Dear StreamFab users,

We have become aware that some users are experiencing "not working" issues with our StreamFab Video Downloader. We deeply acknowledge the inconvenience this may have caused and are sincerely apologetic for this. 

Our engineering department has been alerted and they are diligently working to identify and rectify these issues at the earliest possible. In order to help you mitigate some of the common problems during our resolution period, we have compiled a basic troubleshooting guide as follows, feel free to check:

streamfab not working: how to fix

General StreamFab Not Working Problems & How to Fix

Streaming video content has become a popular way of consuming entertainment, but it can also be frustrating when you encounter issues with streaming quality. Here are some general problems and how to fix them. 

If you did not find the answer in StreamFab FAQ page, this article may provide some help. 

💡NOTE: For how to use StreamFab, check: [Official Guide] How to Use StreamFab | 2024 Update

1. Why my StreamFab crashes on Mac M1?

Regarding the issue of the frequent crashes on the StreamFab software on your Mac M1 version that often require a restart and typically occur between two downloads, the solution is as follows:

It is recommended to fully uninstall the software, delete relevant files, restart your computer, then download and install the application again from the website. This complete removal and reinstall process resolved previous instances of download failing.

How do I identify if my Mac belongs to M1 or not?
Logs indicating “arm” information likely refer to the M1 chip. For example: 2022:12:25-01:25:33 Info: strcdm dir: "WidevineCdm/_platform_specific/mac_arm64

2. Mac shows space shortage

Here are some possible solutions if your Mac shows a space shortage:

A. Your issue might be due to the software not automatically cleaning temp files. A user reported resolving this issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the software while entirely clearing the related folders in the process.
B. If you're using NAS, you need to map the NAS path to your local system. Make sure to choose paths with drive letters as your storage path.
C. Avoid using cloud services like cloud drives as your path.
D. If your Mac only has one hard drive and it's full, changing the path won't work. The temp path will still be in the full disk.
E: Please check in your system to confirm that our software has permission to read and write in the disk directory.

3. No sound when playing the downloaded video

The problem may be related to the software you’re using for playback or its settings. As a general suggestion, try playing the video using VLC or PlayerFab.

Additionally, please make use of the free software called Mediainfo (link: to identify if there’s any audio-related info within the video.

4. How to fix StreamFab Error 314? (2023. Sept. Update)

Recently, StreamFab has received some feedback about the StreamFab 314 error code. After our tech team test, we've found that 314 error code seems to indicate trial user overuse errors. Perhaps you've reached the trial amount limit of StreamFab. If you use some StreamFab Crack Version, or other StreamFab-related products, like Y2Mate, the 314 error code might also appear. 

We suggest you register a new account to get the free trial. By doing so, StreamFab 314 error will be solved immediately. 

5. How to fix StreamFab Netflix 540P problem? (Jun. 2024 Update)

Many users noticed that StreamFab did not support downloading 720p/1080p Netflix videos for a while. In fact, most third-party downloaders encountered this issue. Netflix implemented new DRM encryption for its content protection.

Netflix videos can be downloaded in 1080P with Atmos/EAC 3 audios since version. Please update to the latest version, or click the button below to download the latest StreamFab directly.

streamfab netflix not working

6. How to fix StreamFab Error Code 306/307/308 (2024. Jan. Update)

Due to the DRM upgrade at 2024/01/25, when downloading the newly released videos from the streaming services with StreamFab, you may encounter some download failure problems (Error Code: 306/307/308). 

The developers are checking the problem, but we need a little time. 🙇‍♂️

7. Why are the resolutions of videos downloaded by StreamFab different?

Many users have questions about the quality of StreamFab downloads. Some videos StreamFab can download in 4k/1080p resolution, while some videos are only 702p/480p. In fact, StreamFab has reached the highest quality downloadable from streaming services. For some videos that cannot be downloaded in high resolution, there are two main reasons.

