Brief Introduction to Moster Anime

Based on Naoki Urasawa’s manga, Monster is one of the most popular anime series of all time. That said, a lot of viewers struggle to find a website where they can watch the series. Unfortunately, the best streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime only offer the show to Canadian and American audiences. That means most people need to look elsewhere.

We’ll show you some of the best streaming sites for Monster Anime and suggest some tips for how you can use these sites safely. After reading this, you’ll never have to worry about losing an episode again.

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How Can I Watch Monster Anime?

In general, there are two different ways in which you could watch Monster. One way is to use official streaming sites, that are completely legal with no downsides except for cost. The second way is to use unofficial streaming sites – which are usable, but sometimes risky.

If both official and unofficial services let you watch Monster anime, then what’s the difference between them? The answer is simple: official channels paid Viz Media, which owns the rights to Monster, for the license to stream Monster on their platforms.

So how do unofficial sites get their hands on Monster anime? This answer is more complex, and the details are a little sketchy.

How to Protect Yourself on Free Streaming Sites

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, right? These free streaming sites need to earn money somehow. Usually, they make money through advertisements. They can even sell your data to third parties. It’s not a big deal if you click on these sites once. But if you keep clicking on them again and again, you open yourself up to potential risks. Not to mention, those ads are quite annoying.

If you’re using a free streaming site to watch Monster anime every day, you could face major risks. Here are some precautions you can take to make sure your computer and your data stay safe.

1. Install an adblocker

To get rid of annoying ads, and protect you from clicking on a dangerous website, install an adblocker. You can install these on your browser for free and they will reduce the risk of clicking on a dangerous link.

2. Download antivirus software

Since many free streaming websites are rather risky, it makes sense to protect your files and data from an attack using antivirus software.

3. Download the videos legally

Often, you go back and forth between free streaming sites trying to find the best links and avoid broken ones. Wouldn’t it be better if you simply downloaded all the videos at once when you find a good streaming site? Otherwise, some of the episodes you want to watch might not be there when you come back later.

Of course, you should be careful when you download videos from the internet. That’s why we made the PlayerFab Free Video Player, so you can securely download videos for free. Not to mention, we support every popular video format. No need to worry if your download is compatible.

Some people claim that downloading videos from free streaming sites is illegal. This is not true. As long as you don’t distribute the video to anyone else, and only watch it yourself, you won’t break any laws. Calm down, nobody is coming to arrest you.

4. Player-Fab All-In-One

On the other hand, an option like PlayerFab All-In-One will give you far more flexibility. You’ll be able to view everything from DVDs to Netflix and Amazon videos. This is perfect because you never know where you could get a video from, especially when you’re streaming multiple different anime series. Best of all, this package would normally cost over $2,000 if you bought all the software we’ve included in it separately. For you, the price is $169.99, over an 80% discount!

2 Official Ways to Watch Monster Anime

If you opt to use an official paid streaming site, you have some choices if you’re in the USA or Canada. On the other hand, people in the rest of the world are a bit stuck. If you’re outside North America and you want to watch Monster anime from paid sites like Netflix or Amazon, you’re going to need a VPN.


After years of fans clamoring for it to happen, Netflix finally brought Monster Anime to their streaming services. While a Netflix subscription is costly, many viewers appreciate the high video quality alongside accurate and readable subtitles that Netflix offers. Unfortunately, the Monster anime series is only available to Netflix’s North American clients.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is another high-quality streaming option. However, Monster anime is only available to Canadian and American subscribers, so if you’re from another country, you’ll need to use a VPN. Since Amazon Prime is less common and offers fewer popular shows, this might not be your first choice for a paid streaming service anyway.

Since paid streaming sites and VPNs are expensive, you might want to look for other options. Why wouldn’t you rather watch Monster anime safely after downloading it from a free streaming site?

