Whether you want to save your favorite Disney Plus shows to watch offline or share your magical movie moments, downloading Disney Plus to MP4 can be an ideal choice. But how can you do that? This step-by-step guide offers practical tips to safely convert Disney Plus videos to MP4 format.

Why Can't I Directly Download Videos from Disney Plus in MP4 Format?

Disney Plus to MP4

Disney Plus doesn't let its users download videos directly in MP4 or other formats. This is mainly done to stop piracy and protect the TV shows and movies' copyrights. Moreover, any content downloaded from Disney Plus is encrypted, meaning it can't be played anywhere but on the Disney Plus app. And it also sets an expiration period to keep their subscription model working well. 

This is beneficial for Disney+, though it may not always be user-friendly for those who prefer viewing Disney Plus Star Wars on larger screens or playing it on different platforms.

However, third-party professional software like Disney Plus to MP4 Downloader could be a solution. In this guide, we will introduce you to watch Disney Plus offline with an exceptional tool.

Best Solution to Disney Plus to MP4 - StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader

The StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader is a high-speed solution for downloading your favorite Disney Plus videos in MP4 or MKV format. With its 10X faster downloading feature, you do not have to wait long to watch your favorite Disney content offline. This tool is excellent for those who crave quick downloads without sacrificing quality.

streamfab disney plus downloader
StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader
  • Save Disney Plus in MP4 format
  • Support 720p video quality
  • Batch download Disney Plus movies and shows
  • Remove ads from Disney+ downloads
  • Keep subtitles and meta information as you like
  • Free trial for new users

Besides, StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader can download 720p Disney Plus videos in MP4 by default. This ensures that your downloaded videos maintain their high definition quality. Plus, you can enjoy an ad-free viewing experience all the time because it allows you to download Disney Plus videos without any annoying advertisements. 

All the features and functions make StreamFab the best Disney Plus to MP4 solution. And here is the comparison between StreamFab and other tools.

  StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader Other Disney to MP4 Converters & Downloaders
Support Devices Windows and Mac Only Windows
Download Speed 10X  3X
Deleted Ads  Yes No
Save subtitles  Yes No
Free Trial Download 3 Disney Plus videos Download the first 6 minutes of a video

If you want to know more about StreamFab software and its service, don't miss out this objective StreamFab review.

4 Steps to Download Disney Plus Movies as MP4

Here are the simple steps to download Disney Plus to MP4. Before you start the download, please make sure that you have a valid and active Disney+ account.

Step 1: Setup Download Settings Before Using

Launch StreamFab and click the 'Hamburger' icon and choose 'Settings' at the top right corner. Once you are in the settings, you can choose your preferred video quality, such as 720p, audio quality and language, subtitle options and the format (MP4). 

StreamFab Settings

Step 2: Sign in to your Disney+ Account

Click Disney Plus tab on StreamFab menu, and you will be led into the official site of Disney Plus in Streamfab's built-in broswer and Sign in to your Disney+ account.

StreamFab Menu

Step 3: Search for the Desired Disney Plus Movie

Use the search bar to find the movie or show you want to download and remember to play the video on StreamFab, then this Disney Plus Downloader will analyze the video and show you the download panel.

Save Disney Plus as MP4

Step 4: Download the Movie from Disney Plus in MP4

Click the "Download Now" button that appears. The download process will start automatically, and the movie will be downloaded as an MP4 file onto your selected directory. The process may take a while, depending on your internet speed and the length of the movie.

Download Disney Plus in MP4 with StreamFab

NOTE: StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader, like other downloading tools, should be used to download legally purchased content and only for personal use.


Is StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader Safe and Legal?

Yes, StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader is safe to use. It is a product from StreamFab, a well-known software company that specializes in developing multimedia software. As for its legality, it is legal to use a downloader for personal use.

Is StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader Free?

It provides both free trial and paid subscription. New users enjoys a 30-day valid free trial. And users can also buy its monthly $39.99 and lifetime subscription at $89.99. If you both watch shows from Netflix, Disney Plus and other platforms, the StreamFab all-in-one downloader with 46 VIP service is better for you.

Can I Watch Downloaded MP4 Videos from Disney Plus on Any Device?

If you download videos in MP4 format with the help of StreamFab, you could play them on any device that supports MP4. And all downloaded videos will not be expired.

Final Thought

Saving Disney Plus videos to MP4 will be a piece of cake if you have the right tool - the StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader. Its stable download quality and user-friendly steps will guarantee a smooth Disney Plus offline viewing experience.