Katy Perry (Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson) is a famous American singer and songwriter. She has received many awards, Four Guinness World Records, Five American Music Awards, a Juno Award, and a Brit Award to name a few. Not only this, Perry has been listed as the highest earning women in music in the annual Forbes lists from 2011 to 2018. She is proudly one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Perry has also worked in some TV series for a guest appearance and voiced Smurfette in the film ‘The Smurfs’ and its sequel. Perry also became a co-judge on American Idol in 2018.

Want to download Katy Perry latest songs? Here, we have compiled her top 10 latest hit songs for you.

Part 1: 10 Latest Songs of Katy Perry

1.     Chained to The Rhythm

‘Chained to the Rhythm’ is a disco and dancehall song released on 10 February 2017. The song is the lead singles from Perry’s fifth studio album Witness. The lyrics of the song is about societal awareness. The song reached in top 5 lists in several countries, including Hungary, Australia, France, the UK, the US. Perry described the song as a “political liberation,” as she penned down her frustration into a song after Donald Trump became the President of the US. 

2.     Bon Appetit

‘Bon Appetit’ is another Katy Perry’s latest song, from her latest album Witness, released on 28 April 2017. The track is a dance-pop, and the singer called the song “pretty sexual” as the lyrics propose a double meaning. The song did well amongst the audience and found its place in top ten songs in many countries, including France and Israel.

3.     Swish Swish

‘Swish Swish’ is a hip-hop song from Perry’s latest music album Witness featuring American rapper Nicki Minaj. The song is about facing the bullies and overcoming the hateful. Swish Swish did well commercially and reached in the top twenty list in several countries including Philippines, Scotland, Canada, Hungary, and the UK.

4.     Déjà Vu

‘Déjà vu’ is yet another latest song of the singer Katy Perry from her album, Witness. The song is an electro ballad released in 2017. Déjà Vu, a somber dance song is about a desire to be free from a dead relationship.

5.     Hey Hey Hey

‘Hey Hey Hey’ is the latest Katy Perry’s song recorded for her fifth studio album Witness. The song is a rock, dream pop, and electropop song that promotes women empowerment. A music video was also released on Katy Perry’s official YouTube channel accompanying the song. The song could not make it to the top ten in the famous charts, but it made its position in top hundred in Czech Republic, New Zealand, and Sweden.

6.     Roulette

‘Roulette’ is the song from Perry’s latest music album. The track released on 9 June 2017 is electropop. Perry wrote the song inspired by Shanghai city during her visit there.

7.     This is How We Do

‘This is How We Do’ was released on 11 August 2014 for Perry’s fourth studio album, Prism. The track is a dance-pop song and was recorded in Sweden. In the song, Perry talks about her friends and their hangout routine together. The song reached the top ten list in Canada and Israel and also did good in Australia, the US, Finland, and many more countries.

8.     Rise

‘Rise’ is a standalone single from the singer released on 14 July 2016, co-written with Savan Kotecha. ‘Rise’ is an electronic song with lyrics representing a theme of victory. The song was received very well by the audiences and made its place in the top ten lists of Australia, France, Hungary, Scotland, and Spain.

9.     Birthday

‘Birthday’ is Katy Perry’s song released on 21 April 2014 for the album Prism. ‘Birthday’ is a disco song that Perry co-wrote with Bonnie McKee. In the song, Perry referred “Birthday” as a metaphor in a sexual context. The lyrics go, “Let me get you in your birthday suit, it’s time to bring out the big balloons.” The song makes its place in the Billboard Hot 100, singles charts in France, and South Korea.

10. Dark Horse

‘Dark Horse’ is a hip hop and trap song released on 17 December 2013. According to Perry, “She wrote the song to be a witchy, spell-y one, from the perspective of a witch warning a man not to fall in love with her because if he does, she will be his last.” The song did well commercially and got on the top of the list in Canada, the Netherlands, and the United States. The song was also nominated for the Best Pop Duo at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.

There are a few more songs from the singer’s latest album including title track - Witness, Power, Mind Maze, Miss You More, Tsunami, Bigger Than Me, Save as Draft, Pendulum, and Into Me You See that you can listen and add to your playlist whichever you like.


Part 2: How to Download Katy Perry's Latest Songs from YouTube

Downloading your favourite Katy Perry’s songs in the video format is easily available for free on many websites such as YouTube but when you look out for their MP3 version, you may get them on some good music sites and even on Apple music but they might not be free. Therefore it is a good idea to convert YouTube to MP3 so that you don’t need to pay to get the MP3 of those songs. You can rather just extract audio from YouTube video.

DVDFab has a module DVDFab YouTube to MP3 that is able to accomplish this task of extracting MP3.

Below is the step by step guide for the same.

1.      First of all, download and installtheYouTube to MP3 tool on your PC. Then launch DVDFab.


You will see the main interface as you can see in the above screenshot. Now, click Utilities, and click YouTube to MP3.

2.      If this is first time you are using this module, it will take some time to load. But, if you have already used it, then it will take only a moment to launch the new window.


3.      The next step is to go to YouTube.com, and search for your favourite Katy Perry’s song, and get the link of that.

4.      Now, in the YouTube to MP3 Window, Click Paste Link, and in few moments you will see the video link that you have copied from YouTube is brought there, and download is started as well. Optionally, you can also select the output location by clicking the folder icon next to “Save to”.

5.      In some time, the MP3 audio will be downloaded completely, and you can see that in the Finished section.

That’s all you have to do. Your favourite song’s MP3 has been downloaded to your PC.

Final Words

Katy Perry is one of the most sensational, beautiful, and sexy singers in the world. Her voice is amazing, and when you get her song’s audios, you can keep it in your phone, and listen on the go. That is how DVDFab YouTube MP3 converter helps you out.