Is Disney Plus Free with Amazon Prime?

Since Amazon Prime and Disney+ are online streaming giants, you certainly don't want to miss the chance to explore them together. However, Disney Plus is not included as part of the Amazon Prime membership and requires a separate subscription.

When you feel helpless to find free options for Amazon Prime Disney Plus and have no idea how to begin, this article will give you seven ideas to access both Amazon Prime and Disney plus free and provide the solution on how to download movies on Disney Plus.

7 Methods to Get Amazon Prime Disney Plus for Free 

Despite scrolling down lots of pages & information, you still don't get the authentic answers to "Is Disney Plus free with Amazon Prime." So, it's time to make your own choice to get Amazon Disney Plus together for free while selecting the given options according to your preferences. 

is disney plus free with amazon prime:7 Methods to Get Amazon Prime Disney Plus for Free 

Option 1: Free Trial 

Amazon Prime: It provides a 30-day free trial once you register to the Amazon Prime Video for the first time on any device. After that, if you want to continue with the service, you can take any of Amazon Prime monthly or yearly subscription plans. 

Disney Plus: Unfortunately, Disney Plus free trial option is no longer available. Even though Disney+ has a 7-day free trial option, in 2021, it stopped providing its free trial service. 

is disney plus free with amazon prime:7 Methods to Get Amazon Prime Disney Plus for Free 

Now, both platforms allow multiple device streaming options with a single account. 

For example, login/begin gives four simultaneous watches, and Amazon Prime allows three different devices to stream simultaneously. So when you enjoy your free trial with Amazon Prime, you can share your account with anyone enjoying his subscribed Disney+ service.

And in return, you can share his Disney + account. This option allows you to enjoy both Amazon Prime and Disney Plus simultaneously. By the way, if you also wonder dose Peacock have a free trial, this passage will provide a detailed introduction.

Option 2: Share Accounts 

It is one of the quickest options to get Amazon Prime and Disney Plus for free forever. Find people with Amazon Prime and Disney+ subscriptions in your friends and family, and you can easily share their accounts to get both services for free. You can share two accounts of Amazon Prime & Disney + from any single person or different person according to your convenience. 

Option 3: Account Trading in Social Media 

In recent times, who and what is not there in social media; whatever you want, need, or ask, social media has all the answers to your queries. Without exception, social media is one of the most excellent options when sharing accounts of different subscription-based online streaming services. 

is disney plus free with amazon prime:7 Methods to Get Amazon Prime Disney Plus for Free 

In return, you can share Amazon Prime & Disney+ accounts with anyone on the social media platform and provide them with the required services. However, while trying out this option to enjoy Amazon Disney plus free forever, you must be very careful to share your personal information and credentials with any stranger to avoid scams or fraud. 

Option 4: Mobile Services With Free Deals 

Amazon Prime: Among different mobile plans, few provide you with a free Amazon Prime subscription plan. So, if you opt for the Unlimited plan of $60 of Metro by T-Mobile, you will get an Amazon Prime Video downloader free subscription as long as you continue with the mobile plan. Similarly, if you take the Unlimited Premium Plan of wireless Sprint Cell Phone service, you can get free Amazon Prime for 12 months. 

Disney Plus: You can get Disney+ for free with the Unlimited Plans of US Mobile's two-line or three-line connection. On the other hand, with Verizon's 5G Do More & 5G Start plan, you can get Disney+ for six months, and with the Get More and Play More plan, you can also get Disney+ free without time limitations. Similarly, O2 mobile gives their plans six months of free Disney + subscription. 

is disney plus free with amazon prime:7 Methods to Get Amazon Prime Disney Plus for Free 

Now, to access both the Amazon Disney plus services for free through mobile deals, all you have to do is to go for any two separate mobile plans of two streaming services and avail them with your two mobile connections. So, this could be the best solution to try when you search for "is Disney Plus free with Amazon Prime." 

Option 5: Cards Collaboration

Disney Plus: There are Disney+ Gift Cards available in the market, and with these cards, you can access Disney+'s free subscription and download MP4 movies from Disney+ for one year. You can also opt for Disney+'s Gift Cards with different values.

Amazon Prime: Even though there is no Gift-Card option for a free Amazon Prime subscription, you can avail of free Amazon Prime Video while shopping on Amazon with the Amazon Prime Rewards, Visa Card, or Amazon Store Card. 

So, while taking advantage of the Disney+ Gift Cards and Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card or Amazon Store Card simultaneously, you can get Amazon Prime Disney plus for free. 

Option 6: Member Benefits 

Amazon Prime: If you go for any Amazon Prime Membership plan, you can get free access to the entire library of the Amazon Prime Video platform. On the other hand, if you go for the Amazon Prime Student Membership plan, you are allowed to get Amazon Prime free for six months, and after that, you will get it at a discounted price. Apart from this, being an active member of the Amazon Associate Affiliate Program, you can also get the advantage of Amazon Prime free access. 

Disney Plus: If you are a Disneyland or Walt Disney World employee, you can get a free Disney Plus Bundle subscription plan. 

Now, while enjoying Disney plus employee advantage with a free Disney+ subscription plan, you can go for any Amazon membership perk at your convenience to get both services free simultaneously. 

Option 7: Disney+ on Amazon Fire Stick/Fire TV 

Accessing Disney+ on Amazon Fire Stick or FireTV is another option to enjoy both streaming services. Since Disney+ is available in the Amazon channels list, you can easily enjoy it on your Amazon FireTV or Fire Stick by following the given steps. However, with this option, you can't enjoy Disney+ for free. Instead, you must pay for the Disney+ subscription plan to get it on Amazon devices. 

Bonus! How To Download Disney+ Library With a Free Trial?

All the downloaded content will expire once your free trial ends. Don't you think you need to make the most out of these deals by downloading videos in HD MP4 format with the advanced & customizable downloading option of StreamFab Video Downloader?

download disney plus and amazon prime

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  • Scheduled newly released videos will be automatically downloaded.

How to download Disney Plus & Amazon Prime with StreamFab?

Step 1

Download the video downloader

Install the software on your device and open the interface

Step 2

Choose the streaming service

Tap Amazon Prime or select the Disney Plus download option on the left channel to find the videos you want. 

is disney plus free with amazon prime:Downloading Steps 

Step 3

Customize the file

StreamFab will analyze the video automatically when you play it. You can choose the audio and subtitle language and download it right now or add it to the queue.

is disney plus free with amazon prime:Downloading Steps 

By using this method, all the hot shows including 1883 on Amazon Prime can all be downloaded.


What is "Amazon Music Disney Plus"?

There was an offer in 2021 with Amazon Music Unlimited where you could get Disney+ for free for six months; however, this "Amazon Music Disney Plus" offer is no longer available. 

Is the Disney Plus Free trial Amazon Prime option available? 

Since Disney Plus free trial no longer exists, you can get Disney plus for free via Amazon Prime option. 

How to add Disney Plus to Amazon Prime Account? 

To access Disney+ on an Amazon Prime, simply install the app and proceed to create your subscription through the Amazon.

1. Open a web browser and visit Amazon Memberships and Subscriptions.
2. Log in to your Amazon Prime account.
3. Choose Disney+ subscription and utilize the available options to access your Disney+ subscription.

Last Lead 

While searching for one option to know that Disney Plus is free with Amazon Prime, this article gives you seven to enjoy both Amazon Prime and Disney Plus. Even though there is no specific subscription package on any of these services to access one another's content, you can quickly get them together on any device while trying the abovementioned options.