Even though Amazon Prime online streaming is exciting and entertaining, watching them offline is relaxing and refreshing. So, various screen recorders have come into play with multiple advantages, including video editing, high-quality recording, all-device compatible output formats, etc. Now, let's get straight to the steps & guide of the best 8 Screen Recorders for your computer to record Amazon Prime Video. Also, we offer an alternative, Amazon Prime Video Downloader.

Top 8 Amazon Prime Recorders: Steps, Pros & Cons

While watching Amazon Prime on your computer or laptop, if you are looking for a simple, safe, and stable screen recording option, here you will get the top 8 most used screen recorders with their step-by-step guide to recording Amazon Prime video on your computer.

1. How to Record on Amazon Prime with Fonepaw Screen Recorder

Record on Amazon Prime with Fonepaw Screen Recorder

Step 1: After opening the FonePaw screen recorder on your system, head to the "Video Recorder" option.

Step 2: Choose any particle part of your screen that you wish to record and enable your computer's sound.

Step 3: Disable the microphone option in FonPaw. Next, go to the settings to select the output format of your recording.

Step 4: Finally, select the recording option and stop the recording process as soon as the recording is over.

  • ple video recording steps with specific part selection option
  • Multiple output formats & HD resolution support up to 4K
  • Scheduled recording option with video trimming function
  • Everything you have to do manually; there is no automation.

2. Record Amazon Prime Video via Wondershare Democreator

Record Amazon Prime Video via Wondershare Democreator

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Democreator & get a dashboard with two options: Capture & Video Editor.

Step 2: Select Capture and then launch Amazon Prime Video to initiate the recording process.

Step 3: From the dashboard, you will get another dashboard with a set of customizable options.

Step 4: Next, you can use other recording tools such as camera or microphone to activate system sound.

Step 5: After customization, select the "Record" option, and the recording will start within 3 seconds of buffering time.

Step 6: You can control your recording using hotkey F9 for pausing/resuming & F10 for stopping.

  • Multiple video resolutions are available
  • Video resizing & webcam adding option
  • Multiple options are one dashboard
  • The recording comes with a watermark in the free version.

3. How to Record Amazon Prime Video with Open Broadcaster Software

How to Record Amazon Prime Video on OBS

Step 1: Visit the OBS official website and select the specification you'll download it on.

Step 2: After launching the set-up file, the Studio will open and offer a blank screen where you can see the preview of the recording window.

Step 3: You can add any app or browser window to the source. Launch the Prime Video app and add its browser window to the source screen.

Step 4: The Mixer section will allow you to modify system sound & mic input. For further customization of the output profile, you must head to the "Settings" option at the bottom right.

Step 5: Click the "Start Recording" option, and it will begin with 3 seconds buffer time.

  • Scene transition support
  • Batch recording facility
  • Extensive video customization option
  • The auto-recording option is not available

4. How to Record on Amazon Prime via Audials Movie

How to Record on Amazon Prime: Audials Movie

Step 1: Open Audials Movie on your PC and select the "Video Streaming" option. Choose the output format by tapping the "Format" option.

Step 2: Select the "Amazon Prime" icon inside the app. You can select the 2x recording speed from the pop-up window for fast recording.

Step 3: Open using your web browser to select the title you like to record. The recording will be initiated once you play your preferred video (in its original quality). Observe the recording progress from the displayed control window.

Step 4: You can view the recording in the Audials playlist on the screen's right side once it ends. The Amazon title will be recorded & saved into any format of MP4, AVI, 3GP, etc.

Step 5: The Audial software will tag the file later. You can play the recorded video here or transfer it to another app using the drag & drop option. Or, you can use another Windows Explorer to export the file.

  • Batch recording of several titles
  • Automatic recording of the entire playback
  • High-speed recording with multiple file formats support
  • Ads-free recording is not supported

5. How to Record Amazon Prime Video: Easeus Recexperts

How to Record Amazon Prime Video: Easeus Recexperts

Step 1: After starting EaseUs on your system, select full screen or any particular part of screen for recording.

Step 2: Enable your computer's sound while disabling the EaseUs microphone option.

Step 3: Head to "Settings" to select your preferred output video format.

Step 4: Afterwards select the recording option and stop the video whenever needed or once the recording is completed.

  • Simple recording functions
  • The screen section selection option is supported
  • Multiple video formats & video resolutions are available
  • Batch & ads-free recording is not supported.

6. How to Record on Prime Video: iTop Screen Recorder

How to Record on Prime Video: iTop Screen Recorder

Step 1: After opening the iTop Screen Recorder on your system, choose full screen or any part for recording.

Step 2: Enable your system's sound after disabling the microphone option of the iTop software.

Step 3: Start and end the recording process once the video recording process is over.

  • Screen section selection & webcam adding option
  • Unlimited recording of 1080p/4K videos without lagging
  • Built-in advanced video editor with MP4/AVI & other format support
  • Batch & auto-recording is not possible

7. Record Amazon Prime Video with Advanced Screen Recorder

Record Amazon Prime Video with Advanced Screen Recorder

Step 1: Start Advanced Screen Recorder and select "Full Screen" to record the entire screen of any Amazon Prime video.

Step 2: Move to Settings > Record for customization and select your desired output format, quality, frame rate, etc. Select the watermark option from the main interface & choose what type of watermark you prefer.

Step 3: Next, to select the mouse pointer option, select the arrow icon > select whether the mouse cursor should be displayed.

