There are various ways we get access to videos every day: one can be via streaming an online video or going through a video hosting platform. Sometimes, saving such videos for offline viewing becomes attractive. Usually, most people opt to save YouTube videos as “offline videos” but you can’t easily share such videos with friends except through cloud storage platforms. 

In this post, I’ll show you the best ways to convert links to mp4. You can do this by using desktop software or an online converter. Read on to choose the best Video link to the MP4 conversion method that’d work best for you.

How to Convert Link to MP4?

StreamFab YouTube Video Downloader Pro(Best Option)

StreamFab YouTube  Downloader Pro is a completely free add-on utility tool on StreamFab. Now, we have an advanced version: StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro with more powerful functions and a simple UI design. It is a fast and light-weighted YouTube video link downloader or converter software that lets you download and convert YouTube links to MP4 without hassles.

To access and use the StreamFab YouTube Video Downloader Pro, you need to download the latest version of the StreamFab All-In-One, a 42-in-1 all-featured downloader that provides a variety of choices to download your favorite videos from streaming platforms.

How to Convert the Link to MP4 Using StreamFab YouTube  Downloader Pro

Step1: Download and install StreamFab youtube downloader and launch it.

Step2: Paste the link to the paste the video link (if you copied it) into the provided space or simply type in When you paste the video link it takes you directly to the video page, then you’d have to continue from there.

How to Convert the Link to MP4 Using PlayerFab Video Downloader

Step3: Set the video/audio format and the video/audio quality

Step4: Click on the download button. You can check your downloading queue in the "Downloading" as I show you in the following picture.

As shown above, it is a very easy-to-use StreamFab youtube downloader. Now you can have it a try for free.

Online Video Converter

OnlineVideoConverteris an online tool that lets you convert online video links to any format of your choice. It doesn’t require any executable software download: just an active internet connection and you’re all set.

Here are the steps to converting a video link to MP4 with OnlineVideoConverter.

  • Copy the video link from YouTube, Vimeo, or any other online video streaming site
  • Open/Visit the website -
  • Paste the video link on the space bar provided
  • Select the format (mp4)
  • If you need to access more video settings, click on the “More Settings” option. This is where you’d be able to set some preferences for your video.
  • Click on the “Start” button once you’re done and your video will be converted immediately.
  • Another window will show up with a download button attached to the converted video. Click on the download button and select where you want the video to be saved

This is another free online video conversion tool that lets you convert a video link to mp4 format. It is fast and accessible from any computer operating system as long as it can connect to the internet. After conversion, ClipConverter offers you a download link to the converted video. Check the steps below for the conversion procedures.

Steps to converting a video link to mp4 using ClipConverter

  1. Copy the video link from the online website
  2. Open the website - and paste the link in the space provided and click on start.
  3. This tool analyses the link and displays the available downloadable files with different sizes
  4. Choose your preferred size and click on download.

Catch video

It is fast, easy, and effortless to download online videos with this free tool. It lets you convert links to MP4 or any other format of your choice. Watch video lets you download and convert YouTube video links to MP4 in just a few mouse clicks

How to convert the link to mp4 using Catchvideo online media conversion tool

  • Copy the video link from the online platform
  • Open the website -
  • Paste the link in the space provided and click on “Catch”
  • Download the converted video afterward.


This method is one of the easiest methods to convert links to MP4 in a few minutes. Video-Downloader is completely free and can convert video links from over 2000 online video streaming websites.

Steps to use video-downloader to convert the link to MP4

  • Copy the video link from the source platform
  • Paste on the provided space on
  • Click on download

Automatically, your link will be converted to MP4 format while the offline download link will be given to you as well.

Wrap up

Even though there are other methods to convert links to MP4, these are the best methods to easily convert any video link to mp4. They are accessible irrespective of your computer operating system. DVDFab YouTube downloader is visibly the only desktop software listed in this post because of its advanced features and functions. It comes with many other video enhancement features that aren’t commonly found elsewhere.