During 2017, hip-hop and flute was a fashionable combo and it has sustained and made its way into 2018. If you have not yet appreciated the texture that flute lends to a hip-hop/rap song, check out the following best rap songs from your favorite rappers that feature a flute. You’ll be surprised how well-synced this instrument is with hip-hop/rap!

Antidote – Migos

This song from Migos features a combination of hip-hop/rap and flute playing in the background, giving this otherwise funk piece a serene texture. The song comes in a perfect blend of flow and lyrics and the flute subtle yet impactful. Overall the sound is pleasing to the ears and there is that usual hip-hop craziness to it!

Just a Lil Bit - 50 Cent

Another song that brings together the flute and hip-hop is 50 Cent’s ‘Just a Lil Bit’, from the album – The Massacre! This song came out in 2005 when a combination of the flute with rap was lesser known and understood, but it managed to stand out. And why not, it’s 50 Cents after all! The song was nominated for Billboard Music Award for rhythmic top 40 titles of the year. It’s fun, classy and pleasing to the ears.

Hoes - Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne never fails to please the audience and hip-hop lovers with funky and upbeat songs such as this one from his album – The Carter. This hip-hop version brings together flute and rap, a combination so rare back in 2004 that it could have gone unnoticed. But hey! Can Lil Wayne really be unnoticed with his exceptional rapping skills and lyrical buoyance; hard to believe, right? As for those, who did not pay attention to the flute in the background, it’s time you do now!

Peepin' Me – Chamillionaire

Chamillionaire has given the world of hip-hop and rap, this amazing amalgam that features flute, with exciting rap lyrics, melody and tune. It was released in 2005 when hip-hop was a thing, but hip-hop and flute was not really a common pair. This song features an oriental beat with a well-sung chorus, which is fun to the ears, while the lyrics are not as impressive as could be!

Bad Intentions - Dr. Dre

From his album, The Wash, Dr. Dre brings you this amazing amalgam of hip-hop and flute, with a cool rap. The song features Knoc-turn’al and is one the best flute rap songs that were released back in 2002. This song has been produced by Mahogany Music and co-produced by Dre. It combines genres such as west coast hip-hop and dirty rap with flute. It was ranked at number-4 in the UK Singles Chart post-release.

Motivation - T.I.

T.I. released this song as part of his album Urban Legend, back in 2004. This album from T.I. features genres such as southern hip-hop, trap and gangsta rap. With all of this, you get that fabulous flute texture in the background, that too in a rap song – upbeat and classic as this one! Urban Legend charted at number-7 on the Billboard 200.

Superman – Favorite

With this song from a favorite, you can hear the flute playing during the chorus mostly. This song combines Favorite’s controversial humor, southern hip-hop, rap, and flute. If you tune into this version, you’ll find references being made to Lil Wayne, and Young Jeezy. It sounds somewhat like a parody of the classic Soulja Boy. Despite all of this, it’s worth listening to!

Big Amount - 2 Chainz & Drake

A majorcontribution to this hip-hop song comes from the famous American rapper 2 Chainz, however, you cannot help but enjoy vocals from Drake that are fun and upbeat! This song was released in 2016 and it features a combination of hip-hop and flute. ‘Big Amount’ has managed to secure gold certification in the USA, ranked at number-9 on the US Bubbling under Hot Singles and number-44 on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

Navel – Cupcakke

This amazing song from Cupcakke is pleasing to the ears while giving off a super hip-hop vibe. It combines flute with hip-hop/rap, a rare but classic amalgam.  The song ‘Navel’ is from the album Ephorize that has been recently released by Cupcakke. The lyrics, melody and flute add-in are simply awesome!

Mask Off (Remix) - Future & Kendrick Lamar

A truly super-hit song that has captivated audiences with its melody, music composition, lyrics and funky hip-hop, is Mask –Off by Future and Lamar. The vocals are soft, and there is exceptional beat work by Metro Boomin. This song is definitely amongst the top choice in flute rap songs of 2018!



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