the medical field, etc. With this tool, you can create models like historic, contemporary, Si-Fi, fantasy, or something else.


  • With this fantasy character creator, you can transmit facial emotion, expression, and story to your digital character.
  • Explore unparalleled customization of the figure, face, clothing, scenery, lighting, etc.
  • It provides SuperFly render engine with expanded graphic card support.
  • It has come up with a Post Effects palette, icons on library thumbnails, a Material Management tab, & Python 3 support.


  • Begin an orphan software & the current development is slow.
  • It has a chunky interface.


To talk about character creator 3D tools, Blender is one the best free and open-source software. It provides dynamic human molding features instead of various customizable human attributes options.


  • It offers sculpting, modeling, curves, & retopology in its toolset.
  • It supports high-end production path tracers known as Cycles to create amazing renders.
  • It provides stimulation, VFX, scripting, video editing, and many other features to create characters with perfection and specification.
  • The manual of this tool is available in multiple languages on an online platform.


  • This tool doesn't match the industry standard with a steep learning curve.
  • With a very basic video editor, this tool could be buggy sometimes.

Character Creator

When it comes to full body character creator generator, the web-based character creator application is the simplest one to start your digital human modeling experience. With this tool, you can add expression to the realistic animated figure.


  • This full-body character creator tool gives you high-quality
  • human images.
  • With this free tool, you can select gender, skin color, and other specifications of the character you aim to create.
  • It supports vector SVG format to export your created character.
  • You can open your downloaded file in any format of your choice.


  • For commercial purposes, you have to pay.
  • There is a very limited human features customization option.

Reallusion Character Creator

With the advanced 3D modeling technology of the Reallusion Character Creator software, you can create 3D human images with free embedded content. While using a simple drag & drop option, you can choose preset with a manual customization option in every aspect of your created character.


  • It offers versatility in morphs, makeup, clothing, accessories & basic preset avatars.
  • There is a modification slider to tweak & change the entire appearance of your created character.
  • It offers 88 casual clothing options, 17 diversified appearances, and 188 ready-to-use presets.
  • There is an intuitive UI tool for flexible editing.


  • This tool is free only on the iClone platform.
  • Small bugs are appearing in this tool.

South Park Avatar Creator

For your favorite South Park character creator, you must try the simple South Park Avatar Creator method for your entertainment or video gaming purposes. After saving your creation, you can email it or assign it to your contact. This app is easily available in Google Play Store.


  • This tool is specially meant for the Android platform.
  • There are millions of customizable combinations to create any south park character.
  • You click on the "Green" button to continue with the app.
  • This tool has been downloaded 3502 times.


  • This app is only for the Android platform.
  • If you download the broken website, your antivirus will detect this tool as malware.


SuperMii is a popular fantasy character creator that helps you create cartoon avatars with a few clicks. This is a very smart and effective app for Android & iOS platforms. With free downloading of the app, you can enjoy its "Shake Phone” option to create any random cartoon character while simply shaking the phone.


  • It offers hundreds of customizable options to provide a personal touch to create fantasy characters.
  • You can use any traditional photo to create your favorite fantasy character out of that image.
  • There is a custom text option with zoom-in, zoom out & object up-down moving options.
  • It offers a selection of gender, face, hairstyle, expression, emotions, skin color, etc.


  • There are very basic customizable options.
  • It is specially meant for comical purposes.

Autodesk Maya

With the advanced 3D character-creating technology of Autodesk Maya, you can create visually vibrant and realistic-looking 3D characters of your choice. This tool is the first choice for professional character designers.


  • It provides advanced animation tools to create believable human models.
  • There is an intuitive modeling tool for shaping 3D objects & scenes.
  • It helps to create more complex characters most easily.
  • It offers motion graphics, 3D animation, shading, 3D rendering, rigging, and so on.


  • This tool is not free.
  • The price is comparatively high.


ZBrush is a very economical character creator 3D software with multiple customizable options and features. This tool is best for commercial purposes of movies, video gaming, etc., and supports both Windows & Mac platforms.


  • You can get a high-resolution character with modeling, texturing, etc.
  • It offers features like 2.5D, poly paint, Z shapers, etc.
  • It has the most user-friendly interface.
  • It uses "pixol" technology to store lighting, color, depth, orientation, etc.


  • This tool is not free.
  • It is not available for mobile platforms.

So, after creating your favorite character, if you want to enhance the quality of your creation, you must go for the professional photo-enhancing AI algorithm of DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI.

How to enhance character images with the DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI?

Creating your favorite character is only enough once you give professional perfection to your created image through the advanced technology of DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI. Even though you can create any human character using these character creator makers, you can't add elegance to your image through this tool. Instead, let's see how DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI does that.


  • You can enlarge any 2D or 3D image 40x bigger than its original size.
  • Try adding cartoonish effects to your digital character to make it attractive & entertaining.
  • Eliminate digital noise to get rid of blurriness.
  • You can upscale resolution without compromising the quality of the original image.
  • Add your desired color to the colorless portion of your image.
  • Get DSLR quality clarity for your image.
  • You can sharpen the image to eliminate other imperfections.

Image enhancing steps

Step 1: Opt for Module

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Start launching the software on your PC, & select your required module. You should wait a while to download your selected AI model.

Step 2: Select an image to enhance

Opt for the "+" option, and drag & drop the image for enhancement in the software's main interface.

Face Genarator

Step 3: Go for preview to change settings

While previewing the output result, you can make changes through the settings if it is needed.

Face Generator Upscaler

Step 4: Save the final image

After your final customization, go for the "Start to Process" option to save the final images.

Face Genatator


What character creator picrew?

It is a popular image-making service with 10,000+ image makers, available only in Japan.

What is character creator 3?

Character creator 3 is a character designer designed for the Windows platform. This 3D character creator is best for animation, VR, and AR & gaining the widest range of human attribute customization options.

Why do you need a Character creator?

  • Comical purpose
  • Video gaming
  • Animation
  • Storyboarding
  • Video editing
  • Add special effects

Last Word

The list of top 10 character creators serves your personal or professional purposes according to your specifications. While choosing the best tool, you must take the support of DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI to stay one step ahead in perfection.