Most people are astonished when referring to celebrities as 'stars'. It's done so since at those heights, they inspire all of us. Our favorite stars shine brightly and achieve huge pedestals of success. That's why they have seen a certain way in society.

To see the stars or being more specific to admire and having faith in them indicates a pure notion that irrespective of how far they are from us while performing on the screens they are still very close to their fans. Refer to this article to know how to download the videos of your favorite stars like Vijay stars video download with only one simple video downloader.

They are recognized as 'stars' because of their vital part in the longstanding tendency of the Western culture for associating with the audiences and spreading a message through their films as well as videos. People get it because they are entertained through the dancing with the stars video download. Viewers find it very interesting to engage with it.

Here is the list of top five downloaders to download stars video to watch them offline


Name of the Downloader




StreamFab all in one

  • Set subtitles language as per your preference
  • Save latest releases in offline mode
  • Quality download in MP4 format

The StreamFab all in one -lifetime plan costs $259.99 only. It ensures lifetime latest updates of the software.


4K Video Downloaders

  • Easy to use interface
  • Smart Downloads
  • Customize your downloads

The subscription plan of the 4K Video Downloader is $65 only.


Freemake Video Downloader

  • Exporting files to Apple iTunes automatically
  • Speed Control
  • Facilitates download through a proxy connection

The lifetime membership of Freemake video downloader is $59.95 only.


aTube Catcher

  • MP3 Music downloader
  • Video and audio conversion
  • Quick conversions of files into DVDs, BluRays, or audio CDs.

aTube Catcher is free software. It doesn't charge a penny from the users.


Winx YouTube downloader

  • Cheap CPU expenses
  • Free download
  • Reliable quality engine

Offers a free version to the users. You don't have to pay any amount.

1. StreamFab All-in-One

stars video download:1. StreamFab All-in-One

StreamFab All-in-one is the most ideal decision to download the most recent releases of your stars video download. Exclusively made for those users who might rather not notice any sort of playback issue, unfortunate assets, traffic, and low video and sound during the screening of their star videos.

StreamFab all in one has won healthy appreciation and trust from users across the world. It's additionally because designers have made StreamFab all in one with a definitive objective that it would offer premium picture and sound quality to users with the decision to set captions language.


  • Download any sort of video from stages, for instance, Amazon, Disney Plus and Netflix, etc
  • Nature of downloaded accounts in 1080p close by EAC3 5.1 soundtrack
  • Keep downloaded etchings as SRT records or save them as an MP4 report
  • Changed downloading of really conveyed tunes at your coordinated time
  • Saves metadata as per the proportionality of the media server

Steps to download stars video with StreamFab all in one all

Step 1: Start with sending off StreamFab all in one

A twofold tap is expected to get the StreamFab all in one downloader and its fundamental connection point would be accessible to the users.

stars video download:1. StreamFab All-in-One

Step 2: Select a particular webpage to download your substance according to your decision

To download content, visit either the web-based highlights area or Explore the locale to pick a webpage first.

stars video download:1. StreamFab All-in-One

Step 3: Select to play the video you like

Research a site and a short period of time later select and play the video you really want

Step 4: Change the video settings as per your essentials prior to downloading

stars video download:1. StreamFab All-in-One

Select the captions and sound language and pick the number of seasons to download.

Step 5: Guarantee to start the downloading

The video would start getting downloaded after the affirmation.

2. 4K Video Downloader

stars video download:2. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is one of the highly used multi-platform software to download the video as well as audio from several common websites such as Metacafe, YouTube, Flickr, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. It is accessible on output formats like M4A, MP4, OGG Theora, and MKV.


  • User-friendly as well as safe downloader
  • Can be easily integrated with different services
  • Free software to convert your content
  • Safe download process


  • The free version of this software puts a limit on the number of channel downloads as well as the playlist.
  • This software is yet to be available on different mobile platforms. If in the future, it's accessible there it can add great value.

Steps to download:

Step 1: Launch this software. It's accessible on Android, macOS, Linux as well as Windows.

Step 2: Copy and paste the link to the 4K video that you are willing to download from YouTube.

Step 3: Choose the quality and format

Step 4: Click on the 'Download' button.

3. Freemake Video downloader

stars video download:3. Freemake Video downloader

Freemake Video Downloader facilitates easy downloading of YouTube videos free as it is in Flash FLV, MP4, 3GP, and WebM formats. You can have an offline copy of YouTube videos like vijay stars video downloaded through it. It also saves web files or videos to a Mac, Windows, or computer at once.


  • Supports hardware acceleration
  • Quite rich in presets
  • In-built DVD burner
  • Simple and instinctive


  • The free version is limited
  • Quite expensive

Steps to download:

Step 1: Begin with installing Freemake Video Downloader.

Step 2: After the download process, run the software. Make sure to turn on the single click download option.

Step 3: Copy and paste the URL of the video.

Step 4: Visit the video which you want to download for free and tap to copy its link.

Step 5: To start the downloading process automatically, confirm the 'Paste URL' button.

4. aTube catcher

stars video download:

Being a desktop application, aTube catcher supports downloading videos from many social media platforms and video-sharing websites. You can decide on the file format and adjust the video settings of the stars video download as per your convenience. Moreover, it is known for extracting audio from videos, screen recording, and burning content to the CD-ROM.


  • Batch processing
  • Equipped with video downloader and converter
  • Simple to use
  • DVD Burner


  • Slow download process
  • Time-consuming

Steps to download:

Step 1: Change your download folder. Press on the link there to save the videos.

Step 2: Change the file type of the output. Make changes to the output file regarding conversion.

Step 3: Get the URL of the YouTube Video. You are done.

5. Winx YouTube downloader

stars video download:5. Winx YouTube downloader

With the help of WinX YouTube Downloader, you can download a wide range of videos straightaway from YouTube. Further, it can be easily used to download many multimedia elements from dancing with the stars video download and any other web platforms like Yahoo, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.


  • Accessible
  • Simple Operation
  • Download every video in MP4 format
  • You can download multiple videos at once


  • Unable to extract audio in the MP3 format
  • The latest version is often bugged.

Steps to download:

Step 1: Open the software. Tap on the 'Add URL' option visible on the main UI.

Step 2: Cut, Copy and paste the link to the music/video which you require to download.

Step 3: Choose the suitable quality of format and output.

Step 4: Tap on to download selected videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is a 4K Video downloader safe and trustworthy?

A: The makers of 4K Video downloaders ensure that the software is free from malware, spyware, viruses and any kind of malicious code. This helps in the quick downloading of files eliminating the worry of your computer getting infected with malicious stuff.

Q2. Is Freemake free?

A: Even though it is said that it's free software. Recently it has switched to a premium model which means you won't be able to skip the ads while using the service and to remove that you would need a subscription. Users are also reporting against Freemake video converter lower conversion process results originating from the transcoding speed.

Q3. What does the 403 error code mean on aTube catcher?

A: Users encounter 403 error codes after accessing the aTube catcher page. They are unable to authorize the page while attempting to establish access to the restricted resources. Various underlying reasons prohibit the users from using the tools as well as resources. That's why you face the 403 error code.


In this world of digital content, installing and saving offline copies of your favorite video content has become a necessity. Everyone looks forward to downloading the movies, Tv shows as well as a series of their favorite stars. You should read this article to know the brief to stars video download.

Amongst the 5 mentioned software for dancing with the stars video download, StreamFab all in one is one of the best and top-class choices you can make. It ensures uninterrupted streaming services with no disruption of promotional ads etc.

The epitome of StreamFab all in one advantageous feature, and reliable services make it the best downloader to save and watch the content offline on your pastime.