KeepVid was a very popular online video downloader website. It provided solutions to download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Facebook. But KeepVid isn’t providing the video download service anymore. So users which used it previously are now quite disappointed. Well downloading YouTube videos is against the TOS of YouTube.

But downloading YouTube videos for personal viewing isn’t a serious problem. Violating the YouTube TOS may be reason why KeepVid stopped their download service. But don’t worry because in this article we will list some best KeepVid alternative to download online videos freely.



Part 1. Top 5 Online Video Vownload Websites Like KeepVid Sites


1. Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter has been around us since a long time now. Though it runs some intrusive and popup ads but still it is useful. It is an intermediate YouTube downloader because it is better than a basic YouTube downloader and is a little bit lesser in performance than an advanced YouTube downloader. It can download YouTube videos in multiple formats and resolutions and has an option to extract YouTube audio.

You have an option to select the video quality also and can also select only a part of the YouTube video by entering the start and ending time frames of the video. This feature is useful as you don’t need to download the entire video, this feature serves as the cut function. While downloading files do take care of popups and ads and do not click on links randomly. Scan the downloaded files with a good antivirus.

keepvid alternative

Just go to the website paste the YouTube video link, select the output video format, quality and click start for the online YouTube video conversion and download.


2. ClipConverter.CC

The second best KeepVid alternative is ClipConverter. It works in few steps and doesn’t have any confusing options. You can also select the conversion format with an option to extract YouTube audio. You may see some ads on this website, so be a little careful while using this site. Do not randomly click on links. Just download the video file only.

keepvid alternative



If you are looking for a simple KeepVid alternative then you can go for qDownloader. It is an easy to use online YouTube video downloader which requires only two steps to be completed. This online tool doesn’t offer any serious customization options. Just paste the video link and download it, that’s it. But beware while downloading videos from this site, do not click on ads or any third-party links and don’t download any random software served by popups or ads.

keepvid alternative


4. is currently the safest YouTube downloader and KeepVid alternative. It is safe to use because at present it is not running any intrusive or popup ads. It is an advanced online YouTube video downloader which provides editing options too like cut, crop, rotate the video. You can also extract audio from YouTube videos and can choose multiple YouTube resolution to download. It also supports multiple video formats.

keepvid alternative



Just like qDownloader, Keepdownloading is also an easy KeepVid alternative. It doesn’t provide any customization options and is safe to use. You only have to enter the link and click the ‘Download’ button to get download links for your YouTube video. You won’t get editing options like saveclipbro though.

keepvid alternative

These are top 5 best KeepVid alternative websites. But they do have some limitations that you can read in the Part 2 below. You should be aware of the limitations of these web services before using them as this will be a safe practice for using the internet.


Part 2. The Limitations of Web Services for Downloading Videos

Online YouTube video downloading websites are easy to use and portable. By being portable we mean that they can be used on any device that supports a modern web browser. So you always do not need to install separate software on your devices. However there are some limitations of web services for downloading videos.

1. Spam/Clickbaits: Well many online YouTube video downloader websites are reputed ones but still they run several intrusive ads. These ads are popups and will keep popping up while you use that particular websites. These ads may contain malware that may harm your computer or smartphone. So you should be careful while using such websites, just ignore the ads completely and don not click on links unnecessarily.

2. Shutdown Without Notice: Recently KeepVid went out of operation. It was very popular YouTube video downloader back then which also let users to download dailymotion, vimeo, and Facebook video. This is a limitation of such sites because due to copyright issues these websites may get closed without any notice and you may lose your favorite online YouTube video downloader in an instant.

3. No Option to Pause Downloads: Once you use these services then you have to download the YouTube video at once. You can’t pause the video download in the browser and resume it later as doing so will break the video download. If it is a very large video then you’ll have to wait for a longer time to download the video if your internet connection is slow. And if the download breaks then you have to restart it.


Part 3. The Best KeepVid Alternative to Download YouTube Videos without Limitations

The best, free KeepVid alternative is DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader. It is not like those online YouTube video downloaders that come with limitations. DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader provides a dedicated YouTube browser. This browser makes browsing and downloading YouTube videos more convenient than those online downloaders.

There is no need to copy and paste the YouTube video link. It provides a direct option to download YouTube videos while they play. It also has got a batch downloading feature which can download multiple YouTube videos at the same time. It supports SD, HD, Full HD, Full HD+ resolutions. Here’s a detailed tutorial for this free YouTube movie downloader tool.

·         Download and install the latest 32-bit of DVDFab 11 from the official website.

·         Open the program and go to ‘Utilities’. Now click ‘YouTube Video Downloader’. Wait until it downloads and install itself. It is a sub-program and will work from the main DVDFab 11 software.

·         Once the tool gets installed click it again to launch it. A separate YouTube browser will open.

·         Now search for your favorite YouTube video(s) and let it play. Once the video starts playing a blue ‘Download’ button will appear in the top right corner of the video player.

best keepvid alternative

·         Hover the mouse over it and click the required resolution to start the video download.

·         Repeat the steps above to download more YouTube videos. Click the ‘Download’ tab to check the download progress. Once the download gets finished click the ‘Folder’ icon to locate the files.

best keepvid alternative

Open the download YouTube video and transfer it to your required device and enjoy.



We hope you now have got the answer for best KeepVid alternative. In this article we discussed top 5 KeepVid alternative and their features. In Part 2 we discussed the limititations of these online video downloading websites. We request you not to skip these limitations while using such websites.

If you are looking for a limitation free KeepVid alternative then you can use DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader. It is free to use, has a dedicated YouTube browser, doesn’t require copy/paste, and is totally free from intrusive ads or popups. So what are you waiting for just download and install this software to start downloading your favourite YouTube videos or movies in high definition resolution.