Download Monster Anime for Offline Viewing

It might come as a surprise, but there are many Monster anime episodes available on YouTube. You can search for playlists on YouTube or use a website like Reddit to find the latest Monster streams. These videos won’t have the same quality audio and subtitles as other streaming platforms, but luckily, this platform is a lot safer than free streaming sites. YouTube is a website you know and trust, they won’t share malicious links and damage your computer.

For the fastest downloading experience, choose the StreamFab YouTube Downloader. With this premium video service, you’ll be able to watch any videos you download from YouTube and thousands of other websites with the full YouTube user experience and functionality. You can easily create playlists to watch anime series like Monster. Moreover, with this software, you can subscribe to your favorite creators and auto-download their newest videos.

How to Download Anime?

STEP1. Launch up StreamFab and click the YouTube icon from the Explorer section

monster anime where to watch:How to Download Anime?

STEP2. Select and play the video/music you want to download

monster anime where to watch:How to Download Anime?

STEP3. Click the Download button showing up on the screen to download the video/music.

monster anime where to watch:How to Download Anime?

Watch Monster Anime for Free

Since many viewers outside of North America are restricted from watching Monster on paid sites because of their location, it’s only fair that they find someplace else to watch Monster anime.

Watch Monster Anime on Free Streaming Sites

As we mentioned earlier, there are many websites where you can find free streams of Monster anime. Because of the nature of these websites, it’s not uncommon to see them get deleted or shut down. That said, here is a brief list of the most reliable free websites for streaming Monster anime.





Of course, when you use these sites, you can encounter dangers like risky links. And you never know, maybe one day you’ll try searching for the site and it will no longer be there! Are you prepared for that to happen?

After you find a safe site that you know works for you, it’s better if you download the videos for your consumption. You don’t want to be in the middle of watching the series and then find out you can’t watch it anymore when you have 30 episodes left. You’re better off downloading the episodes ahead of time.

How To Deal With Low-Quality Videos

Unfortunately, one of the main problems people encounter with free streaming sites is a lack of video quality. After all, you got what you paid for. But what if you could fix this? Indeed, we created a solution to help you.

monster anime where to watch:How To Deal With Low-Quality Videos

Our DVDFab Video Enhancer AI tool transforms sketchy low-resolution videos into clear and pristine ones. Our custom technology dissects each low-res image in the video from frame to frame and elevates the image quality to as high as 4k. All you need to do is select the desired video and let our automated machine-learning AI process your video in the background. This is perfect for anime viewers as they often have to contend with low image quality.


Of course, you might still have some questions about watching Monster Anime. Here are the answers to some common ones.

Is Monster on Any Streaming Service?

Yes, Monster anime is on paid and free streaming services. Netflix and Amazon Prime are the only paid streaming options, but they are limited to North American viewers. That said, there are several free streaming services you can research online.

How Can I Watch Monster Anime Legally?

Whether you use a paid service or a free streaming service, you can watch anime videos legally as long as you don’t distribute them to anyone else. If anyone is found at fault, it will be the websites that host Monster anime illegally, not you.

Can I watch Monster on Crunchyroll?

While Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime streaming sites, they never obtained the rights to stream the Monster series. Unfortunately, you’ll need to wait until they do.

Is Monster Anime on Funimation?

Funimation is another popular streaming site for anime. A while ago, rumors were spreading that Funimation was negotiating to obtain the rights to stream Monster from Viz media. However, it appears that these negotiations are either still ongoing or have fallen through. Therefore, Monster is still not on Funimation as of yet.

Final Thoughts

Despite being one of the most popular anime series of all time, watching Monster anime is a challenge. Especially if you don’t live in North America. Considering most paid streaming services are also quite expensive, most viewers will want to find a free streaming service.

Finding the right free website to stream anime isn’t easy. And once you’ve found the right one, you want to make sure you can keep using it. Don’t waste time searching for the best stream over and over. Instead, you should download Monster anime from a free streaming site like YouTube. Use our StreamFab YouTube downloader for the most convenient download experience.