Even though there are plenty of platforms to serve you online streaming content, you need to pick the one which is worth spending money on. So, before investing your hardened money, valuable time, and exciting energy into any entertainment platform, you must know everything about this platform in advance.

So, when you have opened this page, you have already made up your mind to explore the exclusive enactment of paramount plus. While going through this article, you will find everything about Paramount Plus, such as the price, Paramount plus login and best Paramount Plus downloader.

paramount plus:Paramount Plus Login

Paramount Plus Login

If you want to begin your journey for the first time with paramount plus or you already have taken your steps with this platform, here, you would get the simple steps of Paramount plus login via Paramount + sign up to make your journey short and sorted. Here, you will get two options for your Paramount plus login to different devices if you are a Paramount plus subscriber.

Option 1: Through Devices

Desktop or Mobile Web Browser 

Go for www.paramountplus.com & select the "Sign in with Paramount+" option. 
You need to give the email id & Password that you have used for your Paramount + account.
Select the "Continue" option. You will be driven to the Paramount + "Homescreen" to start your streaming.


To begin, please download and open the Paramount+ application.
Next, select the option “Sign In With An Account.
Provide the email address and password that you utilized during your Paramount+ registration process.

Fire TV/Android TV/Apple TV/Amazon TV/Portal TV/Amazon Fire TV/Roku/SamsungTV/LG TV/Vizio TV/Xfinity Flex and X1/Xbox/Playstation

Install & launch the Paramount + channel on any of your above-mentioned devices.
Go to the "Sign in with an account" option.
Put your email id & Password used for your Paramount +account.
To Sign up to Paramount +, you need to choose the " Sign in" option.

Option 2: Through Paramountplus.com

  • On any above-mentioned device, go to the "Sign in" option.
  • Go for the paramountplus.com option.
  • A Website & code will appear on your screen. Keep the note of the "code" for its further use.
  • You need to type paramountplus.com/ the device name you want Paramount+ to watch on. For example, paramountplus.com/vizio or paramountplus.com/samsungtv. You need to do this step on your computer or mobile device.
  • Enter the activation code & choose the " Activate" or " Submit" option.

Paramount Plus Price

If you want to know how much is Paramount Plus so that you can go for your best-suited subscription plan according to your need and niches, here, you will get all the details of Paramount plus price. There are two subscription plans available on Paramount Plus, Essential & Premium.

Essential Plan

  • $ 5.99/month with limited Ads.
  • $59.99/year to save 16% each month.
  • 40,000 movies and episodes are available to watch.
  • Separate live streams will be available for the NFL on CBS and UEFA Champions League.
  • There is no local live CBS station.

Premium Plan

  • $11.99/month or $119.99/year without any commercial ads.
  • Ads will appear only on Live TV and on a few shows.
  • Local live CBS stations are available.
  • Download content for later watch.
  • All the facilities of Essential plans are included in this premium plan.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus?

If you have signed up for your Paramount + account through paramount plus.com, then follow the given below steps to know how to cancel Paramount plus on your desktop, mobile web, any smart TV, or any gaming console. Besides, if you have trouble canceling hulu, this passage will be of great help.

Go to https://www.paramountplus.com/ and go to the user's initial option shown in the top right corner.
Select the "Account" option.
Start scrolling through the page and find the "Cancel subscription" option to click on.

So, when you know the best options and most useful information to explore Paramount Plus according to your convenience, to get the utmost advantages of this platform, you must try the internet dependency-free offline watching option with the customizable facilities of StreamFab Paramount Plus Downloader.

StreamFab Paramount Plus Downloader: Download Paramount plus content for offline watch

Whether you are on with the 7 days Paramount plus free trial plan or with your Essential subscription plan, you don't have to get bothered about the commercial ads in your offline watching with the high-quality and customizable support of StreamFab Paramount Plus Downloader. Let's see how you can open a thousand doors of the paramount plus download while making one click on this downloading platform.

StreamFab Paramount Plus Downloader

StreamFab Paramount Plus Downloader

With this advanced downloader, you can download any live stream or TV show in the 720p or 1080p resolution with AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio track option from Paramount Plus.
Win Download
100% safe&clean
Mac Download
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Key Features
  • Download content on Windows or Mac PC.
  • Download On-Demand Videos and Live TV shows from Paramount Plus.
  • Save the subtitle & metadata of your selected video.
  • Auto-download option for scheduled upcoming videos.
  • Save downloads in Mp4 format to watch them on any device of your choice.
  • Download as many videos as you want in one go within a minimum time.
  • To enjoy your favorite content without any annoying ads, you don't have to go for a paramount + premium subscription plan.

How to Download Paramount Plus Videos?

Step 1: Launching Software

After downloading and installing this StreamFab Paramount Plus downloader, click twice on the "StreamFab" icon & go for the "VIP Service" option shown on the left function bar.

paramount plus:How to Download Paramount Plus Videos

Step 2: Go to Paramount+ and select a video

Scroll through the website list from the right-hand side to find and select Paramount +. Next, sign in to your official paramount + account & select the video content you like to download & play the video.

paramount plus:How to Download Paramount Plus Videos

Step 3: Download Done

Once you play the video, a "Download Now" option will appear on the screen & you need to tap on it to complete the downloading process.

paramount plus:How to Download Paramount Plus Videos

So, while going through these simple steps, you will have your customized paramount plus offline library for your online and device-independent relaxing and repeat watch.

This post's details on paramount plus downloader is ONLY for personal use. Before downloading videos, DVDFab suggests that you either get permission or research the rules and regulations that apply in your country.


What are the recent Paramount Plus Shows?

How to get Paramount plus/Roku?

To get Paramount plus/Roku by signing up, you just need to follow the given steps.

Launch Paramount plus channel on roku> "Sign up">select suitable subscription plan>" Create account"> Next> enter pin of your Roku device>return to home screen>start streaming.

Is Yellowstone on Paramount Plus?

Unfortunately, the biggest hit of Paramount Network, "Yellowstone", is not available on Paramount Plus. You can watch it either by unlocking the Paramount Network app, or you can find it on Peacock.

Final Feed

So, if all of your queries related to Paramount Plus have been answered through this article, it's time to take the ride on it with your favorite watchlist. You must begin your Paramount plus journey with the 7 days Paramount plus free trial plan and then switch to your suitable subscription. Now to bypass all the limited period access of available contents and ads disturbance, you can choose to save Paramount Plus content via StreamFab.