The subscription-based content creator site OnlyFans encourages content creators from around the globe to upload their unique creations. The exclusive contents on OnlyFans are pretty popular among the viewers.

Surprisingly, all this content on OnlyFans is DRM m3u8 protected and copyrighted and cannot be downloaded even though you have paid. But luckily, here we've found some solutions to save, download, or rip OnlyFans videos with video downloader or browser extension. Feel free to choose the most suitable one!

how to save onlyfans videos

How to Save/Rip OnlyFans Content on Windows/Mac PC

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How to Save OnlyFans Content on Windows/Mac PC: StreamFab

StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader

With this OnlyFans downloader, you can effortlessly rip or download all DRM-protected videos from OnlyFans in high quality.
  • Rip OnlyFans videos from any country for an unlimited period
  • Save OnlyFans videos from your ‘collections’ in batch mode
  • Save OnlyFans videos from Explore, Search results, and even Messages to enhance your offline experience
  • Unlimited downloads with 1080p resolution &  AAC 2.0 audio track
  • Auto-download new videos from any OnlyFans channel at a scheduled time
  • MP4 saving for flexible access to downloads on any device.

How to save OnlyFans content on your PC with StreamFab?

Step 1

Select the StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader

Install StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader and launch it on your computer.

how to download onlyfans videos


Step 2

Play a video from OnlyFans.

Choose and play a video from OnlyFans. StreamFab will analyze it automatically.

how to download onlyfans videos 

Step 3

Start downloading the video

You can download OnlyFans videos immediately or add them to the "Downloading Queue".

How to Rip/Download OnlyFans Videos with Browser Extension

For Chrome

While using your computer, Chrome is one of the most commonly used browsers for searching, opening, or streaming any website on an online or offline platform. So, the available Chrome OnlyFans downloader extensions would allow you to save, download and rip your favorite OnlyFans videos with a few clicks. 

how to save and rip onlyfans content:How to Save OnlyFans Videos with Chrome Extension?

how to save onlyfans pics
  • Easy downloading option for computer.
  • The bulk downloading option is available.
  • Along with videos, images & audio can also be downloaded.
onlyfans rip
  • There is no customization option.

Step 1: Fine the Bulk OnlyFans Downloader on the Chrome web store.

Step 2: Select the "Add to Chrome" option to add this extension to the Chrome browser. And affirm your selection by clicking the "Add" option.

Step 3: After logging into your OnlyFans account, look for the OnlyFans content you like or want to rip or download. You will get the "Download" option at the top right corner & hit it to save/rip the OnlyFans video.

For Firefox 

How to save OnlyFans to MP4? If you are a Firefox user for your daily work, you need an authentic and effective Firefox extension while saving or ripping OnlyFans Videos. Among multiple Firefox extensions, the "OnlyFans Enhancer" is the most popular Firefox OnlyFans Ripper extension to save or download your selected OnlyFans Videos on your PC.

how to save onlyfans content:How to Save OnlyFans Videos with Firefox Extension?

how to save onlyfans pics
  • This extension is the best compatible with desktops or laptops.
  • Need a few steps to save OnlyFans Videos.
  • Downloads are permanently saved to your system.
onlyfans rip
  • This extension doesn't work on mobile platforms.

Step 1: After launching the Firefox browser on your computer, hit the "Menu." Next, "Options" from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: A "Settings" window will be opened. At the same time, scrolling through the window, head to the "Extensions & Themes" option.

Step 3: Type "OnlyFans Enhancer" in the search bar & hit the "Enter" option. Select "Add to Firefox," & click on the "Add" option again, and then click on "OK" to confirm your selection of OnlyFans Ripper.

Step 4: After logging into your OnlyFans account, select and play the video you want to rip/download. The extension will detect the video when you play it.

How to Save/Rip videos from OnlyFans on Mobile

With built-in Screen Recording Feature

When watching your favorite OnlyFans videos on your mobile phone, the built-in screen recording feature can also be considered as an OnlyFans Ripper or OnlyFans downloader and would be the safest option to save them for offline watching.

*But please note that when enabling the screen recording OnlyFans option, not all content can be captured. OnlyFans has adopted DRM protection, for those OnlyFans content with DRM, screen recording will fail. You will encounter black screen problems. 

how to save onlyfans pics
  • You can record the screen with or without audio.
  • Recordings can be shared with other devices.
  • Full or partial screen recording is possible.
onlyfans rip
  • The sound and the scene may be out of sync.
  • Cannot screen record DRM onlyfans videos.
  • The recorded OnlyFans video is low quality.

Step 1: Move to the "Settings" option of your phone & then to the "Control Center." After locating the "Screen Recording" option, select the green "Add+" sign given next to the "Screen Recorder" icon.

how to save onlyfans content:Screen Recording Steps

Step 2: Once the Screen Recording option is added to the Control Center, open Control Center & press the grey color record option. Next, select the "Microphone" option.

Step 3: After clicking on the "Screen Recording" option, wait for the three seconds countdown to initiate the recording process.

how to save onlyfans content:Screen Recording Steps

Step 4: To end recording, you can click on the red record button in the Control Center, or you can click on the status bar above & select "Stop."

Addition: Comparison Among the Solutions to Save OnlyFans

Here we listed the differences between StreamFab, Extensions, Mobile solution, and Recorder options, based on my personal testing experience, and sincerely hope that this information could provide some help for you.
Features StreamFab Extensions Screen Recording
OS System Win/Mac ALL ALL
Download OnlyFans DRM video & videos from Message YES NO NO
Download videos from search results YES YES YES
HD quality 1080p 720p recorded 720p/480p
Batch Mode YES (you can download all videos from 'collections') NO NO
Supported format Mp4, Mp3, MKV Mp4/MP3 Mp4
Downloading Speed 10X turbo speed Low speed Extremely Slow
Shadowbanned report Not yet Frequent Not yet
Price 30-Day Free Trial Free Free


How to Save videos from OnlyFans Messages?

First, open StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader, second, login into your OnlyFans account and check the message to see if there are any videos, third, if there is any video, StreamFab will identify it automatically and download it. 

How to Save, download/Rip Only Fans Videos on Chrome without extensions?

Right-click on the account page of OnlyFans> Inspect Element > Network > Media > press the F5 key > Mp4/Media file > right-click on Media file > New tab will be opened.

How to save, download/rip OnlyFans videos on Firefox without an extension?

Through the Firefox web browser open the OnlyFans account > Tools > Page Info > Media Tab > Scroll through media file > find the content to save > " Save as".

Can I save/rip OnlyFans content for free?

Sure, you can enjoy the free trial of StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader and use it to save/rip OnlyFans content for free. But please note OnlyFans will require your payment to access the content. By the way, you can download OnlyFans DRM videos for free now.

Final Feed

If you have been struggling to find out the most authentic and effective option of how to save OnlyFans content once you have paid for this or how to find a proper OnlyFans ripper/downloader, feel free to choose any method recommended above on your preferable platform. However, if you want high-quality encryption and an ads-free OnlyFans ripper or downloader, nothing would be best than the StreamFab.