Can You Change The Download Location Disney Plus to SD Card?

Yes, you can conveniently change the location of the Disney Plus download on your SD card. If your phone is running out of space to download Disney Plus videos, this simple change in the app settings can relieve the pressure on your phone's memory.

It's a straightforward solution that can prevent your phone from freezing or running slowly, giving you more control over your device's performance.

download disney plus movies to sd card

However, Disney Plus will not download videos to SD cards on iPhones, Google Pixel phones, and iPads.You can change the download location to an SD card on Android devices. Steps are as follows:

Open your Disney+ app, click your profile at the bottom right, and access the App Settings.
Click the Download Location and select Portable Storage or External Storage.

How to Download Disney Plus to SD Card in MP4 Format

a. Tool Required: StreamFab Disney+ Downloader

Changing the download location saves your device storage by supporting movies downloaded directly to an SD card. Using StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader, you can quickly get your chosen Disney media files.

download disney plus movies to sd card

A versatile tool to download the latest episodes and movies in 720p/1080p quality from Disney Plus and save in MP4/MKV format to your SD card.

Key Features
  • Offers ad-free Disney downloads from any country for an unlimited period
  • Provides MP4/MKV saving Disney downloads to SD card and share with other devices
  • Download movies and shows from Disney+ in original lossless 1080P/720P
  • Carry out multiple Disney Plus download tasks simultaneously
  • Offers Disney downloads with your best-suited subtitles & metadata
  • Download scheduled newly released Disney videos automatically

b. Easy Steps on How to Download and Transfer Disney Plus Videos on Your SD Card

Step 1

Download the StreamFab Disney+ Downloader software

Launch the software on your device and open the interface.

download disney plus movies to sd card

Step 2

Select the streaming service

Please search for the Disney Plus streaming website and tap it. Alternatively, copy and paste your video URL directly into the address bar on the Homepage.

download disney plus movies to sd card


Step 3

Customize the video file

Find the Disney Plus movie and play it. A pop-up window will then ask for your video options.

download disney plus movies to sd card

Step 4

Hit the download button

Once the customization process for the final output is done, you can download the video on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 5

Connect and transfer media into the SD Card

Put your SD card into the computer through an SD Card reader or mobile phone. Find the media downloaded on your computer and copy or move it to your SD card.

download disney plus movies to sd card

That's it. With these simple steps, you can download Disney Plus movies and shows on your computer and easily transfer them to your SD card. This straightforward process doesn't require any technical expertise, making it easy for anyone to manage their Disney Plus downloads.


1. Why can't I find the downloaded Disney+ video file on my SD card?

The downloaded Disney Plus video file is hidden and protected by DRM. These data files will appear under the Disney app files in your storage browser, often encoded with titles you can't understand in a format only the app can read.

2. Do all devices support downloading Disney Plus movies to SD Card?

The answer to the above question is NO. You must know that Android phones and tablets, including Amazon Fire tablets, are compatible with SD cards. However, Google Pixel phones, iPhones, and iPads are incompatible with this feature, so you can only change the Disney Plus download location to an SD card on Android devices.


Disney Plus is a famous streaming service that lets you watch a vast library of movies and TV shows. If you want to save Disney Plus downloads on your SD card, try StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader. Using this software means you don't need to worry that Disney Plus videos will be unplayable on different devices. So, why not download the software to try the free trial before purchasing!