Music is enjoyed globally, despite the genre and language it is delivered in. Just like ‘Despacito’ and ‘Mi Gente’ are foreign language songs to a whole bunch of their audience. Does it really matter if you understand the meaning at all? The number of views on these music videos and their popularity would tell you not at all.

Similarly, a large number of people have been a fan of some of the best-selling Mexican songs out there. If you don’t already know about them, here’s a list of the top 10 Mexican singers that the music world has produced to date. This list comprises of both female and male Mexican artists who have given the music industry some of the best-selling tracks and records.

1. Dulce Maria

Dulce belongs to the family of Frida Kahlo, the famous painter of all times. She has been singing from the tender age of 5. The first ever achievement of this Mexican female singer was in 2004 when she managed to secure a nomination for the Latin Grammy Award, as part of the famous group RBD. Her solo album ‘Extranjera’ surfaced in 2009 and debuted at number 1 on Mexico’s AMPROFON. Try to download her songs from YouTube by usingthe YouTube to MP3converter.

top mexican singer

2. Alfredo Olivas

This singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist has been referred to as ‘Alfredito,’ who has given the music industry over 100 songs, including a long list of singles. His 2015 album ‘El Privilegio’ features one of his best-selling songs, ‘Mi Porvenir,’ which charted on the Billboard Mexican Regional Music category.

top mexican singer

3. Denisse Guerrero

Among the top Mexican female singers, this one has remained a lead vocalist of the band Belanova. She, along with her band, has released 5 albums. Her band has also collaborated with other Mexican artists such as Aleks Syntek and another contemporary band called Moenia. She is one of the best Mexican artists, so you might want to check out her online series ‘Yo Tambien Soy Marilyn.’

top mexican singer

4. Camila Sodi

Here’s another Mexican singer, model, and actress who has managed to make it into the top Mexican female singers’ list. She began her career as a model and chose acting as her favorite profession. She has given the Mexican music industry various tracks, spanning genres such as Latin rock and indie pop.

top mexican singer

5. Remmy Valenzuela

Remmy began his singing career at the age of 13 when he produced both music and played the accordion. He has given the Mexican music industry romantic tracks such as ‘Te Toco Perder.’ In 2015, one of his best tracks, ‘Por Que Me Ilusionaste,’ was featured in the New York Times as one of the Best Songs of 2015. He has also been sent to jail for illegal possession of a firearm during the same year.

top mexican singer

6. Alfonso Herrera

Herrera became a singing sensation when he was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards as part of his pop group RBD. He is a singer, screen actor, and performer. He has given some of the best TV performances in Camaleones and Sense8. He was also cast for the TV adaptation of The Exorcist in 2016. You can usethisYouTube to MP3 tool to download hissongs from YouTube.

7. Virlan Garcia

Garcia has been a singer, composer, and guitarist producing tracks for the Mexican regional genre mostly. He has also composed some of the best-selling songs for other popular artists including Gerardo Ortiz. His debut single ‘Que Ya Estas Harta’ surfaced in the industry during 2015 and managed to secure an eminent position on various regional Mexican song charts.

8. Carlos Santana

Santanais aged 71 and has been a part of the Mexican music industry for a long time now. His songs were flourishing during the early 1970s when he became the first musician to produce a fusion of rock and Latin American jazz. He has managed to win a total of 10 Grammys and 3 Latin Grammy Awards. He has also been listed among the 100 greatest guitarists the music industry has ever seen.

9. Thalia

Another popular name from the top Mexican female singers list is that of the young and talented Thalia Sodi Miranda. She is undoubtedly one of the most influential Mexican artists worldwide. She has not only mastered the Mexican genres but also sang songs in languages such as English, Portuguese, Tagalog, French, and Spanish. She is also referred to as the ‘Queen of Latin Pop.’

10. Marco Antonio Solis

Here’s another legendary musician from the top 10 Mexican singers, named Marco Antonio Solis. His debut album came out in 1996, which kick-started his singing career. He has been given 5 Latin Grammys and 2 Lo Nuestro Awards and is part of the Billboard Latin Music Hall of Fame.

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