Halloween is a big deal not only in the United States but many other countries around the world. Spanish-speaking countries, in particular, have plenty of reasons to celebrate because The Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos) starts on October 31st, the same day as Halloween, and ends a couple of days later on November 2nd. Dia de Muertos is primarily celebrated in Mexico but other Spanish-speaking countries have come to embrace it over the years, just like Halloween. With that in mind, we figured we should put together a list of Spanish Halloween songs that also fit Dia de Muertos and then later talk a bit about how you can download these songs from YouTube.

Part 1: Top 10 Spanish Halloween Songs

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico – Brujeria

Just as its name suggests, this one originates from Puerto Rico and is a fairly well-known Spanish Halloween song all over the world. If you’re hosting a party with lots of dancing you’ll definitely want Brujeria there.

El Diablo – Fobia

If you think Halloween is less about dancing and more about celebrating spooky things, you may want to try Fobia by El Diablo. This Spanish Halloween song has an old school classic rock vibe to it that’s guaranteed to give you the hibbie jibbies.

Shakira – She Wolf

Although the song is not in Spanish, it is performed by renowned Colombian artist Shakira so it definitely fits the bill. Also, the song is all about lycanthropy so it’s definitely a perfect Spanish Halloween song.

Calle 13 – Tango del Pecado

The lyrics of this song are quite scary and perfect for Dia de Muertos. Calle 13 try to balance the fear factor somewhat, however, by pairing Tango del Pecado with a fairly tame music video.

Son Jarocho – La Bruja

A Spanish Halloween song about a woman who charms men into doing her bidding perfect for the occasion. La Bruja was apparently inspired by an old legend that originated in Mexico.

Café Tacvba – La Muerte Chiquita

Next up, we have a trippy Spanish Halloween song that comes accompanied by an equally trippy music video. Make sure to prepare accordingly if you plan to watch the video because it gets pretty strange.

Ill Nino – How Can I Live

The rockers of Ill Nino have a unique style of combining Spanish and English lyrics that results in some pretty epic songs. A lot of their tracks are pretty dark but How Can I Live is a particularly good fit for Halloween. In fact, you might already know it as it was featured in the horror movie Freddy vs. Jason.

Pierkua – El Dia de Muertos

This Spanish Halloween song does a really great job at describing how these sorts of holidays were traditionally celebrated back in the old days.

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs – Calaveras y Diablitos

A very well-known ska/reggae Spanish Halloween song that’s absolutely perfect for a laid-back party where everybody just wants to chill and have a good time.

Mecano – No Es Serio Este Cementerio

Finally, we have an excellent Spanish Halloween song with beautiful vocals and a haunting melody. This song is perfect for slow dancing under the moonlight.

Part 2: How to Download Spanish Halloween Songs from YouTube

Now that you know more about Spanish Halloween songs you’ll probably interested in how to download them so you can create a great playlist for the upcoming holiday. As it happens, we know the perfect tool for that job and it’s called DVDFab YouTube to MP3. With this piece of software, you can download any song from YouTube and automatically convert it to MP3 format for easy listening on any device. Not only that but you can also download entire playlists complete with any available metadata for all the songs.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download DVDFab 10 from the official website and install it on your machine. Go to the Utilities section to find a tool labeled YouTube to MP3 and open it.


2. Now visit YouTube and type in the name of a Spanish Halloween song you like and want to download.


3. Copy the URL of that song and come back to YouTube to MP3 and hit the Paste URL button. You can do this for songs that are part of a playlist to download the whole thing.


4. The tool automatically starts downloading and converting the songs once you hit the Paste URL button so just wait for the software to finish processing the file/s and then navigate to the destination folder once the process is complete.



Spanish Halloween songs are just as varied as their English counterparts, perhaps even more so. There are many Spanish-speaking countries out there and each of them has a unique culture and traditions, which result in unique music. A gear playlist should ideally include songs from several of these countries but ultimately it’s up to you to decide what sort of music you want to listen to this Halloween. Once you’ve settled on a few good songs, make sure to download them using DVDFab YouTube to MP3 to ensure an ideal listening experience.