The Iranian movies industry has created a large number of excellent films over the years. The country is best known for its intense dramas but Iranian directors have been experimenting with other genres as well over the years. Unfortunately, a lot of people around the world are still not familiar with Iranian films. But luckily many of them are available to watch on YouTube so it’s very easy to check them out and see what the country’s movie industry has to offer.

Part 1. Top 10 Best Iranian Movies on YouTube


We’re kicking this list off with one of the most recent Iranian movies on YouTube. Dressage came out earlier in 2018 and is a thriller about a group of teenagers who decide to rob a corner shop only to realize they’ve made a mistake and are now in danger of getting caught.

The Past

A lot of Iranian movies on YouTube are not available in English but this one is an exception. The past is a drama from 2013 that follows an Iranian man who travels to Paris to meet with his ex-wife who is now in a relationship with another man.

Leily Is With Me

It may seem like all Iranian movies are dramas or thrillers but that’s not actually the case as evidenced by Leily Is With Me. This film is a comedy that takes place during the Iran-Iraq war so it’s quite an achievement that this movie exists in the first place. The fact that it’s also extremely hilarious only makes it that much better.

The Pot and the Oak

This is one the most interesting and well received Iranian movies on YouTube from 2017. The movie was partially shot in Canada and follows a playwright who suffers an existential crisis when he is unable to finish one of his plays while at the same time struggling to preserve his marriage. To top it all off, he also finds out he is infertile and can never have kids.

About Elly

It’s a bit hard to find this Iranian movie on YouTube with English subtitles but at least the film is available in HD. The story revolves around three families who spend the weekend together and are accompanied by some of their friends, including a woman named Elly. The woman is a bit of a mystery and suddenly vanishes at one point but no one seems to know why.

Three Faces

Another interesting entry from 2018 is a drama known as Three Faces. The movie follows three different Iranian actresses who just happen to cross paths. What’s pretty unique about Three Faces is that it only features a handful of actors and they all play themselves in this movie.

Life and a Day

Another recent Iranian movie available on YouTube is the 2016 drama known as Life + 1 Day. The story revolves around a family living in poverty that has to come to grips with the fact that the youngest daughter is about to get married and will soon leave home.


Crimson Gold

A well-known movie not just in Iranian but all around the world. Crimson Gold is a thriller about a regular pizza delivery driver who turns to a life of crime after noticing all the social unbalance around him.

The Salesman

No list of Iranian movies on YouTube would be complete without this great 2016 thriller. The Salesman centers around a couple who leave their crumbling house behind in order to move into a new apartment. Unfortunately for them, someone breaks into their new home shortly after they move in.


A Separation

A Separation is arguably the best Iranian movie on YouTube of all time. The film won an Oscar in 2011 and many other awards thanks to its emotional story and great acting performances. Make sure you don’t miss out on this masterpiece.

Part 2. How to Download These Iranian Movies from YouTube

All the movies on this list are available to watch for free on YouTube and you can even download them to watch later. You’ll need a tool like DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader for that but don’t worry because the software is free and very easy to use. Here’s how it works:

1. Simply open DVDFab and navigate to the Utilities tab to find a tool called YouTube Video Downloader.

2. Now type the name of the movie you want to download and select a video from the list.

3. Once you find the video you want, click the Download button located in the top left corner of the screen to pick the quality. Click on one of the available options and the movie will begin downloading automatically.

4. If you to change the default destination folder you can do so by clicking on the folder icon located in the lower left corner. Finally, click the Download tab to check on the progress and go the folder to begin watching the movie once the download is complete.