Video compressor is a great app that helps introduce the size of the clips. It is used for encoding digital content. This is a perfect tool that supports a lot of popular video file formats such as FLV, MOV, MP4, and many more. Many of these enable the user for sharing any kind of digital content easily on social media sites. Today we are covering some best video compressor app options to suit your needs perfectly.

Top 8 Video Compressor App

Following are the top 8 Video compressor app options:

DVDFab Video Converter

best video compressor app dvdfab video converter

If you are looking for the best video compressor app then nothing can beat the DVDFab video converter which provides amazingly seamless conversion of audio or video for more than 1000 formats. You can also select the audio and video parameters as per your preference for customizing them or add in any subtitles along with special effects. The application also allows for background music to make your videos more interesting.


  • Help easy conversion of video or audio between more than a thousand formats.
  • There are a lot of video and audio parameters that can be customized as per your preference.
  • You can add any subtitles or titles along with special effects and background music for videos.
  • You can do adjustment of brightness saturation and contrast for enhancement of video quality.
  • You can easily crop any unwanted portion while rotating the video and Trimming the clips.

Price: $29.99


  • 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Helps attach any custom image for decoration of your brand or video.
  • Allows for the conclusion of the video with an outro featuring closing credits along with the cast and crew.


  • No cons were available.

Steps to convert video using DVDFab Video Converter

By following the given steps you will be able to convert any video using DVDFab video converter:

Step 1: Launch the software and load the source.

best video compressor app dvdfab video converter

Double click on the icon of the software and off for the converter module which is present in the options bar as soon as the software starts running. Now you have to drag and drop the source video into the main user interface for loading or you can alternatively navigate it through the add buttons.

Step 2: Choose any one profile and customize your audio or video output.

best video compressor app dvdfab video converter

Now you have to click on the choose other profile which is present in the drop-down menu and you will be able to see the format and device options present in the profile library. Herein you can or any device as per your preference. Additionally, you can also set audio and video parameters from the advanced settings and deeply customize the video for output with the use of a built-in video editor. After this, you need to move to the same button and click on the folder icon where you will be able to select the output directory. Through this, you will be able to share the video directly onto your YouTube channel.

Step 3: Start the conversion of video.

best video compressor app dvdfab video converter

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Now you need to click on the start button for starting the conversion process for video. DVDFab Video Converter is free and fast software that helps in the immediate conversion of video to the target profile by the user. You will be able to see the detailed progress details as soon as the process of conversion starts. Alternatively, you can also cancel this task any time if you do not wish to continue the process or you can set your PC for an automatic shutdown, exit of program, or hibernation. You can also choose to do nothing till the task is getting completed.


video compressor app movavi

If you are looking for a great video compressor app then Movavi helps you with amazing effects for blur in, zoom in, crossfade, etc. in transitions. This software comes with amazing editing capabilities which also include a variety of titles and stickers for your videos. It is amazingly easy to use even for beginners and there is a variety of video output to assist the user.


  • It enables the user to easily change the video format which is recognized by TV, tablet devices, or smartphones.
  • It is supported on both Mac and Windows platforms.
  • It lends its support to different formats of media which includes AVI, MOV, and many more.
  • Allows easy rotation and insertion of the watermark in a video.
  • There is an instant recognition system in the software for seamless working.

Price: Free Trial



  • Supported MAC and Windows devices.
  • Easy drag and drop for files.
  • Easy compression without any loss in quality.


  • Does not support H.265 files.


video compressor app videoproc

If you are looking for the best video compressor app that works without losing quality then Videoproc will not disappoint you with its amazing features. You can easily convert, resize, split or merge along with a lot of functions for your audios and videos. It also assists in stabilizing any shaky footage and removal of noise while fixing the fish eye in any video.


  • After the conversion of video, it can be downloaded to MP3 and MP4 format.
  • The user can easily record and compress even the live video streams.
  • Lends support to more than a thousand sites for video.
  • Helps in merging multiple video files of different formats of MKV, MP4, etc.
  • Assists in this disabling, enabling, or extraction of subtitles along with adding external subtitle files.

Price: 7 days Free trial.



  • Stabilizes shaky footage.
  • Helps in recording desktop.
  • Comes with a GPU acceleration.


  • Not available for Linux.


video compressor app vidcompact

If you are looking for a decent video compressor app for Android then VidCompact will not disappoint you with its amazing features. Not only does it offer compression but also conversion and trimming for videos. It helps in compressing any kind of video without paying much attention to its size and saves it on your Android device. This free video compressor app also assists in editing, rotating, stabilizing along with the conversion of audio frequency and many more features. See also: Use these tools as the best file compressor mp4.


