It was in the late 80s, and early 90s when the rap songs witnessed an exponential growth in their popularity, and they were soon a fan favorite because of their lyrics, and heavy use of bass. These days, the rap scene is not different from what it used to be a few decades ago, and one of the noticeable differences in the use of bass has only increased ever since.

Now, if you are a Hip Hop lover, or if you have been following the rap culture for quite some time now, you must already be aware that the bass used in the rap songs is also referred to as 808. The term 808 was first introduced as a long bass sound produced from a drum, and it was made popular by Roland’s TR-808 drum, hence the name.

So, are you a basshead, and are you looking for rap songs with good bass? Following are some of the songs with a good bass rap that you can listen to today in 2022 and you can download them for you to enjoy in case of no internet with only one simple video downloader.

Top 5 Rap Songs with Good Bass

Rap songs without good bass is like a human living without a purpose. Yes, it would be there, but it just wouldn’t have the same energy. Bass is what provides rap songs with the energy they radiate, and the following are some of the songs with the best Bass score of all time.

Song #1: “I am a God” by Kanye West

Kanye West is undoubtedly one of the most popular figures in the American Hip Hop industry, and like him or not, you cannot deny that he is a genius when it comes to creating good music. It is evident by Kanye’s 70 Grammy nominations, 22 out of which he ended up winning in the end. The song, “I am a God” has one of the sickest beats of all time, and your speaker would definitely have a hard time with the bass used in the song.

rap songs with good bass:Song #1: “I am a God” by Kanye West

Song #2: “We Dem Boyz” by Wiz Khalifa

Just like Kanye, Wiz is also an iconic figure in the American Hip Hop industry, and he has made a name for himself as one of the greatest rappers of all time. The song, “We Dem Boyz” is often regarded as one of the best songs the rapper ever made, and the sick beat is one of the major reasons behind the same. One of the added benefits is the lyrics used in the song. They are just so relatable to almost everyone.

rap songs with good bass:Song #2: “We Dem Boyz” by Wiz Khalifa

Song #3: “Super Trapper” by Future

Future has been hailed as one of the best rappers in the past few years, and his ability to give hits after hits just cement this fact further. If you doubt his abilities as an artist, you need to hear his “Super Trapper” song that packs a super sick beat, and it would be the perfect song for your party nights.

rap songs with good bass:Song #3: “Super Trapper” by Future

Song #4: “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott

Travis Scott is one of the most influential artists currently, and he has enjoyed a lot of recent success thanks to songs like Goosebumps, Antidote, Highest in the Room, and more. However, if you are a basshead, you must listen to the “Sicko Mode” song Travis released a few years ago. This song packs not one, not two, but three-beat drops that are high in the bass, and it would certainly help you feel the thrills of a good rap song.

rap songs with good bass:Song #4: “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott

Song #5: “Runaway” by Kanye West

When Kanye dropped the “Runaway” song back in the day, it was an instant hit primarily because of the beats used in the song. It is not one of those songs that feature over-the-top bass all the time. Instead, it packs bass in small packages throughout the song, which is a treat for the basshead within you. A must-listen song if you are a basshead.

rap songs with good bass:Song #5: “Runaway” by Kanye West

How to Download your Favorite Rap Songs with StreamFab All-in-One?

Now that we have seen some of the best rap songs that you can listen to today, is there a way to download the official video directly? Yes, there is. There are multiple ways using which you can download the official video, audio, or more directly from multiple streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and more for offline use on your device.

To help you with downloading your favorite videos, you must take the help of a software that goes by the name of: “StreamFab All-in-One Player”. It is a multimedia application that not only allows you to play your favorite files, but also allows you to download content from a host of websites including Netflix, YouTube, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, and more with ease.

What is StreamFab All-in-One Player?

The StreamFab All-in-One is one of the best video downloading applications that allows you to download videos from more than 1000 different streaming websites. You can use software to download videos from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Fox, and Disney+. HBO, Amazon Prime, and more. Now, there are hundreds of video downloading softwares on the internet currently, but the StreamFAB All in One player is better than most of them, and there are a good number of reasons behind the same.

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The software not only lets you download videos from multiple websites but also gives you multiple options to download them. You can select the video resolution of each file before you can download it. If that was not it, you can also select the audio file format and quality.

One of the major reasons why a lot of people prefer downloading videos rather than streaming is because of the annoying ads that interfere with your viewing experience. However, this would not be an issue if you are using the StreamFab All-in-One. It is so because the software automatically removes all the advertisements while it is downloading the file. Additionally, the software does not display any ads of its own, which is appreciated.

Another underrated feature of the software is that it not only allows you to download the official subtitles included with the video, but it also lets you download them in your mother tongue. Additionally, you also have the option of adding or removing subtitles completely, which might be an essential feature for a lot of people.

rap songs with good bass:What is StreamFab All-in-One Player?

If you are currently binge-watching a TV show, you can also enable the auto-download feature on the software. What this feature does is that it downloads the latest episode as soon as they are aired on the platform. It saves you a lot of time and effort, and you can watch them as soon as they are released, even if you forgot to download them.

rap songs with good bass:What is StreamFab All-in-One Player?

How to Use the StreamFab All-in-One?

One of the best parts of using the StreamFab All-in-One is that it is a highly easy-to-use software, with a really interactive user interface. The software is straightforward to use, and you can get used to this software in just a few uses. However, to help you with the daily functions of this software, you can refer to the following user guide.

Step #1: Download the StreamFab All-in-One software setup file directly from the official website. Select your system: Windows or Mac, and hit the “Download” button. Once the setup file is downloaded, install the file on your device, and launch it once the installation process is completed.

Step #2: Now, you can either visit the website from which you want to download the content. For this, click on the “Explore” option on the left-hand side of the window. This would open the in-built browser of the software, and you can visit any website you want to. Alternatively, you can also click on the “Streaming Services” to have a look at some of the most popular streaming services like Netflix, and Hotstar directly.

rap songs with good bass:How to Use the StreamFab All-in-One?

Step #3: Once the website loads, log in to your account with the platform, and play the video that you want to download on your device.

rap songs with good bass:How to Use the StreamFab All-in-One?

Step #4: You will be able to spot the download option displayed on the page for the video that you are currently playing. Select the seasons or the episodes that you want to download. Select the “Subtitles” language and the episodes. Once you have made the necessary changes, click on the “Download Now” option to start the download process.

rap songs with good bass:How to Use the StreamFab All-in-One?

Step #5: Once you have hit the Download button, the files will start downloading. Once the download is completed, they would be saved in the desired location in your device’s internal storage. By default, it would be stored in the “Downloads” folder on your device.

rap songs with good bass:How to Use the StreamFab All-in-One?

Final Thoughts

It goes without saying that the StreamFab All-in-One is easily one of the best video downloading softwares of all time, and there are a good number of reasons behind the same. It not only supports over 1000 different websites, but it also supports a host of video and audio file formats, and you can select any one of them as per your requirements. The software is powerful, fast, and easy to use that making things really simple for you.

The only point that might seem like a downside to a lot of people is the one-time fees you need to pay for using the software. Yup, it is a bit on the higher side, but when you compare it against the features the software has to offer, you will realize that it is a steal. Additionally, you also get a 30-days money-back period, and you can get a complete refund within 30 days if you do not feel the software is worth enough spending your money on.

We have also included a detailed user guide of how to use the application more effectively. It should ideally see you through. In case you still have any issues, do let us know, and we will try our best to help you out.