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StreamFab is excited to bring you a comprehensive guide on using our software to download videos from the Amazon Channel. With the constant advancement of MPD technology, downloading videos from Amazon Channel has become an efficient way to access content from platforms like Acorn TV, Hidive, Erosnow, AMC+, Freevee, and more.

We understand that many of our users have questions about this process, so we have put together this guide to help you navigate through the steps seamlessly.

Download prime channel videos

What Channel is Supported?

If you enroll as an Amazon Prime member, you will have the privilege of enjoying a plethora of content distributed on Prime Video. There are many other Channels available on Prime Video as well. Additionally, you can pay additional fees to access videos within various Prime channels, such as Acorn TV, Hidive, Erosnow, AMC+, Freevee, and so forth.

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Full list of Amazon Channels: Channels on Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime supported channels

All videos from the Amazon Channel can be downloaded in up to lossless 1080P with StreamFab Amazon Downloader! They can be saved in either mp4 or mkv formats. Just like regular Amazon videos, you can also download Prime channel videos in bulk.

Why StreamFab Amazon Downloader is in Need?

If you use the Prime Video application, you watch Channel videos offline but will face a lot of restrictions. For example, you can only use the Prime Video app to play the downloaded Channel video. And you can only watch the channel videos during your subscription period. If you cancel your subscription to the channel, you will no longer be able to view the downloaded content anymore.

However, by using professional software like StreamFab Amazon Downloader, all these Prime Video download limits will be bypassed. you can easily download and save videos from the Amazon channel during your registration period.

Additionally, you can download multiple language audio and subtitles. Furthermore, the downloaded videos are saved in MP4/MKV format permanently on your device, so you can watch them on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Even if you cancel your Prime membership, you can still watch them.

Download prime channel videos
  • Download movies and shows from Amazon Prime
  • Download audio tracks and subtitles of the language you prefer
  • Download videos in up to lossless 1080P resolution
  • Offer free upgrade and 48-hour support

Steps on How to Download Channel Videos on Amazon Prime

Here I am illustrating with the example of videos from the Starz channel on Prime video.

Firstly, install the StreamFab Amazon Downloader on your computer. 

Download prime channel videos with streamfab 

Log into your Amazon streaming account, and find the Amazon Channel you want to download video from. For example, Starz. 

Download prime channel videos with streamfab

Note: Rest assured that StreamFab will not collect any information regarding your Amazon account.

Play the video you want to download, and StreamFab will analyze it automatically. 

Download prime channel videos with streamfab 

After analysis, a pop-up window will appear and ask users to customize the output options, like video codec, audio, language, etc. 

Download prime channel videos with streamfab

After the setup is complete, simply click on "download" to commence the download.

Download prime channel videos with streamfab

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In the foregoing, we have elucidated the process of downloading videos from the Amazon Prime Video channel. While Prime Video itself offers offline viewing capability for its channel videos, it is imperative to note that upon cancellation of membership registration, access to the downloaded videos will be forfeited.

StreamFab Amazon Downloader facilitates the swift and effortless transfer of videos from the channel to your computer. Even in the event of the termination of your Amazon Channel subscription, you retain the ability to enjoy the videos you have previously downloaded. You are welcome to try it for free. Download it immediately and give it a try.

💡Note: This product is for personal entertainment only, unauthorized use is prohibited. Please note that StreamFab is not affiliated with Amazon, the content on this page is provided for the convenience of our customers.