  • Many tools help in trimming, editing, stabilizing, and rotation of any audio frequency.
  • It helps in the compression of any video regardless of its size.
  • It lets the user save the video to their Android device.
  • It is a free and fast video compressor app for Android.
  • It supports many kinds of formats such as MKV, MOV, etc.

Price: Free


  • Available for free.
  • Supports a variety of formats like MOV, MKV, etc.
  • There are many tools available for trimming, editing, and renaming videos.


  • There are a lot of ads.

Leawo Video Converter Ultimate

one of the best video compressor apps leawo video converter ultimate

If you are looking for a great B that also assists in preparing DVDs then Leawo video converter ultimate will leave you awe-struck with its features. Along with the conversion of many video and audio, it also helps in the creation of own DVDs or ISO image files which can be made from normal video file formats from a variety of sources of videos.


  • Easily creates 3D movies from 2D videos or DVDs in 3D effects of 6 types.
  • Assists downloading of videos from YouTube, Facebook alongwith more than 1000 other websites.
  • Helps to burn videos to DVD folder or image files in ISO format.
  • Allows for easy backup of DVDs to blank disc or computer without any loss in quality.
  • Helps in easy conversion of video along with DVD to any audio and video in more than 180 formats.

Price: $69.95


  • Converts almost all kinds of audio and video formats.
  • Helps in creating and burning DVDs easily.
  • Many effects can be used for enhancing videos.


  • The speed of conversion becomes slow at times.

Gilisoft Video Converter

video compressor app gilisoft video converter

If you are looking for a comprehensive video compressor app then Gilisoft video converter will not disappoint you with its collection of tools for video editing and conversion purposes. It also supports the Import of all kinds of video files and can produce clips in a variety of formats.


  • The facility of adding subtitles to videos.
  • It is compatible with more than 160 formats of videos.
  • Enables easy merging, cutting, or rotation of files.
  • The user can convert SWF files either to audio or video format.
  • Enables the user to add special effects to the video.

Price: Free Trial Version

Full Version at $39.95


  • Supports a variety of devices as the iPhone, Apple TV, Xbox 360, etc.
  • GPU acceleration transcoding makes it work faster.
  • A comprehensive application that provides 4K conversion as well.


  • No transcoding is available for batch files.

Video Compress

video compressor app video compress

If you are looking for the best video compressor app for Android then Video Compress is done the right thing for you. There are high normal and low modes available for adjustment of video quality in compression. It also provides an option for audio conversion along with the ability to share HD quality videos and songs on social media websites. It can be operated easily from any Android smartphone. For more detail, you can check the post how to compress a video as you wish.


  • Easy compression of videos on Android devices.
  • Easy resizing of one or more than one video.
  • Availability of many output formats.
  • 4K videos, full resolution or even HD resolution can be converted into comfortable formats.
  • The paid application helps in removing ads as well.

Price: Free but also offers in-app purchases.


  • Variety of tools for compression and rotation of audios and videos.
  • Sharing of videos directly on social media websites without loss of quality.
  • Amazingly easy to use interface.


  • Sometimes it becomes tough to delete files within the application.

Final Cut Pro X

video compressor app final cut pro x

Final Cut Pro X is a great video editing tool available for Mac that can be used by professionals as it is advanced software that lends support to a variety of formats. Along with high-quality video compressions like 360-degree videos and 4K quality the users can easily personalize the available settings for output and work on different formats for encoding.


  • It helps in reducing the size of clips even for Apple devices.
  • Helps in security compressing the clips without reducing their quality.
  • Supports a wide variety of output.
  • Enables exporting of videos in HEVC format.
  • Amazingly easy to use.

Price: Free Trial



  • Assist in exporting 360-degree video which can be utilized for Facebook and YouTube.
  • Creation of MXF files including a wide collection of Codecs.
  • there are a variety of formats supported with this software.


  • Available only for Apple devices.


DVDFab Video Converter is the best video compressor app that works without losing video quality.

Movavi is the best video compressor app for Android that works without losing video quality.

DVDFab Video Converter, Final Cut Pro X are some of the best video compressor apps for iPhone.


There are a variety of video compressor apps available on the internet and a majority of boast about their unique features along with amazing compression capabilities. However, the best video compressor app is the one that helps in in easy compression of video in a variety of formats without losing its quality. This is the reason we prepared a perfect list of 8 such video compressor applications for your use. We hope you will be able to find a suitable match for yourself among these.