MP3 vs MP4: What is MP3 and MP4?

mp3 vs mp4: What is MP3 and MP4

  • MP3 vs MP4

Actually, it is hard to say the exact difference between MP3 and MP4 for a major of people who are not familiar with electronic products. And to make it clear, we made a wide range of comparisons between MP3 and MP4, including the definition, sound quality, extensive compatibility, and more. If you want to find an OnlyFans downloader to save your onlyfans videos into mp4 or mp3 format, have a look at StreamFab.

  • MP3: Audio compression technology

MP3 stands for Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer III. Simply said, MP3 is a kind of audio compression technology. MP3 uses MPEG Audio Layer 3 technology to compress music into smaller files at a compression rate of 1:10 or even 1:12. In other words, it can compress files to a smaller degree with a very small loss of sound quality and maintain the original makes sound quality very well. It is because of the small size of MP3, the characteristics of high sound quality makes MP3 format almost become synonymous with online music.

  • MP4: Video and audio format

MP4 is a video and audio file format, also known as MPEG-4 format, which is mainly used in video calls, voice transmission, TV broadcasting and other fields.

  • MP4 vs MP3

Compared with MP3, MP4 format has reusability, strong interactivity, high compression efficiency, and even in the case of low bit rate, MP4 can maintain very good results, and is more convenient in the integration of audio and video.

MP3 vs MP4: The Comparison between Sound Quality and Compatibility

mp3 vs mp4 sound quality

Sound Quality

  • MP3 vs MP4 sound quality

MP3 is now the most popular audio format for people because of compression without damaging quality. MP3 is used to store, transfer and play audio files on digital audio players. It can provide sound quality closing to CD quality. MP3 allows users to make trade-offs balance between sound quality and file size. If you are a sound enthusiast, you can opt for larger file sizes, higher bit rates, and better sound quality.

Compared with MP3 format, MP4 is a more flexible format for video and audio codecs with extensive support. MP4 can be used for dealing with digital audio, digital video, texts as well as images. It is permitted to stream over the Internet, which seems like other modern container formats.

  • MP3 vs MP4 which has better sound quality

Typically, knowing the operational principle of both MP3 and MP4, it will be easier for you to make a choice. We know that MP3 uses a form of audio compression technology, however, the audio quality remains almost the same. And it does a good balance between file size and audio quality. While MP4 format contains more data, so music only or shortage space goes for MP3. And it’s necessary to make a conversion between the two formats depending on your needs.


mp3 vs mp4 for audio

  • MP3 vs MP4 audio

The MP3 format supports a sampling rate of 44.1KHz, can use the bit rate is generally 8-256 KBPS. Different MP3 products for sampling rate and bit rate support range is not the same, of course, the wider the range of support the better, for sampling rate, a better product can support up to 48KHz.

MP4 research compares various existing audio encoding algorithms and supports natural sound encoding from 2 to 64kbit/s, such as 8kHz sampling frequency of 2~4kbit/s voice coding, and 8kHz or 16kHz sampling frequency of 4 ~ 16kbit/s voice coding, generally using parameter coding; And 6 ~ 24 kbit/s speech coding, generally USES code excitation linear prediction (CELP, CodeExcitedLinearPredictive) coding technique.

  • MP3 vs MP4 for audio

MP3 players would like smaller files with better audio quality. For dynamically encoded VBR, it is possible to make the file size smaller with the same sound quality, which some machines cannot support. WMA is a format promoted by Microsoft and typically compresses at 5-192 KBPS.

Normally, MP4 format accepts nearly all the video and audio formats, HEVC, H.264, MPEG, VP9, VP8, AAC, ALS, SLS, TTSI, MP3, and ALAC, and many more. And more than 16kbit/s code rate. Video transform coding technology is used. These technologies are essentially borrowed from G723, G728, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, etc.

The Best Video Converter to Convert MP4 to MP3

Although differences exist between MP3 and MP4, sometimes people still need to make conversions between them so that they can meet their needs.

DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter: MP3 VS MP4

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Unique pros:

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These are some frequently asked questions regarding the differences between MP3 and MP4.

MP4 has better sound quality, while MP3 is the one with lower file sizes. So if you want better sound quality and other functions, MP4 is better, and if your device is limited to its storage space, and what you need is music only, MP3 is better.

MP3 is an audio file, and MP4 is for video and audio. But for MP3 formats that support for AVI or FLV, it can play MP4 files.

AAC file type was designed as a development of the MP3 file type. Like MP3s, AAC audio files are much smaller than WAV, and it provide better sound quality than MP3 files.


By a series of comparisons between MP3 vs MP4, MP3 vs MP4 which has better sound quality and MP3 vs MP4 for audio, no matter which one you prefer better or who has better sound quality or video quality, sometimes we have the need to convert them. Generally speaking, in such an age which greatly relies on technology, conversion between video and audio has become increasingly important not only to experts but also to us, common people.

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