Why It Is Necessary to Have a Video Converter

Before reading this article, you may have no idea about what exactly is a video converter, not to mention its functions or features. Every time you want to convert videos downloaded from popular mainstream video platforms, you may have no solution but to change different platforms so as to assure playing efficiency on your portable devices. Some depictions of similar scenarios must have occurred in your daily life, perfectly explaining why you need a video converter.    

  • Every time you have downloaded your favorite videos from YouTube or any other video network but still cannot play them freely on your portable devices whether it is an iPad or not due to the unmatched formats. Therefore, have you ever wanted to convert videos into other formats so that you can play them on various portable devices at hand?
  • Do you want to edit videos you have downloaded due to your own preferences and again upload videos after editing to share on your social networks? In this way, you may have a chance to show your own interest and preference to enlarge your social network.
  • Are you managing to convert your non-3D videos into 3D versions so as to enjoy fantastic movies freely as you wish? Still, you don’t know how to handle that conversion.

All in all, if you wanted to enjoy all these HD movies or videos on all kinds of mobile devices with image quality retained or even enhanced, getting a video converter, such as Leawo Video Converter, AVS Video Converter, and DVDFab Video Converter, would be your best choice, which is professional and efficient in clearing all your concerns. Since a host of software-based converting and editing videos emerge nowadays in the global market, it will be difficult for new starters to differentiate every software and find exactly the best one. Thus my article together with sharing usage experience about Leawo Video Converter Deluxe in the next section will assist you better to comprehend the core functions of a video converter.

Using Experience of Leawo Video Converter

As it is known to many video lovers, Leawo has long been recognized to be a professional seller in video-related services. To make its video converter outstanding, a host of features are delivered to its products, which will be uncovered as follows for your kind consideration including converting videos to more than 180 formats or transforming 2D videos into 3D videos.

Make video conversion convenient and abundant: Leawo Video Conversion is able to convert video and audio content from usual forms into more than 180 popular formats like AVCHD to AVI, MOD to AVI, MTS to MOV, M2TS to AVI, M2TS to MKV, M2TS to MP4, etc. without any quality loss.   

Make video playing available at any place and time: To make video and audio content converted available to almost all kinds of portable devices, which is of paramount importance because you will have full freedom to decide when and where to watch these converted videos. 

Make video personalized as you like: Users can reset video and audio parameters to meet different setting requirements in target devices in terms of bit rate, aspect ratio, frame rate, and so on. And you can apply output with special effects via adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation of the radio, adding title or subtitles as well as watermarks at will.          

Make HD video converting easy-to-grasp for users: The user interface of Leawo Video Converter is quite clear with functions shown in a linear way. Videos can be converted in batch numbers to improve converting efficiency, thus saving users’ precious time and energy.                                                                          

Best Alternative of Leawo Video Converter: DVDFab Video Converter

As has been discussed above, it is clear that Leawo is good at converting videos from certain formats into other formats, though with limited speed and functions. For example, Leawo Video Converter can only convert video or audio into more than 180 formats, rather less than what DVDFab Video Converter could convert. What’s more, DVDFab Video Converter is obviously faster than Leawo Video Converter in converting, editing videos thanks to the application of edging technologies. Also, compared to Leawo Video Converter, DVDFab Video Converter performs well in providing high-standard image effects when coordinated with Enlarger AI, another excellent program.

Naturally, you may be eager to know more about DVDFab Video Converter so as to find the one which fits you the best. Now let me introduce to you the features and main functions of DVDFab Video Converter in a comprehensive way:

  • More than 1000 formats could be converted: The number of formats that video or audio could be converted into is largely improved compared to that of Leawo Video Converter. In this way, you can almost convert videos into any format without the limitation of formats, which is quite necessary.     
  • More than 30 times of conversion than normal speed: DVDFab Video Converter is designed to improve converting efficiency in all aspects. Among all, it now outperforms in its unmatched speed in converting videos, which is 30 times faster than normal speed. Of course, DVDFab is faster than Leawo in converting videos. 
  • Free customization & audio parameters: Users can fulfill all kinds of settings through editing features to fully meet your desire for a totally customized video. Basically, you can copy any part of the video, the output audio, or the subtitle stream you want. Also, you can compress video with the right size and quality for playback on portable devices or share them on social networks.
  • All-new built-in video editor: Due to the built-in editing function, you can add titles, subtitles with special effects, or background music to a video. And you can crop off unwanted proportion, rotate video, trim clips from the video, merge clips into one. What’s more, you can adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation to enhance video quality. All these features above will contribute to a more attractive and compelling video output without quality loss.
  • Seamless coordination with Enlarger AI: With the help of Enlarger AI, the world’s leading complete AI-driven video upscaling solution, the low-res 480p video can be enhanced to 1080p, and 1080p video can be upscaled to true 4K level. Therefore, you will find image quality will be amazingly improved, beyond expectation.   

Guidance to DVDFab Video Converter

Here comes the most important part, serving as guidance to assist you regarding how to operate the video-operating process to get video format converted or even customized at will.

Step1: double click DVDFab 12 and then the ‘Convert’ module when it starts. And then drag video or audio file to the central part of UI or navigate it by clicking the ‘Add’ button. 

Leawo Video Converter Alternative   

Step 2: click ‘choose’ from your file menu, and then you will see ‘Format’ and ‘Device’ options. You can select the format and device for videos that you expect to convert for. Also, some higher settings to customize videos in specific areas can be fulfilled in the ‘Advanced settings, and to edit videos in the built-in editing interface. 

leawo video converter alternative: DVDFab Video Converter

Step 3: all you need to do next is to click the ‘Start button and enjoy a fast converting trip, with all processing information uncovered. In addition, you can choose to pause, continue or even cancel the whole process at your proposal at any time.

DVDFab Video Converter

Therefore, it can be seen that all functions provided by Leawo Video Converter have all been included by DVDFab Video Converter. What’s more, DVDFab Video Converter can work with Enlarger AI in a coordinative way so as to improve the video-watching experience to a larger extent.


All in all, it is quite clear that DVDFab Video Converter outperforms Leawo Video Converter for its faster-converting speed, more converting formats available together with seamless working with edging Enlarger AI program for excellent picture quality. Compared to Leawo Video Converter, DVDFab Video Converter is absolutely a better choice for its all-around service provided to meet users’ all conversion and editing-related requirements. By downloading DVDFab Video Converter, users can easily faster convert or edit videos and customize video or audio without any necessity of worrying about formats or image quality loss. Instead, users can upscale image quality in a convenient way by using Enlarger AI so as to make video converted more compelling and interesting.