Many people are of the opinion that Christian hip hop and rap must be a mere joke. Isn't all the Christian music weird worship or slow hymns music? Well, some people do love these hymns as well as worship songs; how can we forget the contemporary music (many people are not aware of this). However, people are fan of Christian rap songs too. It’s just incredible! And if you are one of them, you have landed on right place. Below are some of the top Christian rap songs.

1.     Forgive Me—D-Young (ft. Mahadi)


Forgive Me is one of the favorites of most of the people as per the observation. D-Young is very passionate regarding Christ and has given various hits apart from this amazing one.

2.     New Reality—Lecrae (ft. Chinua Hawk)

New Reality is among the top rap songs particularly for its lyrics—"But I love you even when your light's off in your dark shame...” How wonderfully it is depicted that in spite of our imperfections, Jesus sacrificed himself for us.

3.     Mission to Mars—Derek Minor (ft. PK)

Mission to Mars song is the best for its outstanding beat. It’s like you just cannot resist dancing after hearing this song! Well, the lyrics are also great.

4.     Robot—Trip Lee

First thing, beat of Robot song is fun like crazy. And second, the message given is more crazier than the beat! The song is about how we are a part of the robot-like system. We need to be different!

5.     Dear Mr. Christian—Derek Minor (ft. Dee-1 & Lecrae)


Dear Mr. Christian song is so far-reaching. How can people not love it? In simple words—compilation of various things people said to Minor, and believe me the experiences are just terrible—murder, molestation, losing parents, and so on. This song makes us look beyond our lives.

6.     Sweet Victory—Trip Lee (ft. Dimitri McDowell & Leah Smith)

Sweet Victory song explains no matter what, in the end, we have already won as Christians. We have won in Christ—and that is all what matters.

7.     One Sixteen—Trip Lee (ft. KB & Andy Mineo)

The all-time favorite line of One Sixteen the one by Andy Mineo—When you heard a story bout the hero dyin for the villain. Again, this song enlightens the importance of Jesus as he sacrificed himself for us.

8.     Uncomfortable—Andy Mineo

Uncomfortable is loved by everyone just because Andy Mineo is outstandingly honest in it. We can say every line is just so real and we can simply relate to the idea.

9.     Messengers—Lecrae (ft. For King and Country)


Messengers is listed on new album of Lecrae, that is, Anomaly. Even people who don’t like rap, enjoy this song.

10.    Sideways—KB

Sideways has some amazing beat and KB is loved by people as a rapper.

11.    Dum Dum—Tedashii (ft. Lecrae)

Dum Dum has some sick beat fellas. In addition, the song explains how Christians are considered as "dumb" by non-believers just because they think that we believe in some crazy stuff!

12.    Imma Just Do It—KB (ft. Bubba Watson)

Imma Just Do It is totally on marriage instead of anything else. If you dating someone for quite enough time, you need to move further.

13.    Zone Out—KB (ft. Chris Lee)

Honestly, I just know Zone Out chorus. But as far as lyrics is considered, it looks very cool. People love the song’s beat. If you want to jam to anything, this is it, go for it.

14.    You Can't Stop Me—Andy Mineo


You Can't Stop Me is about nothing can stop us from anyone from living for Christ.

15.    Like That Though—GS (ft. Bizzle)

Like That Though has some insanely awesome chorus. The verse is about how people should not merely judge Christianity in a negative way.

16.    I'm Turnt—Lecrae

I'm Turnt is about how one can party without drugs or alcohol. Well who says that Christians just cannot have fun! Here they are…

17.    Party People—Derek Minor (ft. Social Club)

Party People has lovely crazy beat! No doubt it is a party song.

18.    Insomniac—Trip Lee (ft. Andy Mineo)

Insomniac has some special place in everyone’s heart. Trip Lee and Andy Mineo have actually rocked this song. The song is focusing on one thing—live in the moment. We might die tomorrow, so it is just wrong to waste today. And this the reason they call themselves as insomniacs.

19.    100—KB (ft. Andy Mineo)


The song 100 is on giving the fullest of the life in everything you are doing. God needs each and every part of you.

20.    Man Up Anthem—116 Clique (ft. Lecrae, KB, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Derek Minor, Andy Mineo, & Sho Baraka)

Man Up Anthem song has all of the best Christian rappers in one song. And the best lines of the song are— it doesn’t matter how you started, partner, it's about how you end.

Well, here ends our top Christian rap songs list. Christian hip hop and rap has really become passion of many people. Hope you had your favorite in the list.

21. NF – Let You Down


This was by far one of the top Christian rap songs of 2017. NF is one of the most talented Christian rappers out there and is often compared to Eminem himself. The two rappers tend to sing about different topics a lot of the time but there’s no denying that both have a similar style of rapping. NF can also rap extremely fast, which is always a highly respectable talent among fans of rap music.

22. Lecrae – Can’t Stop Me Now

Lecrae is back with another entry on our list and this time he brings with him one of the top Christian rap songs of 2016, Can’t Stop Me Now. A few seconds into the track and you’ll quickly realize that this isn’t your usual run-of-the-mill rap song. In terms of its lyrics it’s actually very reminiscent of the older style of hip hop but the melody is very mellow and has a Jamaican vibe to it.

23. Zauntee – God Taught Me


Zauntee is fairly new to the scene but he already managed to deliver one of the top Christian rap songs of 2017 with God Taught Me. What’s even more impressive is that this was the young rapper’s very first music video, which amassed over 1 million views in just a few months after release. Needless to say, this is a very catchy song and a great entry point for anyone trying to understand what Christian rap is all about.

How to Download Christian Rap Songs from YouTube

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