M4V is a video container format owned and developed by Apple inc. M4V video format is similar to MP4 and the only difference, the difference between m4v and mp4 is that M4V videos can be protected by DRM protection. Apple uses its own FairPlay DRM copy protection to protect the content from illegal distribution. But as the owner of a DRM protected content you have the right to remove the DRM copy protection from your purchased content.

In this article we will be discussing the best M4V to MP4 converter. We will also teach you to remove the Apple’s FairPlay DRM copy protection from your M4V videos. So let’s start with the part 1. If you are already using any free M4V to MP4 video converter then you’ll be impressed by this full featured M4V to MP4 converter below.


Part 1: DVDFab M4V to MP4 Converter: Introduction and Usage Tutorial

If you are looking for a M4V to MP4 converter then this would be the best tutorial to learn about it. As I told you M4V is Apple’s own video container format. So, it may not be supported by all media players or smartphones out there. The best thing would be to convert M4V to MP4 which is a universal video container format and is supported by most multimedia devices like HDTVs, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. First of all make sure that you are using DRM removed M4V videos, if you haven’t removed the DRM yet then don’t worry we’ll teach you that in the part 2 of this article. This part 1 is about the DVDFab M4V to MP4 converter.

·         Download and install DVDFab 10 M4V to MP4 converter. Make sure to download the 32-bit or 64-bit version accordingly and as per your OS architecture.

·         Open the DVDFab 10 M4V to MP4 converter program and click the ‘Converter’ tab. Now click the ‘Video Profile Select’ button and then click the ‘Format’ tab. From this list select ‘MP4 H265’ or any other MP4 variant as per your requirement. Free M4V to MP4 video converter doesn’t provide this many options.

·         Now click the ‘+ Add’ button or the big ‘+’ plus button in the M4V to MP4 converter to add an M4V video.

·         After the video gets loaded click the ‘Video Settings’ button and customize video settings like change resolution, frame rate, quality, encoding method, and audio settings.

·         You can also click the ‘Video Editor’ button in this M4V to MP4 converter to launch the video editor and use tools like crop, trim, watermark, rotate etc. Free M4V to MP4 video converter always doesn’t have these tools.

·         After making all the correct settings click the ‘Start’ button to initiate the M4V to MP4 converter process.

·         After conversion completes you can transfer the file to multiple devices.


·         Highly productive M4V to MP4 converter.

·         Supports different MP4 variants like passthrough, 10-bit, HEVC H.265 etc.

·         Preserves the audio and video quality.

·         Provides a built-in video editor to rotate, trim or crop your videos.

·         Faster video conversion with hardware acceleration supported by Intel quick sync and Nvidia CUDA.

·         Better than free M4V to MP4 video converter.


Part 2: DVDFab DRM Removal for Apple: Convert DRM Protected M4V Files to MP4

As you know that Apple uses its FairPlay DRM copy protection to protect its iTunes data from illegal distribution, but in most countries it is legal to remove the DRM if you are the real owner of that content purchased from Apple. DVDFab DRM removal for Apple is a nice piece of M4V to MP4 converter software that not only removes DRM protection from iTunes media but also converts them to a compatible video format. After the DRM removal you can enjoy your legally purchased content on non-apple devices. So, in this part 2 we will see a detailed step-by-step approach to remove DRM from iTunes media.

Note: to remove DRM encryptions, users must allow DVDFab to access the iTunes Library XML. For that purpose, go to iTunes > Edit > Preferences > Advanced, and then check the box before Share iTunes Library XML with other applications.

·         Open DVDFab 10 and click the ‘Utilities’ tab and then click ‘DRM Removal for Apple’. It will automatically download and install itself.

·         Once it gets installed it opens in a new window giving you two options one for ‘Music’ and other for ‘Video’.

·         Now to load the DRM protected  files you have to either login with your Apple ID or load the files from your computer’s hard drive if you saved them there.

·         In case of songs there is only one way and that is to add them directly from your Apple ID. Login using your Apple ID in the DVDFab DRM removal for Apple.

·         Once you add all the M4V files then click the ‘Start’ button to initiate the process of removing the DRM protection.

·         After the DRM gets removed you can transfer those files to non-apple devices or can use DVDFab video converter to convert them to any other video format.


·         Easy to use with a nice and clear UI.

·         Supports data importing from your Apple ID.

·         Superfast conversion with batch processing of mutliple files.

·         Permanent DRM removal and lossless conversion. Video quality isn’t affected.


So, in this article we just have described the  DVDFab M4V to MP4 converter and taught you to convert M4V to MP4 easily. You now know how useful the DVDFab video converter is as it is loaded with full features. It supports a large base of video formats, you can edit your videos, and can customize the resolution and quality as per your requirement. It is definitely better than free M4V to MP4 video converters.

In the part 2 we introduced DVDFab DRM removal for Apple. It taught you to remove the FairPlay DRM from your iTunes media like audio, videos etc. DVDFab DRM removal for Apple is a useful software for iPhone owners as they will face DRM problems everytime they purchase content from Apple.

So to make full use of your iTunes media you should be using it with non-apple devices too. DVDFab DRM removal can help you in this by removing the DRM copy protection. You should only make sure that your country has lenient laws regarding to DRM removal.