Which way do you prefer when it comes to watching Amazon videos, do you prefer watching them online or downloading Amazon Prime videos for offline viewing so that you can watch them without limitations, on cars, on planes, or on a train?

Then, you may ask “Can I download Amazon Prime movies?”. Well, the answer is positive. And I am here to tell you everything about Amazon Prime video download, for example, how to download purchased movies from Amazon to PC.

download amazon prime video

How to Download Amazon Prime Videos to any Device

Compared with watching Amazon online, it is more convenient to download Amazon Prime Videos for offline watching, in which way you can enjoy your favorite Amazon Prime movies anywhere even if there is no Internet. So, would you like to do that? Follow me to learn how to download Amazon Prime videos.

Download Amazon Prime Video to PC and Mac

Download Amazon Prime Video

StreamFab Video Downloader

With this Amazon downloader, you can effortlessly download any video from Amazon Prime Video in 1080p with EAC3 5.1 audio tracks.
  • Get ad-free downloads from any country for an unlimited period.
  • Unlimited downloads with 1080p resolution & EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio track.
  • Downloading option with H.264 or H.265 codecs to save your device storage space.
  • MP4 saving for flexible access to downloads on any device.
  • Get downloads with your best-suited subtitles & metadata.
  • Scheduled newly released videos will be automatically downloaded.
Step 1

Download the video downloader

Install the software on your device and open the interface

Step 2

Choose the streaming service

Tap the VIP Services to find Amazon Prime video, or simplt copy and paste your video URL directly into the address bar on the Homepage.

Download Amazon Prime Video

Step 3

Customize the file

Search for the video and play it, then a pop-up window will ask for your video options. You can choose the audio and subtitle language.

Download Amazon Prime Video

Step 4

Click the download button

After customization, you can download it right now or add it to the queue.

This method is about getting Amazon videos downloaded to a PC with the help of third-party software. What if you don't want to use a third-party tool? Then, what you can do to get Amazon Prime videos downloaded? Well, this can be achieved by downloading Prime videos to iPad/iPhone/Android with the help of the Amazon Prime app.

Download Amazon Prime Video to iPad/iPhone/Android

In order to watch and download Amazon Prime videos, you need to create an Amazon account first with your name, E-mail, password, and credit card information. Then, go ahead for Amazon Prime to sign in.

This app offers a 30-day free trial, after which you will be charged $8.99 a month. If you don’t want to pay a bill, just cancel the auto-pay 24 hours before the deadline. So why not try the 30-day free trial and download Amazon Prime video?

Steps to download Amazon Prime videos to mobile devices: 

#Step 1: Get the Amazon Prime Video app downloaded from the App Store

#Step 2: Log into your Amazon Prime video account. If you don't have an account, please register first and enjoy its 30-day free trial

#Step 3: Search your favorite Amazon Prime movies (which shall be downloadable). Choose the download quality, and then start amazon prime video download process.

download amazon priem video to phones

  • Safe and clean to use
  • You can enjoy fast download speed and high quality
  • You can access most Prime video library
  • Not all prime videos could be downloaded
  • The downloaded content will expire after 48 hours
  • The downloaded video can only be played via the Prime app. It cannot be transferred to other devices

Comparison between Different Downloading Methods

The difference between Prime video App downloading and StreamFab Amazon Downloader is presented so that you may choose the option that best suits your needs.

Downloading Method Safety       Time expiration Downloading limits Format Remove Ads
Amazon Prime App Official, safe, and clean 48 hours based on your subscription plan For Prime video ONLY NO
StreamFab Amazon Downloader


100% safe and clean

Permanently No limits Mp4, compatible with all your device YES


Where is Amazon Prime video available?

No matter whether you are from Australia, Brazil, Canada, European Union, Japan, India, Mexico, Singapore, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, or the United States, Amazon Prime video is available for you to kill your spare time.

Can I download Amazon Prime videos on my PC and game consoles?

Yes, you can download Amazon Prime video on Televisions, Amazon devices, mobile devices, game consoles, Blu-ray players, and a wide range of streaming media devices.

You can also transfer your downloaded Amazon Prime movie to an iPad, Xbox One, or some other device you want. If there is a format error or unsupported video format notice, feel free to use a free video converter to convert the video from one format to another like MP4 to AVI.

What are the top-rated movies on Amazon Prime Video 2022?

  • Tandav (January 15th, 2022)
  • 3 Ways (January 22nd, 2022)
  • The Great Escapists (January 29th, 2022)
  • We Children from Bahnhof Zoo (February 19th, 2022)
  • El Internado: Las Cumbres (February 28th, 2022)
  • Reflections: project Chameleon (March 1st, 2022)
  • Making Their Mark (March 12th, 2022)
  • Interrail (August 6th, 2022)
  • Cortes (December 31th, 2022)
  • Detective Romi (December 31th, 2022)
  • Besos al Aire (December 31th, 2022)
  • Birds of Paradise (December 31th, 2022)
  • The Peripheral (December 31th, 2022)
  • Enzo Ferrari (March 1st, 2022)
  • AirDrop or WeChat (March 1st, 2022)

By the way, if there is any song you like in an Amazon movie, just download it from YouTube or other sites with the best Amazon MP3 downloader – StreamFab YouTube Downloader.


Have you known how to download Amazon Prime Video to PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android, and download amazon video purchases from a disc to a PC? With the help of StreamFab Amazon Downloader, you can download Amazon Prime videos as much as you want.

Don’t waste money on Amazon subscriptions, download Amazon Prime videos based on your interest and watch them offline anywhere and anytime you want.