Music always has a soothing effect. Downloading music or listening to it is one of the favorite activities for most of us. Of course, there are several music download sites available, but how about a few standalone apps that would be helpful in downloading your favorite music on your Android? Android is one of the most popular smartphone operating systems, and it indeed has no dearth of the MP3 music download for Android. However, not all the apps available may have the same level of performance and reliability. From that perspective, we thought of listing out the best options among the host of services and apps available on Play Store.

Here is our top 10 list for theMP3 downloader for an Android operating system.

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#1 RockMyRun

If you are a music lover and a fitness freak as well, we bet you may love listening to music while working out. RockMyRun is an excellent option for those needs. It offers you the best MP 3 downloads for your workout sessions.

mp3 downloader for android

One of the best workout musicplayers, the app offers you an option for Android MP3 downloader alternatives. In fact, it comes with a few excellent features like BPM so that you can choose the right kind of music that tunes well with your working out. The app lets you listen to your music and download it if needed and lets you match the length of the track to meet your workout session.

#2 Google Play Music

We are discussing the free MP3 downloader for Android and how can we forget Google? What makes even more impressive is the fact that it is one of those apps that comes default with most of your Android devices.

mp3 downloader for android

Google Play Music comes with a host of tracks to download. A perfect combination of a local music player or to stream music, it also doubles up (or triples up) as one of the best free MP3 downloaders for Android options for your needs. It can play almost all your formats and comes with an inbuilt radio option as well. Boasting over 20000 tracks, the app is anyone’s prime choice.

#3 4Shared

4Shared is your prime choice for your needs in the best Android MP3 Downloader. The service packs in over 5,000,000 tracks that you can choose from. You can search through the database for practically anything you need. Such an enormous option should make it a great choice for your music downloads.

mp3 music downloader for android

The 4Shared app offers you a free 15 GB data in its cloud storage. You can either choose to include the files to your cloud storage or decide to download your tracks onto your phone. And yes, it also lets you share your files with your friends from your cloud storage. It has a 50 million user base and a cool and user-friendly interface that does not need any technical interface.

#4 Wynk Music

Brought to you by  Airtel, Wynk Music is perhaps one of the most widely used music download services in India. If you are an Airtel user, you will get it for free, but for others, the service is paid. The monthly subscriptions allow you unlimited streaming and download functionality.

free mp3 downloader for android

It can also double up as the best free Android MP3 downloader to a certain extent. The service has over 2 million tracks and packs in a few popular international titles as well. What's more, the app also has a data Saver option to save your bandwidth. When you register for Wynk Music for the first time, you will get one month of free access to all the services.

#5 Gaana

Gaana is yet another option for downloading music onto your Android. One of the best Android MP3 downloaders, it will need a subscription for downloading the music – but listening to your favorite music will need no registration.

mp3 downloader for android

The app is the home for over 10 million songs, and all of them are available in an easy to use interface. They have access to the playlist of music genre of your choice. You do not need to create a playlist for your consumption. However, if you need, you can create a playlist of your own. The service comes with dedicated sections for the multiple sections.

#6 Spotify Music

Spotify is one of the prominent options for downloading and streaming your favorite music files. The service offers you an excellent choice as the best MP3 downloader for Android. However, the service is not available in all countries.

mp3 downloader for android

The Spotify Music is available in the US and Europe. It is also available in countries like Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia. They are also planning to launch a service in India as well. The service has a large collection of music from multiple sources. Spotify music has over 20 million tracks that should ideally be enough for most of your requirements. The app also comes with an offline mode as well.

#7 Soundcloud Music

Soundcloud is essentially a music streaming service but comes with a special Soundcloud Go version for the downloads functionality. It doubles up as one of the excellent apps for free MP3 downloads for Android.

mp3 downloader for android

The app lets you create and organize your playlists. You can also check out the templates and edit them to meet your needs. However, it is one of the best services for music streaming, meanwhile offering you excellent downloads options as well.

#8 Amazon Prime Music

Amazon has been an excellent option for online shopping. However, if you are a Prime subscriber with Amazon, you stand to enjoy the best additional services in terms of media like Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music.

mp3 downloader for android

Amazon Prime music is known for one of the best options for the unique interface. It can help you create your own playlists and download your own favorite songs. In fact, you can create a personalized playlist on Amazon Prime. You also have access to full-fledged Alexa support. Playlists get updated on a daily basis. Amazon Prime offers you unlimited daily downloads.

#9 Saavn Music

Saavn has an enviable list of quality music tracks in English, Hindi and other Indian languages. In addition, it also comes with its own radio stations as well.

mp3 downloader for android

The app has a good collection of International artists and their masterpieces to enjoy. You have several filters to choose the songs of your choice filtered by artists, genre and language. You can even create your playlists and share them with your friends. The service is available both in a free and paid version. The paid version lets you download the songs while the free version is used only for streaming the songs. The service has recently been acquired by Reliance Jio and renamed as Jio Saavn.

#10 Music Paradise Pro

Music paradise Pro is an excellent option for MP3 downloader free for Android. In fact, it hosts almost a huge range of music across genres. The free service has been able to climb the top apps list with its wide range of options available across multiple genres.

free mp3 music downloader for android

In fact,the tool works as a search engine for looking for the music files across songs, artists, and albums. Whenever you download a song, it gets downloaded into your Android device memory. It does come with a built-in music player so that you can play your music from within the app. Music Paradise Pro comes with its own music streaming and download options. You can also create a ringtone of your choice.

These are the sites that you can use to download MP3 songs. But, if you want YouTube video to download as MP3on your computer, you can use DVDFab YouTube to MP3 which you can download from its official website.


In Conclusion

This was a formidable list of music downloaders for Android. You can convert your smartphone with the treasure house of music with the above-specialized apps your Android. We assume the music downloader apps compiled above should appeal to you.