Every time you try to download Amazon Prime videos, but find that the downloaded Amazon video is in a special format protected, instead of the compatible MP4 format.

The reason is that Prime video download limits restrict you from playing them on any other platform except for the Amazon Prime app. But fear not, there is a solution - converting Amazon Prime video to MP4 format!

convert amazon prime video to mp4

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By converting Amazon Prime videos to MP4, you can easily watch Amazon offline and save permanently. MP4 is a widely supported format, ensuring compatibility across various devices.

How to Convert Amazon Prime Videos to MP4?

In the following sections, we will explore the best methods, tools, and tips for converting Amazon Prime video to MP4. Here is a simplified compare sheet among those methods, you can have an overview and click to jump to the related passages directly:



StreamFab Amazon Downloader 🏅 🤩 High - Convert any Amazon Prime videos to MP4 in original lossless 1080P resolution ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
StreamFab for Android 🤩 High - Get Amazon videos in MP4 format on your Android phones in 1080P for convenient offline watching ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Online Amazon Converter 🥺 Low - Works for parts of Amazon videos, but crashes frequently, and is full of risky ads ⭐⭐
Screen Record Amazon to MP4 🤨 Medium - Record parts of Amazon Prime videos to MP4, but faces black screen errors and is time-consuming ⭐⭐⭐

1. [for PC] Amazon Video to MP4 in 1080P without Quality Loss

To convert Amazon Prime videos into high-quality MP4 files, we recommend using the StreamFab Amazon Downloader. With its built-in browser, you can access and download any available Amazon Prime videos in MP4 format easily without the need to install Amazon software. 

convert amazon prime video to mp4 with StreamFab Amazon Downloader

Not only can you obtain Amazon videos in MP4 format, but also preserve the original lossless 1080p resolution and Dolby 5.1 surround sound for maximized offline experience.

 Key Features
  • Get Amazon videos as MP4 files for watching them on any device
  • Automatically save new episodes from Amazon Prime video at the scheduled time 
  • Optional video codec og H.264 or H.265 to download Prime video based on your needs
  • Downloads any Amazon Prime videos in original loss 1080p full HD & EAC3 5.1 audio tracks
  • Allows to preselect audio and subtitle language of the prime video 
  • Allows downloading multiple videos at once at a blazing high speed

How to download Amazon Video to 1080P MP4 with StreamFab Amazon Downloader?

After downloading and installing this Amazon Prime Video Downloader, launch and run the program on your PC. Then click VIP Services in the left pane and choose Amazon OTT platform from the listed options. 

amazon prime video to mp4 

Log in safely to your Amazon Prime Video with your account details or sign up to create a fresh Amazon account and scroll the platform to find your chosen video title, such as movie, drama, series, TV show, etc. 

amazon prime video to mp4 

Play your desired Amazon Prime video and customize the video output parameters like video codec, resolution, bitrate, audio codec, language, and more to meet your specific needs.

amazon prime video to mp4 

Once done, proceed to download them instantly by clicking Download Now or add them to the Download Queue to save them later. 
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Since version 6110, even Amazon bonus videos can be saved as MP4 files using StreamFab. What's more, even rented movies on Amazon Prime can also be downloaded in MP4 with StreamFab.

2. [for Mobile] Amazon Video to MP4 on Android

Streamfab for Android offers a seamless solution for mobile users to convert Amazon Prime Video to MP4 on the go. Simply download the app, select the video you want to convert, and let Streamfab do the rest. With its advanced technology, you can enjoy high-quality MP4 videos without any loss in resolution or sound quality.

The operation steps are similar to the PC version:

Scan the QR code to install StreamFab for Android on your phone first: 

 amazon prime video to mp4

Open StreamFab, and choose 'Amazon' service. log into your account to find the Amazon video you want to save in MP4.

 amazon prime video to mp4

You will find a 'Download' icon at the right bottom, click it. 

amazon prime video to mp4 

Customize the Amazon video output option, choose the resolution, and MP4 format, then, click 'Download'. 

amazon prime video to mp4

3. Convert Amazon Video to MP4 Using Online Tool

SafeConverter is a safe option that can find and analyze Amazon Prime video links to convert them to MP4 files without hassle.

However, you must know that it will not save subtitles automatically. Moreover, you cannot even choose the subtitle language. It can lead to crashes, leading to a low conversion success rate. Still, if you are eager to proceed with it, here’s how you can convert Amazon Prime video to MP4 with SafeConverter. 

convert amazon prime video to mp4

Open Amazon Prime Video and navigate the platform to choose your desired video. 
Copy the URL of your chosen video and move to another tab to open the SafeConverter tool.
Paste your Amazon Prime Video link in the SafeConverter’s Search bar, and you will be directed to the page with the converted video. Wait for a few minutes. 
Your file will be converted, and a download button will appear to enable you to save it offline. Click the button to get your converted MP4 file and enjoy it. 

4. Screen Record Amazon Videos to MP4

Screen recording Amazon Prime to MP4 may take more time compared to the previous methods, but it is a feasible way. When choosing a screen recording software, make sure to select a tool that offers relatively good resolution recording options, for example: Audials.

For a specific guide on how to screen record Amazon to MP4 with Audials, please check this article: How to Record Amazon 1080p with Audials

convert amazon prime video to mp4

However, when you choose this way to convert Amazon Prime videos to MP4, parts of the limits are impossible to avoid: 

  • Black screen appears when you record DRM-protected video files
  • Time-consuming: you need to wait for the whole video to be played so that you can get the recorded file
  • Audio and video are out of sync
  • It offers bad output quality, recorded 480p/720p Amazon videos in general, not original 1080p lossless resolution
  • The free trial enables recording only for 10 minutes

Anyways, converting Amazon Prime Video to MP4 through screen recording is operatable, but not so highly recommended. 

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If you are interested in what is the difference between screen recording to mp4 vs downloading to mp4, have a look at Comparison: StreamFab vs Audials Movie


1. How do You Convert Amazon Videos to MP4 on Android or iPhone?

With StreamFab for Android, you can convert Amazon Prime videos to your mobile directly. For iPhone, no direct method to convert Amazon video to MP4, but you can rip Amazon Prime videos using StreamFab Amazon Downloader in MP4 and then transfer it to your iPhone device. 

2. Can I Convert the Downloaded Amazon Videos to MP4 Format Directly? 

I'm sorry, but the Amazon video you downloaded is composed of MP4 video file format, MPD files, and DFXP files. However, due to Amazon's DRM restrictions, all of these files are encrypted and cannot be read or opened on any ordinary media player other than the Amazon Prime Video application.

Therefore, to circumvent these restrictions, you will need an Amazon Prime downloader or converter to get prime videos to MP4 so that you can watch Amazon videos offline

To Sum Up

Enjoying Amazon Prime videos in your own comfort and convenience is still a dream for many, especially beginners who don’t have any technical knowledge. Fortunately, we have covered various tools like professional Amazon video downloaders and converters that can help you seamlessly convert Amazon Prime video to MP4.

However, going by the limitations of online tools and screen recorders, our go-to method will be to download video using StreamFab Amazon Downloader for lossless MP4 output files.