Online streaming options are growing daily, and viewers are faced with a vast list of choices to select from. Paramount Plus and Peacock TV are two of the various options that offer a wide variety of content and features to their users, making them amongst the most popular streaming services today. Each on-demand platform has an interesting library, easy compatibility and device support, a choice of offline viewing, and appealing prices and plans. All these factors can make choosing one service over another a daunting task. Explore the below article to learn about the key differences and a complete breakdown of the Peacock vs Paramount Plus streaming channels and how to download peacock videos for offline watching. 

What is Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is an updated version of the CBS All Access streaming service and a formidable competitor alongside well-known channels like Netflix, Discovery Plus, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Hulu. It was launched last year in March and gives viewers access to video content from several renowned networks through a single subscription. Thus, it became trendy among users who wanted to access selected networks without having to go for a live TV subscription. 

What is Peacock TV?

Peacock TV is one of the newest American streaming services from NBCUniversal that competes with some of the most prominent players in the field like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and HBO Max. It was initially available to only Comcast Xfinity customers but soon became available on multiple platforms. Since then, it has only been an onward journey for Peacock TV as it has grown in device support and the content it offers to its subscribers. 

Paramount Plus Vs Peacock TV: A Comparison

Paramount Plus Vs Peacock TV:Paramount Plus Vs Peacock TV: A Comparison

- Peacock vs Paramount Plus: Content

Despite being a relatively new streaming service, Peacock TV offers a lot of TV shows, popular series, and movies. Moreover, if you are a Premium subscriber, you can access even more content than Peacock TV’s primary plan users. There are several popular TV shows that you can watch, along with a comprehensive list of famous movies. 

As per its parent body, NBCUniversal Peacock TV will likely add several other renowned names to its list of movies, such as Jurassic World 3 and Fast & Furious 9.

Peacock TV 

Paramount Plus

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

The Original Series 

Downton Abbey 

The Next Generation 

Modern Family 

Star Trek-like Voyager 

30 Rock 

Deep Space Nine

The Office 


Parks and Recreation 

Detroiters, Chappelle’s Show 

Battlestar Galactica 

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah 

Chicago Fire 






Everybody Loves Raymond


Unlike CBS All Access, Paramount Plus offers various other titles from several networks under ViacomCBS, its parent company. It includes the Smithsonian Channel, Comedy Central, Entertainment Tonight, Sports HQ, Nickelodeon, MTV, and BET. 

Paramount Plus also has a highly likable TV series and movies list, which includes a lot of modern classics like Minority Report, Election, Zodiac, and Jackie Brown. 

Peacock TV 

Paramount Plus

Shark Tale 

The Godfather trilogy


The four Indiana Jones movies 

Brokeback Mountain 

Minority Report 

Meet the Parents 


Mamma Mia



Jackie Brown

- Device Support/Compatibility

When it comes to devising support and compatibility for Peacock vs Paramount Plus, it is seen that both streaming services have much to offer. Both services are available on a variety of streaming devices. 

Peacock TV 

Paramount Plus


iOS and mobile devices 

Apple TV 



Roku devices 

Google’s Android TV  


Sony’s Playstation 4 

Apple TV 

Microsoft’s Xbox One 

Samsung TV 


Fire TV stick 

Vizio’s SmartCast TVs 

Vizio Smart TV 

Android mobile devices

Amazon Fire TV 

iOS mobile devices

Android TV 


Xfinity Flex 




X1 set-top boxes

- Peacock vs Paramount Plus: Plans and Price

Before going into a deep analysis of Peacock Vs Paramount Plus, it is essential to note that you can also access Peacock TV for free. Akin to other free services such as Pluto TV and Tubi, this feature tends to make Peacock TV very popular with consumers. It has had a free tier since its launch, and although the options available in the free version are significantly lower than that of the paid version, it is still something to bear in mind. 

Peacock TV

Paramount Plus

$4.99 monthly or $49.99 per year (Peacock Premium)

$4.99 monthly or $49.99 per year (Paramount Plus Essential)

$9.99 monthly or $99.99 per year (Peacock Premium Plus)

$9.99 monthly or $99.99 per year (Paramount Plus Premium)

- Peacock Vs Paramount Plus: Offline viewing

If you are using the basic plan for Peacock TV, you will not be able to download content on your devices. But if you are a Premium subscriber, you can download certain shows from the Peacock desktop app

In the case of Paramount Plus, if you are a Premium subscriber, you can download films and shows on devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android. However, it will not allow you to download content on your PC and also limits downloading to 25 titles only. 

Which one to choose / verdict? 

After the Paramount Vs Peacock TV analysis, you will find that each of them comes with its advantages. Paramount Plus download gives access to content and shows from various popular networks with a single subscription. It makes it the best choice for those users who do not wish to go for a live TV subscription but require access to select networks. On the contrary, Peacock TV offers an enticing ad-supported plan that is free in price. 

You can also make your choice between Peacock TV Vs Paramount Plus based on the parent company of each. As NBC and CBS own them, you can access many popular contents from both, apart from new episodes and shows.

StreamFab Peacock downloader: Your Ultimate Solution to Streaming Woes

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Paramount Plus Vs Peacock TV:StreamFab Peacock downloader: Your Ultimate Solution to Streaming Woes

Key Features

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Steps to download with StreamFab Peacock downloader

Step 1:Open StreamFab app:

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Paramount Plus Vs Peacock TV:Steps to download with StreamFab Peacock downloader

Step 2: Look for your video:

Use your credentials to log into Peacock TV and download content from it, and then search for a video you wish to download

Paramount Plus Vs Peacock TV:Steps to download with StreamFab Peacock downloader

Step 3: Begin downloading:

Once the selected video starts playing, you will see a pop-up window appear. Click on the Download Now button here to commence the downloading process.

Paramount Plus Vs Peacock TV:Steps to download with StreamFab Peacock downloader

So with the StreamFab Peacock downloader, you can now save your favorite movies from Peacock in the best quality. In addition, you can use its attractive features to enjoy a seamless video experience. 


After a complete comparison and analysis of Peacock Vs Paramount Plus, you should have a fair idea of the pros and cons of each. While one may offer you a more impressive content library, the other gives a wide range of free content that makes it appealing. You can also enjoy both services at lucrative prices compared to other streaming services. So having learned a good deal about both, you can make your final choice based on your requirements and needs quickly. By the way, if you are stuck in, this passage provides some useful solutions.