Reverse Video Search: what does the term define?

When you want to search anything on the internet using a search engine, you enter the keywords. Now search engines start searching based on your keywords and find the video with a similar name, pixel's size, colors, etc. and display it on your screen. Reverse video search is such a search result that search engines perform based on the key information you enter. With a reverse video search engine, you can search any video content on the internet using various search engines.

Reverse video search also displays the video source you are looking for. If you want to know the details of a video source, you can take advantage of a video reverse search on the internet.

If you are an active user of the internet, you must try reverse image search video at one go. What will be the search results? You will get your desired search on google after uploading the screenshot of the video or image and help google find out the source.

The search engine will allow you to use images or videos to search similar images or videos available on the internet for reverse image search videos. It's a kind of service that search engines like Google, Binge provide to provide you with source information regarding the image or video you enter.

Why do you need reverse video search?

Your question of why you need reverse video is associated with your thrust for information. What you are looking for on the internet determines why you need reverse video search. If you are a video creator, you want to know which websites show your videos to track the data analysis report. With google reverse video search, you will know whether your video shows the full version or partial. All these data provide you reverse video search google and let you take action accordingly.

Reverse video search google also helps you find out what kind of similar content is available on the internet. If you are a video content creator, the search results will help you work on your subject line, tweak them, and add more value to your creations. In short, you can summarize the three points why you need reverse video search:

  • To get the data of your product showing on the internet
  • Whether the video is available partial or full
  • Explore similar content floats on the internet

If you want to reverse search a video, you need a screenshot of the video. We will first know how to reverse video search iPhone and Android in this context. Later, we will explore the desktop method as well.

How to reverse search a video with iPhone/Android?

You need a screenshot of the video on your iPhone. Let's do follow the below steps:

  • Open the video and press the Power and Volume high button at a time

Once the screenshot is done, let's track the following steps on how to reverse search a video on iPhone:

reverse video search

Step 1: Install the Google Chrome app on your iPhone/iOS.

Step 2: Browse the page and find out the image you want to search for

Step 3: Long press the image until a menu pops up

Step 4: Click on Search Google for this image.

How to reverse search a video on Android?

reverse video search google

By default, Google Chrome is available on Android. The Google Chrome app can help you reverse search a video on your Android phone. Follow the steps:

Before going for reverse video search google, take the screenshot following the below method:

  • Open the video and press the Power and Volume down button at a time.

Once you take the screenshot, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome app on your Android phone

Step 2: Click on Discover at the bottom

Step 3: Tap on Google Lens on the search bar

Step 4: Now, Upload the screenshot to reverse search

Step 5: You can scroll down to find out your search results at the bottom

How to reverse video search on Google and Bing: Follow the simple steps

Google is the largest search engine that performs reverse video search. You need to upload the screenshot of the video on Google and for that you must know how to take a screenshot on Windows. Let's check:

Screenshot on Windows

  • Press Ctrl + Prtscn keys to take the screenshot
  • You can use the Snipping Tool to take a screenshot

After taking the screenshot, save it on your Desktop for further access.

Step 1: Open Google image, and choose the Camera icon to search

Step 2: Upload the screenshot and click on the search

Step 3: It will show you a SERP for the screenshot. It's your search result from which you can find out the relevant data of your search.

Reverse video search on Binge

Binge also can perform the task with a screenshot. Let's follow the method of reverse video search:

Step 1: Open Binge and click on Visual Search

Step 2: Choose Browse, next upload the screenshot you've taken

Step 3: It will show you the SERP page where you can locate your desired data

How to video reverse search with the best Tools?

Other than Google and Binge, three more tools can perform the task and show you the search results.

Next, we'll go through a reverse search video with the following tools.


video reverse search by shutterstock

Shutterstock is a popular reverse video search engine tool. One of the largest stock footage websites, Shutterstock has more than 200 million royalty-free stock footage. Recently, it started to perform as a reverse video search engine with its search tool. Its search results consist of similar visual videos that line up with the screenshot.

How does Shutterstock perform reverse search videos?

Step 1: Take the screenshot of the video and save it

Step 2: Go to Shutterstock site, tap on Footage from the menu bar

Step 3: Click on Search by image, and upload the screenshot

Step 4: After finishing the thorough scan, it will project you similar stock footage.

Now it's your turn to identify which one you need.


Berify is one of the popular tools that can perform as a reverse video search engine. It has a robust image-identifying algorithm; it can show you even stolen videos and pictures. Top of the cherry on the cake, it can find out who is using your video content without official authority on the internet.

How Berify perform as a reverse video search engine?

Follow the simple steps:

Step 1: Visit Berify and create an account

Step 2: Upload the screenshot of the video and tap on the Search button

Step 3: It'll scan and find out the results and mail you

Additional Note: Its Free account will let you up to 5 reverse searches

Once you open your mail id, you'll get the search results.


video reverse search by tineye

TinEye also performs the task of reverse video search like Berify. Its machine learning and neural network help recognize the screenshot from millions of stocks. It shows the results after going through a thorough scan of web pages. It also uses pattern recognition features to perform better. The plus point is that it can send you alerts when your image or video appears on a web page.

How does TinEye help to reverse search a video?

Follow the easy steps:

Step 1: Visit TinEye

Step 2: Upload the screenshot or image. In the search bar, you can drag and drop the image or can enter the image URL

Step 3: Click on the search button and wait for a few minutes to see your search results

With their machine learning, algorithm, and pattern recognition technology, these tools can show you better performance.

Do you want more information? Let's grab the FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no such specifications to go for a reverse video search. But those who are into the videography industry use it more than other professions.

Of course, yes. After getting the SERP, you can complain if you find piracy of your creation or ask for an explanation if any website is using your copyright creation without informing you.

No tool can perform 100% accuracy. But renowned search engines like Google, Binge can show you 99% accurate indexes.

Final Words

Reverse video search is an effective method to identify and locate your desired search on the internet. As the internet is now flooded with content, images, etc., reverse video search Google can provide you with the quality information you're looking for. Last but not least, reverse video search can open lots of source information that may be helpful in your professional endeavor.