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How to Convert M4V to MP4?


   Posted by Amanda

2019-03-19 01:42:11


Summary: Do you want to convert M4V to MP4? It would be easy with a professional M4V to MP4 converter. Go to check the converter and find how to convert M4V to MP4.

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As the world’s most complete multimedia backup solution package, DVDFab 11 offers four major modules, Copy, Ripper, Video Converter and Creator, and some other wonderful tools like the Cinavia Removal and Enlarger AI to achieve better result. And a bunch of other useful utility tools with amazing features, such as DRM Removal, are also provided.

Thanks to the progression of technology, M4V videos are now convertible to MP4 with the help of DVDFab Video converter, it is a persuasive tool proficient and capable enough to read various file formats no matter how gray they are, supplementary to this, the software competently converts the videos to any file formats chosen by the techie.

It efficiently permits the consumers to convert M4V files to MP4 as well as various other file formats, as a matter of fact, a large number of tech users convert these files to MP4 frequently as it is prevalent. Without a hitch techies can switch the file format, drag & drop option adds up to the ease of use, howbeit, it also enables to surf the system and add the file that is required to be converted. In conjunction with this, choose the destination to save the file that has been successfully converted.

M4V files from iTunes are protected by DRM protection, so to convert those M4V files to MP4, you first need to remove the annoying protection. To deal with those files, you can choose this DRM removal tool. In this article, we will only show you how to convert unprotected M4V files to MP4.


How to Convert M4V to MP4 using DVDFab Video Converter?

·  Launch the application and Click on Converter which can be seen on the top of the window. Drag the file and drop it on the “+” Sign or else find it from the system, both the ways are the cinch.

·  Next Click on MP4 from the left side on the screen, this will lead towards the new screen where one can choose the Format to convert, select MP4 and leave the rest on the application.

·  Just choose a directory and click the “Start” button. Then you no longer require making any further efforts.

Note: Conversion methods are exactly the same on Both Windows and Mac OS.

The above-stated instructions make it evident that the entire process is eminently articulate and convenient, just a few clicks and it converts the video files from M4V to MP4. It would definitely have been exasperating to complete this action without a tool thusly; even the neophytes can effortlessly utilize it. The most astonishing feature that is at one’s disposal making it peculiar among alternatives is that it enables the user to add filters to choose the accurate format for the file type, for instance, 3D, 4K, 10bit, etc.

M4V File formats restrict the user from utilizing the files or playing them on other devices, it is a gloomy fact to be honest, while MP4 is a universal file format extensively used by the techies around the globe without ball and chain. When it is about M4V vs MP4, the second one takes the lead as it is widely used as stated before.

Thus, once converted to MP4 feel free and play the videos that have been procured in a manner that is most suitable.  No more stumbling blocks, the ball is in your court, simply play it anywhere from this point onward regardless of the device or program.

The software is able and willing to serve the consumer of both Windows and Mac operating systems, similar to the Windows edition the program enables users to convert M4V files to MP4 for Mac.Both the twoversions authorize the tech geeks to customize the video as per requirements; this is another milestone achieved by DVDFab as various competitors still lack at this characteristic.

DVDFab Video converter offers a free trial edition it will provide the users with an idea about how the application works, how to convert M4V to MP4 or whether it is suitable to move ahead an acquire this tool in return of some bucks?. Well! Considering the features that have been offered, it is definitely on ball and must be acquired. Howbeit, still go for a trial version initially and look before you leap if it manages to impress procure it with no if or but. The positive aspect of the program is that the trial edition does not lack a single feature that is available on premium version, conjointly, all the functions are available tried and tested.

There are numerous other features to please the consumers, it is a brimming package, to be honest, there are minimal chances that it might fail to sweep off feet. Select among various additional file formats and select devices that one would like to perform the conversion for, indeed a fantastic tool. Looking at the features it provides the massive range of support for the gadgets, as well as various filters and video editing facilities, there is no point further to say no to such like program genuinely!


The Core Features Are:

·  Video conversion to various formats from video recorders, internet etc

·  Being a Multi-platform tool as it works competently on both Windows as well as Mac OS

·  Enables the techies to back up videos

·  Video editing is a prominent feature which enables the user to trim the videos and obtain the customized output.

·  Schedule the tasks either manage or archive them in a separate section.

·  Capable of reading the extensive range of Video formats.

·  This application is 3D video conversion compatible, enabling the tech enthusiasts to convert the M4V file to MP4 in 3D to enjoy them on a 3D supportive device.


Other Features Include:

·    Multilingual Tool

·    Extensive support for gadgets

·    An eminently facile User interface

·    Prompt action

·    Video editing enabled

·    Retains the Video Quality

·    Backs comprehensive range of file formats

Take advantage of the top-notch M4V to MP4 video converter along with multiple other features that are as good as the cherry on the cake; it is definitely a complete package for anyone looking for the video converter beyond compare both for Mac as well as Windows OS.

Would love to see how good it is? Go on grab it at your first convenience. It will take the enthusiasts to cloud nine with its prompt action along with zero dissipation. So missing out on this is similar to barking up the wrong tree, there is no rocket science involved apart from the fact that it costs an arm leg, well! Nothing comes free in the present. Mind that this tool requires 20GB of free space on the Hard drive so, make sure there is enough storage capacity so that it can convert from M4v to Mp4 in a proficient manner.

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