OnlyFans' mission is to provide a platform for creators to earn money by sharing content with their subscribers. It has a significant influence on the content creation industry, providing a new way for creators to earn money, and has disrupted traditional models such as advertising and sponsorships.

The platform has sparked discussions about the intersection of technology, economics, and sexual expression. However, OnlyFans content is DRM protected and is not meant to be downloaded. While luckily, here we got 6 best solutions on how to download onlyfans videos from multiple platforms.

onlyfans downloader:Introduction

How to Download OnlyFans Video on Windows/Mac PC: With StreamFab Video Downloader

If you want to save your favorite naughty or creative videos of OnlyFans on your Windows or Mac PC, StreamFab Video Downloader is one of the smartest and safest OnlyFans downloaders to try with.

To bypass the limited period of access to any free or paid OnlyFans video, the customizable downloading option of StreamFab Video downloader is all set to give you high-quality, ads-free unlimited downloads to enjoy for unlimited time.

Download Onlyfans video: Streamfab


  • The ONLY software that enables you to download newly published videos in 1080p from ott platforms. 
  • The built-in browser helps to locate OnlyFans videos inside the downloader.
  • Get Mp4/MKV format downloads to share them with all devices.
  • Download limitless videos in batch mode and fast speed.

Operation steps

Step 1

Start the Software on the PC

Start the StreamFab on your PC after its successful launching & head to the Homepage.

Step 2

Get to OnlyFans Website

As you can see, I copied the URL of the OnlyFans video and pasted it to StreamFab via the built-in browser.

Download Onlyfans video: Streamfab operation steps

Step 3

Select Video Quality

StreamFab will identify the video automatically while you play it. Feel free to select the video quality and format, and then click "Download Now".

Download Onlyfans video: Streamfab operation steps

Step 4

Download Complete

Then, I can watch your favorite videos on your device easily and quickly. 

I've tried StreamFab All-In-One and StreamFab YouTube Downloader. Both versions enable me to download videos from OnlyFans, why? How should I choose?
If you only want to download streaming video from Onlyfans, YouTube, Ins, etc, the YouTube Downloader version is enough; however, if you want to block more available websites, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, etc, the All-In-One version shall prevail.

Another Alternative: TubeOffline OnlyFans Downloader

If you want to download your desired OnlyFans videos without downloading any software, the TubeOffline OnlyFans Downloader might suit your needs. 


Step 1: Visit the OnlyFans website, select the video you prefer to download, and copy the link to the video.

onlyfans downloader:Downloading Steps

Step 2: Paste the copied OnlyFans video link into the search bar of the TubeOffline and hit on the search icon. Don't forget to choose the format of the video.

onlyfans downloader:Downloading Steps

Comparison Between StreamFab and other OnlyFans Downloaders

TubeOffline Online Downloader is a popular tool to download OnlyFans videos, but it is absolutely not a good tool, due to its annoying links redirecting you to other sites and frequent shutdown.

Here we listed the difference between StreamFab, TubeOffline, and other OnlyFans Downloaders from me, a user's opinion, and sincerely hope that this information could provide some help for you.

Features StreamFab TubeOffline Extensions Screen Recording OnlyFans Profile Archiver
Download OnlyFans videos Yes Yes Yes


Download videos from other sites Yes, over 1000+ sites Yes, 100+ sites N/A N/A N/A
HD quality up to 4k 720p at most 720p/480p 720p/480p Not Tested
Supported format Mp4, Mp3, MKV, etc Mp4 Mp4 Mp4 Mp4
Downloading Speed 10X turbo speed Low speed Low speed Extremely Slow Not Tested
Batch Mode Yes N/A N/A N/A N/A
Price 30-Day Free Trial Free for Basic Plan Free Free Free

How to Download OnlyFans Video on Browsers

For Chrome users: with Downloader for

Chrome is the most used web browser on any device. So, while enjoying your moment with any OnlyFans video, you must know the simplest OnlyFans downloading step on the Chrome extension. Even though there are many Chrome extensions, Downloader for is one of the most popular Chrome extensions that works as the best OnlyFans downloader Chrome.

