Do you love watching Disney shows but feel helpless to watch them offline? Before you struggle to screen record on Disney Plus but blocked by black screen problems, we have brought some fruitful and practical methods.

This blog post will introduce some expert methods to help you resolve how to screen record Disney Plus on Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, and Android. Tune in with us for a detailed overview of all the reliable options with their process, pros and cons.

how to screen record disney plus

Can You Screen Record Disney Plus?

Disney Plus has DRM-protected content, just like other similar OTT platforms that restrict downloading videos offline. However, you can screen record your favorite and best-loved content for your entertainment using a safe, secure, and reliable screen recorder. Otherwise, you may encounter a black screen issue. So choose a screen recorder wisely. 

How to Screen Record Disney+ on PC & Mobile?

Based on the information we have gathered, currently, there are many recommendations for screen recording Disney+ videos based on your device. However, through our testing, we have discovered a tool that is suitable for both PC and mobile devices (including iOs, Android, Win, and Mac), which is PlayOn.

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For mobile and Mac users, the PlayOn Cloud version is recommended, while for Windows users, the PlayOn Home version can be used for recording Disney+ videos.
Acquire PlayOn from Google Play, Apple Store, or the official website. Download it onto your device. Create your PlayOn account.
Select the "Disney+" channel and log into your Disney+ account. Search for the video you wish to record.

how to screen record disney plus 

Click on "Record" or "Record All" to capture the entire Disney program series.
After the recording process is completed, you can locate them in the "Recordings" tab and watch them offline on Disney+ at your convenience.

💡More details: How to Record Disney+ with PlayOn

Disney+ is a new recording feature supported by PlayOn in 2019. Indeed, PlayOn can easily enable you to acquire most Disney video content access through simple recording steps. However, there are some important considerations to emphasize:

Not all videos on Disney+ can be recorded through PlayOn. Disney is constantly updating its protection technology, causing potential recording failures for certain newly released videos. Additionally, the recorded content may have issues with audio-video synchronization and delays. The entire recording process is time-consuming, with the required time roughly matching the length of the video.

From the launch of PlayOn Disney+ screen recording in 2019 to 2024, numerous problems and errors have been reported. It is important to be patient and prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

Additional Tips: Download Disney+ Videos instead of Recording

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned the quality and time-consuming issues of the recording feature on Disney+, as well as the frequent crashes. If you only wish to capture a few minutes or seconds of video for sharing or editing, screen recording is a decent option.

However, if you desire to obtain the complete series of Disney+ videos rather than just short clips, a Disney+ downloader may be a superior choice.

Tool Required: StreamFab Disney+ Downloader

how to screen record disney plus:StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader

StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader

By utilizing download channels instead of screen recording techniques, StreamFab allows you to save Disney+ content in lossless 1080P/720P resolution and MP4/MKV formats. DRM restrictions will be removed for downloads and can be played and transferred on any device.
Win Download
100% safe&clean
Mac Download
100% safe&clean

Difference Between Video Downloader and Screen Recorder

Disney Plus downloader and screen recorder have different needs to suit other people. Here's a quick difference between the two.

  StreamFab Disney+ Downloader Disney+ Recorder
Video quality original lossless 1080p/720p recorded 720p
Audio quality smooth EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio and video might be out of sync
Time fast, download a full 2h movie in about 10 mins time-consuming, you need to get the recorded file after the whole video is played
Auto-save Yes. Auto save newly released Dosney+ videos at a set time No
Batch mode Yes. Add multiple videos into the task queue to save your time No

Generally, screen recorders attract carefree users who do not care about downloading time and quality. On the contrary, users who prefer quality outputs with preferred audio tracks, subtitle languages, and customization in output parameters with metadata information seek downloading to replace Disney+ recording. 

Operation Steps

Get your hands on the StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader and launch it on your computer.

how to screen record disney plus 

Choose and play a Disney video you want to record or download. StreamFab will automatically analyze it. 

how to screen record disney plus 

Customize the video parameters to adjust the video resolution, audio tracks, and subtitle language, etc. 

how to screen record disney plus 

You can also add them to the Downloading Queue to download it later. The procedure will be much faster than screen recording. 


1. Why can't I screen record Disney Plus?

Disney Plus owns and protects content such as TV shows, sports, movies, etc. However, DRM protection prevents users from recording screens, making users seek a screen recorder option. It is recommended to download Disney Plus movies on laptop using StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader, which can help you to bypass DRM restrictions. 

2. Is it illegal to screen record Disney Plus?

All Disney Plus video content is protected to keep the owners safe owing to copyrights. So when users save it offline for personal use, it won't attract any legal compliances. 

The Final Thought

Disney Plus has no official or direct way to screen record on Disney Plus. However, you can get your favorite video content offline from the platform using the correct method, like screen recording or downloading. Now, you already know how to screen record Disney Plus on Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android, but be sure to use it for personal use only to avoid any legal trouble.