Step 4: Select the Microphone icon > audio source > Default Recording Device for audio recording from the internal device.

Step 5: Next, play the video > choose the full-screen option > select the Record option. Control recording with options like pause, time duration, screenshot, & stop options.

Step 6: To end the recording in the mini tray, select red square > click the F9 key. Select three stacked lines > Open Recording Folder to view the recorded video.

  • 4K resolution support with 120 fps
  • Screen capturing & recording at a time
  • Split the video during recording with internal & external audio recording options
  • Auto-recording is not available

8. How to record on Amazon Prime: Ace Thinker Aqua Demo

How to record on Amazon Prime: Ace Thinker Aqua Demo

Step 1: After installing Aqua Demo, the software's main interface will appear automatically.

Step 2: Next, select three lines > "Preference." Next, move to the settings window to select recording quality, formats, hotkeys, etc. Select the "OK" sign to save all the changes.

Step 3: Toggle on the "System Sound" option & turn off the "Microphone" option to record audio from the Amazon Prime Video. Next, select the recording mode or screen section you like to record.

Step 4: Next, select "Rec" and with 3 seconds buffer time, your selected Amazon Prime title will be recorded when you enjoy the playback.

Step 5: After recording, select the "Stop" option to end the recording process.

Step 6: The video will be displayed in the playback window, and you can stream it directly. Select the "Save" option and keep it in the output folder you designated earlier.

  • It supports up to 4K quality resolution
  • Format selection option from MP4/ MOV/ AVI
  • Unlimited recording with full screen/ part recording option
  • Batch & auto-recording is not available.

How to Pick the Best Amazon Prime Recorder?

To pick the most appropriate one, let's compare the fundamental functions of these 8 screen recorders with their best potential.





Audials Movies




Aqua Demo

Skip Ads Automatically









Auto-Stop option

No, manual selection of stop

No, manual timer selection







Batch Recording










Scheduled video for auto-recording

Yes, with a scheduled timer


Yes, with video time scheduling

Yes with the scheduled recording



Yes, scheduled recording

Format option

Mp4, WMV, MOV, AVI, etc

Multiple formats

Not available


Multiple formats

Mp4 & AVI

Mp4, AVI, & FLV

Mp4, MOV, AVI etc

What Are the Limitations of Recording Amazon Prime?

Even though you can try any screen recorder to record Amazon Prime Video, some stubborn, unavoidable limitations probably trouble your screen recording experience. So, let's look at them.

  • Very limited output profile customization option
  • Most of the process is done manually
  • You can't record the entire title in one click
  • Can't skip ads automatically
  • The video editing tool is not available
  • Compromised resolution quality
  • Very limited exported format
  • You have to select the beginning & end of the recording

So, if you don't want to compromise with your offline watch, you must go for the downloading instead of recording. In that case, StreamFab Video Downloader is the ultimate solution with unlimited options.

How to Download Amazon Prime Video instead of recording?

With StreamFab Amazon downloader, you can download any Amazon Prime download within a few clicks on your Windows/ Mac PC with your desired customization. From ads-free & encryption-free downloads to batch processing & auto-saving, you can try multiple flexible functions according to your requirements.

  • High-quality resolution support from 480p to 8K
  • Audio-video format support with Mp3, Mp4 & MKV
  • Extract audio from any video with 320 kbps
  • Ads-free & encryption-free downloads from 1000 websites
  • Get sound satisfaction with EAC3 5.1 audio track
  • Batch processing of multiple videos in one go
  • Auto-saving of any scheduled videos
  • Subtitle selection depending on your preference

How to Download Amazon Prime Video with StreamFab Amazon Downloader?

After launching and starting the StreamFab, move to the "VIP Service" in the left side panel to select the Amazon Prime Video website.

How to Download Amazon Prime Video Titles with StreamFab  

Once you select the website, log into your account to choose your desired movies, episodes, live shows, or anything else to download for offline watching. 

How to Download Amazon Prime Video Titles with StreamFab  

StreamFab will automatically detect it using the built-in browsing option. You can select quality, format, language, etc., to customize the output profile.

.How to Download Amazon Prime Video with StreamFab  

Then, hit the "Download Now" option for instant download or add the video in the "Download Queue" option for later downloading. 

Screen Recording vs Video Downloading 

  Screen Recording Video Downloading
Speed Slow / 1x speed Fast / 10x speed
Video Quality Depend on the video Lossless native quality
Audio Quality AAC 2.0 EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0
Subtitle Format Render SRT files or Remux


How to Record Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime?

Using any third-party screen recorder such as OBS, FonePaw, Audials Movie, etc., you can record Thursday night football or any other content of Amazon Prime Video.

How to Record Amazon Prime Video on iPhone?

Select the Amazon video > launch "Control Centre" while scrolling down the top right corner of the screen > "Screen Recording" option > go back to the video & record it while enjoying the playback > Once recording gets over > select "Red" icon > "Stop" > recording will be saved in "Photos."

How to Record Amazon Prime Video on Android?

Head to "Settings" to adjust the screen recording quality if required > play your desired video from Amazon Prime > While dropping down the screen, select "Screen Recorder" > tap it & get back to the Amazon video > Stop the recording > video will be saved in Gallery.


While watching your favorite Amazon Prime movies, series, or something else on your computer, you may feel like capturing them permanently for offline streaming. To do this, you must try any of the above-mentioned steps of how to record on Amazon Prime. However, for screen recording limitation-free offline enjoyment with ultimate customization, StreamFab Amazon Downloader is the most effective option.