  • Videos are limited in the highest quality that can be played in the browser, which results in limited download quality.
  • High-quality videos are encrypted with Widevine L1, FairPlay or PlayReady.

How to Fix StreamFab Not Working for VIP Services

StreamFab Amazon not working and how to fix

If StreamFab not working when starting analysis on Amazon Video, it’s recommended to check the regional settings within your account’s interface to ensure it corresponds with the site for Amazon.

💡Beginning from version v6110, we have provided support to download bonuses from Amazon. If your version is outdated and failed to download amazon bonuses, try to upgrade the software.

As for the default language of Amazon audio, this is typically related to your settings. Please make sure you’ve selected the appropriate language in your account settings.

streamfab amazon not working and how to fix

streamfab amazon not working and how to fix

StreamFab Max not working and how to fix

HBO Max has been upgraded to Max now. In order to follow the streaming update, the 6128 version added Max while retaining HBO Max.

If there is any inability for non-US users to download HBOMax videos, check if the StreamFab is the 6127 version. If yes, please upgrade it to the 6128 version to fix this problem.

streamfab max not working and how to fix

StreamFab Peacock not working and how to fix

Recently, we found that StreamFab might note "Browser is not supported" for Peacock downloading. However, if your downloads proceed normally, you can safely ignore this alert. Our tech team is fixing this bug.

Please note that every case is unique, and these are generally helpful advice that may not necessarily resolve every issue present. We value your feedback and suggestions, it helps us enhance our service, making it more efficient and user-friendly. If the above solutions do not solve your StreamFab not working problems, never hesitate to contact us.

Other FAQs

How to make sure that the videos could be downloaded by StreamFab?

 I suggest you first check if the video can be played in the browser, as some videos can only be played within specific apps. Please try copying the video link and pasting it into the software’s browser. If the analysis and download process begins without difficulty, it should mean the video is supported.

If, however, you are unable to download the video, may we kindly request you to contact us so that we could collect the relevant information, which will be extremely helpful for our development team to troubleshoot and make improvements.

Whether or not the downloads will automatically resume the next day after reaching the limit of 100 for a particular service?

It depends on your settings. Please go to the ‘Settings’ of your device, and look under the ‘General’ section. At the bottom of this section, there should be an option that allows you to set a specific time for downloads to automatically start each day. If you have set this, your downloads will resume at your set time on the next day.

streamfab not working

Why I can log in Netflix website successfully but when I use StreamFab, it notifies me that the Netflix account password is incorrect?

I have encountered this issue in the past. You can resolve this by resetting your password through the browser and checking the ‘Sign out all devices’ option during the process. Once you have successfully done this, you should be able to log in to the StreamFab client.

Can I download 1080p disney+ videos with StreamFab? 

Yes! StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader allows you to effortlessly download parts of videos from Disney Plus in stunning 1080P resolution onto your laptop.

If you’re curious about the specific selection of Disney+ videos available in 1080p, feel free to check out this Reddit thread:D+ shows compatible with 1080p.

Can I use StreamFab with VPN?

Generally speaking, videos that can be played can be downloaded with StreamFab. If you encounter a video that cannot be played or downloaded on your region, you can use a VPN tool, such as NordVPN, and try again after connecting. For more information, you can check this post on DVDFab's forum: Streaming VPNs: Solution to Access Geo-Restricted Streaming Services.

Final words

We are so sorry for the inconvenience resulted by StreamFab not working issues. On the other hand, we also deeply appreciate the time and effort you've taken to share your concerns, and we assure you it's of pivotal importance to us.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We hope this guide will help you to solve not working issues swiftly to enhance your experience with StreamFab. Thank you again, and if your problem still exists or is not covered by this guide, never hesitate to contact us. We hope you could get the best video-downloading experience with StreamFab!

DVDFab Team offers multilingual support via E-mail, customers who write to us in English, German, and Japanese will get feedback within 48 hours, while others within 2 to 7 business days. (so sorry for the delay, we are hiring more staff now T.T)