Tubi TV download provides video lovers an opportunity to enjoy preferred movies and TV programs for free, so more and more persons are choosing Tubi as their entertainment site. If your favorite movies especially those old videos can be found in Tubi, why not give up seeking them on Netflix with money? Now, follow me to explore how to download Tubi TV programs on PC and Android. With the help of a Tubi TV downloader, you can watch any Tubi videos offline.

Tubi TV Download

The best Tubi TV downloader you need is DVDFab Video Downloader. It is free and easy to use for both expert and beginner in video download. You can get it launched in your Windows, Mac or Android with just three clicks. Can you download from Tubi TV? Now, let me illustrate you the steps on Tubi TV download, with PC first and Android followed.

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No matter you choose Tubi TV download for PC or Tubi TV download for Android, the working mechanism is to keep your favorite video playing in a Tubi downloader first, choose the video resolution second and click the button of “Download” at last.

1. Tubi TV Download for PC

(1) Download and install DVDFab Video Downloader to your computer, either Windows or Mac.

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Tubi TV Download for PC

(2) After starting this free Tubi TV downloader, you have two ways to load your Tubi videos. First, you can click the option of “Paste URL” on the left and copy the URL to the box in the middle. If you have multiple Tubi TV programs to download, DVDFab Video Downloader supports batch download and Tubi playlist download. Just input the video URLs line by line to the box.

(3) Set the “Format” as “Video” and choose your wanted video quality. There are 8K UHD - 4320p, 4K UHD - 2160p, Full HD - 1080p, HD - 720p, SD - 480p, 360p, 240p and 144p provided.

Tubi TV App Download

(4) Click the button of “Download” and follow the “Downloading” option to enable the function of “Turbo-Speed”download. Then Tubi TV download will be completed at a speed ten times faster than the normal speed.

Tubi TV Download Android

(5) Usually, downloaded Tubi TV videos will be saved in the option by default. You can check the output directory by clicking the option of “Three Horizontal Lines” and “Settings”. If you do not want this folder to save your file, just set a new one under the option of “Video Directory”. Besides, you can set a constant video resolution for your videos here. After that, there is no need to choose video resolution every time since this Tubi TV downloader will remember your choice. DVDFab Video Downloader is available in 29 languages, choose your mother tongue on the same panel and make the words readable and gentle.

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Tubi TV App Download Free

2. Tubi TV Download for Android

Mobile phones have become increasingly necessary in our life, so there are many people who tend to watch videos on their Android or iPhone. Although DVDFab Video Downloader is not compatible with iPhone till now, you can use Mac for Tubi TV download and transfer the files to your iPhone. While for those who want to download Tubi TV on Android, things are much easier.
(1) Download and install DVDFab Video Downloader to your Android. This full HD movies downloader is very easy to be launched.

Tubi TV App Download

(2) When you come to the main interface of DVDFab Video Downloader on Android, click the button of “Search” in the upper-right corner. Search the name of your favorite Tubi TV programs. Alternatively, click the supported websites by this Tubi TV downloader and enter the Tubi platform to keep your Tubi video playing. DVDFabVideo Downloader allows you to download videos from more than 1000 websites, including but not limited to Tubi.

Tubi TV Download


(3) Prepare for Tubi TV download. While your Tubi video is playing on Android, you will see a series of options pop up on the main interface. At that moment, click the button of “Download” and choose “Video” and preferred video resolution.

Tubi TV Download for PC

   Download Now  

(4) After this Tubi Video downloader finishes downloading your task, click the icon of Arrow at the bottom to locate your Tubi TV program.
Have you grasped the skills at how to download Tubi TV on Android? It is very easy and convenient to watch Tubi TV programs if you get this method. So just download and install this Tubi TV downloader to your mobile phone.

3. Tubi vs. Hulu/Netflix

Apart from Tubi TV download, where can you watch Tubi offline? There is a belief that Hulu and Netflix are often visited. Yes, you can also download movies from Hulu and Netflix with DVDFab Video Downloader. But among Tubi, Hulu and Netflix, which one is better? Let me give a basic introduction of each of them.

(1) Tubi

Tubi offers free movie and TV streaming service with ads. But the ads will not last too long and usually it is usually 15-30 seconds. For most video lovers, one of the biggest reason to choose Tubi TV download is due to its free service and it has the old movies other websites. There is neither credit card nor subscription fee is needed. Till now, Tubi TV has included movies from Korea, Japan and some other regions in the world and it updates weekly, which gives audience a variety of choices. Now, there are some programs on Tubi TV.

  • Recently Added: Echo, Swing, Militant Eagle, Murder Gardens, The VelociPastor ...
  • Family Moives: Millionaire Dog, Bunyan & Babe, Little Lizard and Tiny Turtle Learn to Race Drones, The Wiggles, Super Detention, Joseph: Belove ...
  • Faith: God’s Compose, Noah’s Ark, 7 Signs of Grateful Heart by Chris Tiegreen, Overcome, Until Forver, Belle And The Beast, Born to Race, Call Me King ...
  • Action: Earchtastrophe, Fist of Gury, Big Jake, Cantone Iron Kung Fu ...
  • Comedy: Love for Sale, How to Plan an Event, Noe Regrets, Before They Were Famous, Chicken Girls, Convoy ...
  • Most Popular: Sectrets, Rio Lobo, Earthfall, Don’t Look, A Turtle’s Tale: Summy’s Adventures, 2020: Fallen Earth, Bonehill Road, Zulu ...

You can watch any Tubi TV from Cowboy to Spaced, Battle Royale, Naruto, Yu-gi-ho, The Big Short, The Conjuring, Blood Diamond, Total Recall, Revolutionary Road and any other popular films stared by Hollywood actors.

Download Tubi TV

(2) Hulu and Netflix

Hulu supports live, old movies, TV shows as well as part original programs. It is pretty convenient for Cable watchers, the same shows on which will be offered just a day later. But it is still paid at most time. Netflix is famous in the United States. It is full of current movies and original programs but it needs subscription fee of $14 per month on average.

Tubi TV Download

4. Conclusion

All in all, it is easy to see the advantages of Tubi over Hulu and Netflix. Can you download from Tubi TV? Yes. Just use DVDFab Video Downloader in Tubi TV download for PC and Android? This free software enables you to watch any Tubi movies offline. Also, it is useful to download videos from 1000+ websites like Crunchyroll download.

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