Offering one of the trendiest OTT content, Hulu has become a very popular name in the online digital entertainment world. So, to enjoy its extensive and exclusive library in your offline streaming, Hulu offers flexible downloading and live recording functions in its library. If you are a Hulu LiveTV subscriber, you are good to go with how to record on Hulu Live.

How Can You Record on Hulu on Windows/Mac PC?

While enjoying your favorite live programming on your desktop or laptop screen, you will be relieved to know you can record on Hulu on your Windows or Mac OS using three significant options.

Option 1: How to Record on Hulu Live on Windows/Mac using Cloud DVR

With a Hulu Live TV subscription, you can explore Cloud DVR recording. It allows you to record on Hulu with unlimited live sports, news, movies, shows, and other events. Under the "My Stuff" option, you will find the recording option. The Cloud DVD recording has been set in the Detail page, or you could use the Live Guide option to set up the recording option while browsing through the channels. Using, the recording will be saved in the "Manage Recording Page" under a separate tab.

All the recordings will be saved under the "Recording" section in the "My Stuff" option. So, there are three options: Detail page, Live Guide, and Home/Search, where you can record on Hulu. The recordings will be available for up to 9 months if you continue your Hulu Live TV subscription.

Record on Hulu with Detail Page

Step 1: Locate the "Detail Page" on your system, and find the "Record" icon to record your live streaming to the Cloud DVR.

Step 2: In the Detail Page, select the Record option > New & reruns to record new episodes of your favorite shows.

how to record on hulu live 

Record on Hulu with Live Guide

Step: Head to the Live Guide option and select your desired title > Record icon to record on Hulu to Cloud DVR. Here, you can record only individual episodes, not the full series. 

Record on Hulu with Home/ Search with Home/ Search

Step: If browsing on your device, select the three vertical dots context menu option > "Record" from the drop-down menu.

Download Hulu Directly instead of Recording

Get free trial of StreamFab Hulu Downloader to download streaming videos from Hulu, which save any movies and TV shows as 1080p resolution with EAC3 5.1 audio track.

Option 2: How to Record on Hulu on Mac using QuickTime

Being a multimedia extensible built-in media player, the QuickTime app lets you stream, encode, transcode, and record digital media content on your Mac device. So, while streaming your desired on-demand content or live programming with your Hulu service, you can record on Hulu using the QuickTime app with synchronized sound, video, graphics, text, video, music, etc.

how to screen record on hulu

How to Screen Record on Hulu with QuickTime

Step 1: After launching the QuickTime app on your Mac, select "File" from the bar option > "New screen recording" in the drop-down list.

Step 2: From the pop-up setting option, select your desired video on Hulu for recording and hit the red recording option to initiate the recording process.

Step 3: Once the recording is over, the recorded content will be available on your Mac's local storage.

Option 3: How to Screen Record on Hulu on Mac using OBS

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is an open-source, free program for live streaming and screen recording. This software lets you record on Hulu along with multiple audio video sources, including a webcam, microphone, computer screen, etc. From Hulu live streaming to on-demand content, you can record anything on Hulu with this tool. So, let's see how to screen record on Hulu using OBS.

How to Screen Record on Hulu on Mac using OBS

Step 1: After opening Hulu using a web browser, play your desired Hulu video to record. Next, launch the OBS studio on your Mac and select the "+" option under the sources.

Step 2: Add the name to the open window, and it will select the active Hulu window automatically. Next, you start selecting other parameters for recording. 

Step 3: After playing the video, select the "Start Recording" option to initiate recording. To end the recording, you can select the "Stop" option. After recording, you will get the recorded Hulu video on your Mac.

Are There Any Challenges With The Hulu Screen Recording?

Cons of Hulu Screen Recorder
  • Screen recording involves extensive manual intervention without any auto-recording option.
  • It neither lets you skip ads automatically nor record the content in batches.
  • Customization options are also very limited in quality and format.
  • You also have to select the start and end options of your recording. 

So, to avoid these screen recording challenges, if you want to try the Hulu downloading function for your flexible offline streaming, you will be even more disappointed with its restriction. Hulu downloading restricts your offline streaming with limited time availability, limited device accessibility, a limited number of downloading, not sharable downloads, etc. If you want to explore any limitations and restrictions-free Hulu offline streaming with customizable high-quality downloads, StreamFab Hulu Downloader.

