Can You Watch Hulu Offline?

Yes. If you are a subscriber with one of the Hulu (ad-free) plans, then you may enjoy the privilege of watching Hulu download content offline on supported mobile devices.

This rational method has been widely adopted to watch Hulu episodes and movies offline. However, this is not a perfect one. By doing so, you will encounter a lot of limits:

❌Limits of Watching Hulu Offline
  • You cannot watch Hulu shows offline on PC/laptop devices
  • You have to watch Hulu shows offline within 48 hours/30 days
  • Not all Hulu shows and movies are supported for offline viewing
  • Only Ads-Free plan subscribers get access to watch Hulu offline

Over the long term, the offline viewing method of HULU, known to the public, has been this one.

However, now I shall introduce a dependable innovative technology that can shatter Hulu's traditional offline restrictions, applicable to all Hulu subscription plans, while maintaining the impeccable video quality of Hulu shows offline. 

How to Download on Hulu to Watch Offline [Any Plan]

For the rational method to watch Hulu offline for ads-free subscribers, please check: how to download shows on Hulu, if you are a subscriber with ads, or want to save Hulu shows forever so that you can watch them offline without concerns about regional differences, time expiration, device os, etc. This part is worth your attention. 

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Tool Required: StreamFab Hulu Downloader

Typically, you can only watch Hulu offline on the mobile app. However, there is a professional tool called StreamFab Hulu Downloader that allows for offline viewing on PC, assisting you in performing this operation on a Mac or Windows computer.

Even Ad-Plan users can enjoy watching Hulu shows offline with this software, as some unofficially do not yet support offline viewing of Hulu programs. This software makes it easy to download and watch Hulu shows offline. All Hulu programs will be saved in their original lossless 1080P resolution.

how to watch hulu offline
  • Watch any kind of Hulu shows offline in original lossless 1080P
  • Save Hulu shows in MP4/MKV format for flexible offline watching
  • Save subtitles and audio tracks of the language you prefer
  • You can still watch Hulu shows offline even after your subscription expires
  • No need to install Hulu application to get offline watching access

The compare sheet below listed the difference between using StreamFab and using traditional Hulu app for offline watching experience: 

  StreamFab Hulu Downloader Traditional Hulu App
Quality Original lossless 1080P Original lossless 1080P
Supported Plan All Plan Ads-Free Plan
Available Content All shows and movies from Hulu and Hulu JP Not all shows can be watched offline
Remove Ads Yes, all Hulu plan subscribers can remove ads Depends on your plan
Time Expiration Permanently keep 48 hours / 30 days
Auto-download new episodes YES NO

Steps to Watch Hulu Movies and Episodes for All Plan

You can follow the steps below to watch Hulu shows offline in original 1080P resolution and without any ads: 

Install and launch this Hulu Downloader, sign in to your Hulu account. Regardless of whether you are subscribed to Hulu (No Ads), Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV, or Hulu (Ad-supported), you can use it to download any video from Hulu.

how to watch hulu offline 

Explore Hulu shows and movies via the inbuilt browser. Find the Hulu shows you want to download.

how to watch hulu offline 

When you play Hulu shows, StreamFab will analyze them automatically, and ask you to customize the video format and resolution. 

how to watch hulu offline 

Click on the “Download” icon at the bottom. The download will commence.


1. Why Can't I watch Hulu Offline?

If you are unable to watch videos offline on Hulu, please ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  • Hulu (Ad-Free) Plan Subscribed. If you are subscribed to Hulu (Ad-Supported), you cannot watch Hulu offline. If you do not wish to upgrade your subscription, the StreamFab Hulu Downloader is a viable option.
  • Your device is not included in the supported list. Only mobile devices and tablets can watch Hulu offline.
  • Verify if the video you wish to watch falls under the "downloadable" category. Movies and shows in the "Add-ons" list cannot be downloaded for offline viewing.

2. Can I Watch Hulu Offline Abroad?

Hulu is a geographically restricted streaming service, you cannot watch Hulu offline if Hulu detects you are outside the US. But there are 2 tips. One is to watch Hulu in airplane mode, another is to use StreamFab to download Hulu shows in MP4/MKV, which can be watched offline at any time, anywhere. 


Now that you have learned how to watch Hulu shows offline on your laptop/pc devices. StreamFab Hulu Video Downloader is a fine option to assist you in downloading any high-definition shows and movies from Hulu as MP4/MKV and breaking the traditional offline watching limits. 

With StreamFab, you can access Hulu shows without the internet at any time, anywhere. No matter what kind of Hulu plan you subscribed, you can easily watch Hulu shows offline without ads interruption.