Downloading Steps with Downloader for

Step 1: First, you must save the Downloader for extension on your device. (Site:

onlyfans downloader:Downloading Steps with Downloader for

Step 2: You need to visit the OnlyFans official website & log into your account. Next, move to your favorite content creator's profile & open it. Hit the "Download" option to get the video for offline watching.

onlyfans downloader:Downloading Steps with Downloader for


  • Easy and simple to use
  • MP4 format is available
  • Downloading speed is very slow
  • The video quality is not as good as you expected
  • Can only download videos on your PC

For Firefox users: With OnlyFans Downloader Firefox Extension

If you are comfortable using the Firefox browser on your PC or mobile phone, the firefox extension will help you to save exclusive videos on your device. Video DownloadHelper is a very effective Firefox extension that allows you to get OnlyFans videos for an offline watch as the best OnlyFans Downloader Firefox.


Downloading Steps with Video DownloadHelper

Step 1: Head to the add-on page of Video DownloadHelper on your Firefox browser on any device. Next, hit on the "Add to Firefox" option.

onlyfans downloader:Downloading Steps with Video DownloadHelper

Step 2: Play the OnlyFans video on the Firefox browser. Once the add-on extension detects the video, the downloading option will be shown on the toolbar. 


  • Easy and simple to use
  • No need to register
  • Low downloading speed and video quality
  • MP4 format is available, but ONLY MP4 format
  • Can only download videos on your PC

How to Download OnlyFans Videos on Mobile Phones

For Android users: the best solution—StreamFab for Android

After Windows or Mac PC and Chrome or Firefox browser, you are probably eager to know the option to OnlyFans Downloader Android on your Android device.

To do this, you don't have to look for anything else but the newly launched StreamFab for Android, which is equipped with the same powerful functionality as the PC version.

download onlyfans Android: streamfab

Step 1

Download the StreamFab for Android

Scan the QR code below to install the software on your device and open the interface.

streamfab for Android

Step 2

Choose the streaming service

Directly click on the shortcut entry on the home page to access it, or you can access it by entering the URL. Here we take Amazon Prime as an example. If you want to download Onlyfans videos, the steps are the same.

streamfab for Android operation steps

Step 3

Select and play the video you want

Browse the website and then select and play a video you like.

streamfab for Android operation steps

Step 4

Customize your videos before downloading

Choose the audio and subtitle language, and even decide how many seasons to download before downloading. After customization, you can download it right now or add it to the queue.

streamfab for Android operation steps

For ios users: with iPhone built-in screen recording option

Since iPhone is known for its secured features, you will be thrilled to save your selected Onlyfan videos on iPhone with its built-in screen recording feature. This built-in option acts as the safest and smartest OnlyFans video downloader iPhone.

Screen Recording Steps

Step 1: Open the "Control Center Menu" of your phone, and locate the screen record option. If you can't find it in the menu, move to "Settings" > "Control Center" > "Customize Control."

Step 2: Next, open the "Control Center," press the grey record button and select the " Microphone" option. After that, hit on the "Start Recording" option.

screen recording steps

Step 3: After three seconds of the countdown, the clock appears at the top left corner of the page and will become red. Screen recording starts.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • No need to register or install any software
  • You just record the video, not download it. So the quality is not good
  • Time-consuming. You have to watch the full videos if you want to download them
  • The video scene and audio might be out of sync

How to Download OnlyFans Videos: Advanced Method

This method is for Coder or Programmer, Queries to the API must now be signed. The creators used this obfuscation approach to deter scraping. If you want to enhance or change the functionality of this script, you need first become acquainted with OnlyFans' API.


onlyfans downloader

This program, OnlyFans Profile Downloader/Archiver, downloads all photographs and videos from an OnlyFans profile and saves them locally. To download their stuff, you must be a subscriber to their profile.

For specific operation steps, welcome to visit the link above and follow the instruction of the developer.


  • Safe to use
  • Not for commercials, no ads, and no need to pay
  • Hard to operate for normal users because it requires Programming knowledge
  • Potential bugs exist, not verified by many users



Is there any age limit to access OnlyFans website?

Yes, OnlyFans users must be 18 years old or above.


Do I have to pay to access OnlyFans content?

Since OnlyFans is a subscription-based service, users must pay to access any content uploaded to OnlyFans. The content creator or provider of this platform sells their content through it and earns money against it. Content owners get 80% of the selling amount, and the rest goes to the website.




What is the safety measure OnlyFans introduced?

The content creators of OnlyFans must include their "selfie image" along with their ID for their account verification authentication.



If you are ready to pay for your preferable OnlyFans video, then take one more step to download them on your desired device for your relaxing offline watch. Among all above mentioned 7 options of OnlyFans downloader, you can go for anyone depending on your requirement. However, to get the highest quality, flexibility, and customization in your downloads, try the free downloading option of StreamFab Video Downloader.