How to Download Hulu Video With StreamFab Hulu Downloader?

No matter what Hulu subscription you have, StreamFab Hulu Downloader lets you save any of your preferred Hulu content on your Windows or Mac system permanently without ads and encryption. To enjoy an ads-free Hulu library on your offline watch, you don't have to take any expensive ads-free plan. 

StreamFab Hulu Downloader

StreamFab Hulu Downloader

  • Remove ads & encryption automatically
  • Explore video resolution from 720p or 1080p
  • Enjoy audio quality with AAC 2.0 or EAC3 5.1
  • Share downloads to any device with MP4 or MKV
  • Batch processing of multiple videos to save time
  • Save subtitles in multiple languages & select codec from H.264 or H.265
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Steps to download Hulu Video instead of recording

Step 1: While double-clicking the StreamFab icon, open this program on your system and select the VIP service option from the left column.

download Hulu Video instead of recording

Step 2: Find and locate the Hulu website while browsing through the right-side website list. Then log into your Hulu account using your credentials.

How to download Hulu Video instead of recording

Step 3: Now, find and play the Hulu video you want to save offline and select the formats, quality, subtitles, etc., from the window for customization.

How to download Hulu Video instead of recording

Step 4: Once you are done with customization, select the "Download" option to complete your desired Hulu continent downloading process.

How to Screen Record on Hulu on Android/ iPhone?

If you prefer to stream your favorite Hulu library on your smartphone while traveling or in your workplace, here are the three options to record on Hulu on mobile devices for your internet-free offline watch. 

Option 1: How to record on Hulu on Android using a built-in Recorder

Being an Android user, if you are looking for an option to record on Hulu, you don't have to depend on any separate app, program or tool, as Android offers a built-in function for screen recording.

Step 1: After opening the Hulu app on your Android device, select and open the content you want to record.

how to record on hulu live

Step 2: Next, to open the "Quick Setting" menu, you need to stop down the screen from the top.

Step 3: Select the "Screen Recorder" option in the bar and hit it to initiate the recording process.

Option 2: How to Record on Hulu on iPhone using a built-in recorder

Having an iPhone if you think it's difficult to record on Hulu, with the built-in screen recording function, you can easily record any of the Hulu content on your iPhone for your offline watch.

Step 1: Once you open the Hulu app on your iPhone, select and play your preferred Hulu content for recording.

how to record on hulu live

Step 2: Next, Move to Settings > Control Center > add the Screen recording option to it.

Step 3: To launch the Control Center option, stop up the screen's center.

Step 4: Select the "Gray Record" option in the control center to initiate the recording process. Next, exit from the control center to record your selected Hulu content.

Step 5: To stop the recording process, select the red record option while going to the Control Center option. Then, the Hulu content will be saved in your phone's gallery.

Option 3: How to Record on Hulu on Android/iOS using an Online tool

how to screen record on hulu with online tool

To explore free screen recording with audio-video customization, try the trendy online tool Veed.IO to record on Hulu on your mobile or other device screen. This installation and registration free online tool lets you record your device's screen with 1080p high resolution and smart editing functions such as eye contact tool, remove your background etc.

Step 1: After opening this tool on your device, select a layout with a camera, screen, audio, etc., and hit the "Allow" option to access your selected layout.

Step 2: Select the red recording option to begin the recording process. Before starting the recording process, you will see the countdown timer.

Step 3: If you do any mistake, you can try several retakes. You can also try editing while moving to the other pages during the ongoing recording process.


Can you record it on Hulu Live?

Yes, you can record on Hulu Live using the Cloud DVR recording option with your Hulu LiveTV subscription. Otherwise, you can also try other free online screen recorders, devices' built-in recorders, etc., to record on Hulu Live.

Is screen recording free on Hulu?

No, you can't enjoy screen recording on Hulu without a Hulu LiveTV+ subscription. Once you take any of the Hulu LiveTV+ plans among three options with and without ads, you are good to go with the Cloud DVR recording option without paying any extra charges.


Suppose you are enjoying Hulu Live streaming your favorite shows, movies, sports, etc, on your desired device. In that case, you can easily record them on your streamable device using any of the above-mentioned options. However, to avoid challenges to record on Hulu and Hulu Cloud DVR recording limitations, you must try the limitation and restriction-free Hulu Downloader.