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How to Download/Convert URL to MP4


   Posted by Amanda

2019-11-26 23:17:23


Summary: Do you want to download or convert URL to MP4? Here are tools and methods for you to convert URL to MP4 easily and quickly.

The Most Complete DVD/Blu-ray/4K UHD/Video Solutions

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If you want to convert any video’s URL to MP4, this can be easily done with the help of available video downloader or converter. This is questioned by many YouTube enthusiasts when they want to convert online videos and to MP4 which can then be viewed on any given device even without internet. Likewise, there are several converters or downloader to convert URL to MP4along with the specific laid down steps of conversion. The abbreviation form URL signifies the web address of a specific web page, file, video or resources online. It can be noticed that while watching the video in the YouTube the link shown in the browsers address bar is the URL of the video.

You need a URL to MP4 converter for the desire to put YouTube videos onto any other portable device. Once the videos are loaded onto the portable device, you can easily view them even without any access to the internet. The different video formats to which the video URLs can be converted are MP4, AVI, MKV, and 3GP. Most users rely on the MP4 format for its compatibility with almost every kind of gadgets and players.




Converters for Downloading/Converting URL to MP4 (With How-To Guide)

In this article, we would discuss such converters from URL to MP4 and the ways to download MP4 from the URL of the video links.


1.    DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader

The first to make our list is the famous and renowned DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader, which is a free YouTube downloader and converter to MP4 formats that benefit the user indirectly downloading videos from YouTube. By using the DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader, you can easily download multiple videos from YouTube in many formats like MOV, MP4, and AVI, etc. Not only that but you can also convert the already downloaded video to MP4 and even choose the resolution you want. It provides a blazing fast download that allows users to download multiple videos in high-quality.

The steps involved in the installation and exsiccation of the DVDFab video downloader are laid down below.

How to Convert URL to MP4 using DVDFab Video Downloader?

·         Firstly, you will have to download the video downloader by clicking on the download option as provided on the page of DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader.

·         After the completion of the download, a dialog box appears with two options of quick installation and custom installation.

·         You can choose the other one. But, here we prefer installation done on selecting “Quick Installation.”

·         After completion of installation, the software will automatically start.

·         When DVDFab opens, on the home screen, a dialog box appears at which the try button is present click on it to start the 30 days free trial.

·         After that, on the default home page of DVDFab, you will see an option for Utility tools. Click on it.

·         Then scroll down, and you will see the youtube video downloader. Click on it, and it will automatically install that feature.

·         When the download is complete, a whole new window will open with opened as default. Through this, you can search or click on any video to download it on your device.

·         You can also copy the URL of that video and paste it in the insert link section of DVDFab.

·         After which you have to choose the desired resolution for the video.

·         Then you can click on the download button, and the video will be downloaded from URL to MP4.

·         When the download is complete, you can also add it to the “To Converter” option if you want to convert your downloaded video to any desired format. Or the “To Creator: option if you want to convert it to into a DVD or Blu-ray.


2.    YouTubeConverter

YouTube Converter is a popularvideo converter that converts the most liked YouTube videos to different formats like MP4, MOV, MPG, FLV, MKV, MP3, AAC, etc. While conversion, it maintains the excellent video quality and high downloading speed. For this, it does not require the installation of any software, and it provides unlimited downloads and free conversions.  It is fully compatible with almost all the recent and advanced browsers. It also supports all the online video portals and needs no registration. Following are the steps to convert the video URLs to MP4 formats.

How to Use the Software?

The steps of installation are almost the same, and you can directly download the software from its website. Then after installation just follow the simple steps below

·         The selected URL or the video link should be entered in the converter.

·         The format to which is to be converted is selected.

·         After feeding all the necessary details into the converter, the start button is clicked to begin the conversion process.

·         The download link for the converted file would be provided on successful completion of the conversion.


3.    Apowersoft Free Online Video Downloader

Apowersoft video downloader is a very user-friendly and most accessible online application for the users. A technology novice can also convert the Video URLs to MP4 formats very quickly. Thus the operation goes straight forward with this online video downloader. It is a free application software for unlimited downloads and free conversions. The steps to convert the desired video URLs to MP4 formats are laid down as follows:

Steps to Download Videos from URL to MP4:

·         The URL of the video desired to convert is copied and pasted into the appropriate of the online video downloader site.

·         Then on clicking the download button, the format options will be shown, and one needs to the right click on the format of own choice (i.e., MP4 format).

·         Then ‘Save link as’ button is clicked to choose the desired location for saving the video.

·         Finally,the download is completed in MP4 format by clicking on the “Save” button.


4.    Video Download Capture

It is very user-friendly software and efficient in its functionality which is capable of converting all kind of video URLs to MP4 files. For this, the encoded flash file can be obtained and converted to MP4 videos. These video downloaders offer three options to convert the video URL. It depends on the user to choose the best way out of the available options. The methods for downloading the online video are as follows.

How to Download Videos using Video Download Capture?

·         Auto Download Option:

The online video is played, and the URL is auto-detected through a program in which the video is added to the downloaded list automatically. This is considered to be the best way for the conversion of YouTube URL to MP4 or Videos on popular sites through their URLs.

·         Advanced Video Recorder:

The second way for downloading the encoded videos is by utilizing “advanced video recorder.”  In this process, the user needs to attribute the URL manually to the address bar of the browser, after which the videos get loaded and converted to MP4 formats.

·         Special Screen Recorder:

The 3rd option goes the way like considering the benefit of screen recorder feature; a video is opened, an area is set for recording it, and then the hotkeys are used to start, paused and stopped the recording. It has proved to be a beneficial solution in saving lifestream.  Through the video download capture, it is possible to convert ULS to bulk, and it provides a more suitable way to convert video URLs to MP4.  To execute it “Add Batch URLs” is selected on which a blank window it pops up that all the URLs of the desire videos are added.  The URLs get converted to MP4 videos by clicking the “Add to download” button.


5.    Any MP4 Video Converter Ultimate

Through this ultimate video converter, any YouTube video can be downloaded immediately and converted to MP4. The converted MP4 videos can be played on any portable devices including every advance version of the iPhone through this video converter. Apart from converting videos, it has additional features of customizing videos very quickly with the help of editing filters present in it. While conversion it maintains the high quality of MP4 format with the help of this video converter DVD and other video formats can be converted directly on Windows and Mac computers. The steps involved in exsiccation of the AnyMP4 video converter are laid down below.

Convert URL to MP4 in a few easy Steps:

·         After downloading and installing the software. Open it.

·         Then all you have to do is paste the URL of the video you want to download on the “Add URL window.”

·         The list of video information is displayed by clicking the “Analyze” button.

·         The YouTube video links start to download on clicking the ok button and on selecting the MP4 format the file is saved to the desired destination to the converted MP4 files.

·         You can also use editing options after downloading the video for better resolutions. This way the URL can also be converted to other formats by clicking on the “Convert” button.



The above mentioned all the URL to MP4 converters are incredibly efficient in the work they provide be it there features and respective exsiccation in converting the online streaming videos to MP4 formats or the consistently high quality they offer. The Online Video Converter is a smart and flexible option for the users who do not need to convert URL to MP4 frequently. The software benefits not only in the batch conversionof MP4 files but also in advanced features.

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Featuring the most advanced audio & video conversion technologies, DVDFab Video Converter allows you to convert audio & video files of all sorts from one format to another, for playback on desktops, laptops, notebooks, and portable & mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, PDAs, game consoles, even car infotainment systems as well.

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