Why Is My Pluto TV Not Working?

There are usually a handful of reasons for users facing the Pluto TV not working 2022 issue. Below are some reasons mentioned for your reference.

  • The Pluto app requires to be updated to the latest version.
  • The streaming device requires to be reset.
  • The streaming device requires to be updated or needs its memory increased.
  • The Pluto service itself is having technical problems.
  • The internet connection is either too slow or too much unstable in terms of download speed for the app to stream steadily.

Users might observe that these issues tend to appear most often when they use Pluto in live TV mode. This is because Pluto operates much similar to a traditional TV signal, where the content runs “live” over your internet connectivity with no capability of pausing or any buffering between videos. This makes stability specifically essential for a seamless viewing experience.

Pluto TV Problems and Their Solutions

In this section, we are going to have a look at some of the most commonly seen and reported Pluto TV problems along with their solutions. Read below to know more about the reasons for Pluto TV on demand not working and their solutions.

1. Check Internet Connectivity

This is the most essential step before even going to your favorite channels on the Pluto TV platform. Pluto TV works online and is linked to a server, and users certainly require secure and strong Internet connectivity to make it operate properly. Users can verify the Internet connection speed with the help of tons of speed test tools and services available online. This will alter users of the actual problem which is a slow Internet connection resulting in users facing non-responding and buffering apps.

Once users identify the issue with their Internet connectivity, all they can do is restart the router, as in most instances, it will begin working again entirely fine. If this does not work, you just need to get in touch with your Internet service provider and file a complaint related to a poor Internet connection and slow speed.

pluto tv not working:1. Check Internet Connectivity

2. Your Device Is Not Compatible With Pluto TV

Right now, the only device that supports Pluto TV local channels is the Roku device. To use this feature on your Roku TV, you require to have an OTA antenna linked to it. In addition to this, Pluto TV is thinking to increase its compatibility with different other devices relying upon the interest of the users.

Apart from this, this might help if users ensured that their Roku device updates the Pluto TV app automatically periodically with the newest firmware technologies. Users can do this easily by going to their Roku device settings and tapping the System Update option. This will display all the available updates, including the Pluto TV service. Once this is done, users can watch their favorite TV shows and movies without any trouble.

3. Pluto TV Application Has Glitches

To be honest, the Pluto TV app is comparatively new and is presently undergoing its testing phase, owing to which it might encounter some issues and problems in its operation. To deal with these problems, users can uninstall the Pluto TV app and then reinstall it to start over completely by clearing the cache. This process will not consume much time and will also be a quick solution to your issues.

To get the solution to this Pluto TV guide not working issue, all you need to do on your Roku remote is press the home button. Next, highlight Roku TV, as this is the one you want to uninstall. Now, press the Star option, and you are done.

pluto tv not working:3. Pluto TV Application Has Glitches

4. Pluto TV Server Is Down

In most instances, users might think there is an existing issue with their streaming device or their Internet connectivity. Yet, actually, users might ignore the fact that the Pluto TV server might be down. And during that time frame, they might face issues accessing the service.

The interruptions in service are often declared on Pluto TV online service’s official social media websites. Hence, if you think there is a Server related problem, go to the Twitter and Facebook feed and look out for the activity status of Pluto TV.

5. Contact Customer Support

If none of the solutions work for you, users might be left with the only option of getting in touch with the customer support of Pluto TV and lodging a complaint against the issue with the application.

To submit a bug complaint, users need to write a detailed message about their issue and the different methods with which they have tried to solve it and were unsuccessful. Once they email it to customer care, the experts from Pluto TV will take care of it in the best possible way.

How To Watch Pluto TV Offline?

The only solution to save yourself from the trouble of Pluto TV not working is to keep your movies and shows offline and watch them later once you are free. Now the question emerges about how you can download your favorite movies and shows. The answer to this is very easy. In this section, we will have a look at StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader, the best offline downloader, which provides all the major solutions to your issues related to offline downloading that is quite frustrating and overwhelming for the time being.

StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader

StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader is the best option when it comes to downloading content and this is due to a number of reasons. The tool not only provides you with some extraordinary features but also access to all types of music and video content available on Pluto TV, offering you the best offline viewing experience. In addition to this, below are some extraordinary features of the tool. Have a look.

Features of StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader

Below are some extraordinary features of the tool. Have a look:

  • StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader shows support for MP4 format when you download pluto tv. This makes the files transferable and compatible between all kinds of devices
  • StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader is very user-friendly and easy to use with a straightforward and clean interface. This makes it viable for everyone to use, even the users having no or less technical knowledge
  • With StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader, users can also download MP4 movies, videos, and episodes with the highest quality with a resolution of 4K, 1080p, or even 8k
  • StreamFab is compatible with many online streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Paramount Plus, Disney+, and not to forget Pluto TV Channels. Together with these, the tool also allows you to download your favorite videos from different social media services such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.
  • Ad-free streaming is the most notable feature of the StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader. This saves users from a lot of irritation that comes along with irritating popup commercials
  • The subtitles are downloaded as SRT files together with your favorite videos. Users can also choose subtitles as per their preferred languages
  • StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader comes with an in-built browser via which users can stream their favorite movies and shows directly
  • Users need not be worried if they wish to download lots of episodes. Because with the Batch mode of StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader, the tool can swiftly download all the videos at lightning speed
  • Keeping in mind the value of time, users can certainly save a lot of time with StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader.

How to Use StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader?

Follow the below steps to know how to use StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader.

Step 1: Download and open the tool. Tap the VIP Services section on the left. Now, on the right, open the Pluto TV website from the supported services.

pluto tv not working:StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader

Step 2: Next, users can log in to their account and search for their favorite movie. Once you click on the movie, the tool will analyze it. After analyzing, the tool will show you different options to download the movie.

pluto tv not working:StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader

Step 3: Select the movie that you wish to download. Users can also download subtitles and change other settings. In addition to this, you can also select the audio and video quality and the subtitle from the list. Once done, click on the Download Now option to begin downloading your video.

pluto tv not working:StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader


How do I sign in to Pluto TV on Roku?

To do so, select Guide and click Settings. Next, go to Profile and click on the Manage Account option, and select Sign In. From here, toggle the Merge into my account option if users would like to add their Favorite Channels and Watch List saved on their Roku to their account. Besides, if you wonder how to watch Apple TV plus on Roku, click on this passage and find more approaches.

Why can't I edit my Pluto TV channels on Roku?

While users do not have channel editing or hiding options for Roku on Pluto TV, they can use the Favorites and Watchlist functions. Navigate to the On Demand option and select an episode or show. Next, click the Add to Watch List option. From the Live TV screen, select a title and highlight the Channel at the bottom of the screen to add it to your Favorites list.


All in all, we just had different reasons for users to face the Pluto TV not working issue. We had a look at different reasons why users might face this issue. In addition to this, we also have a look at different issues and solutions to those issues. Last, but not least, we saw that all these issues can be avoided by keeping your movies and shows offline and watching them later.

And to download movies and shows from Pluto TV, the best option is to use StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader. The tool is the best offline downloader and provides all the major solutions to your issues. The tool not only provides you with some extraordinary features but also access to all types of music and video content available on Pluto TV, offering you the best offline viewing experience.