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Top 10 Best Video Editing Websites for Video Editing Online


   Posted by Amanda

2019-03-19 02:29:04


Summary: Do you want to edit videos online? Here are top 10 best video editing websites that allow you to edit videos without downloading any software on your PC.

The Most Complete DVD/Blu-ray/4K UHD/Video Solutions

DVDFab 11 offers the world's best services related to DVD/Blu-ray/4K UHD/Video. It can copy, convert, or create DVDs/Blu-rays/UHDs and remove their cinavia protection if they are protected. Their original qualities can be preserved or even enhanced under the help of an AI-powered enlarger tool of DVDFab 11. Additionally, DVDFab 11 allows you to change video formats and as well as remove DRM protection.

Video editing is something that is in the trend nowadays because the demand for videos is more than text-based information. Thus, more guys are creating videos, and thus, video editing is being done to make videos more professional as well.

There are a lot of video editing softwaretools for Windows and Mac which you have to download and install on your computer system to make use of them. But, there are plenty of video editing websites as well which provide online video editing feature with the help of that without downloading any software on your PC you can edit your videos.


Part 1: An Advanced Video Converter and Editor

If you want advance video editing, DVDFab Video Converter is the best tool to convert and edit the videos using advanced options. It is a module of DVDFab which allows you to convert any video from one format to another, and additionally, you can edit those videos as well using various editing options.

Features of DVDFab Video Converter:

·         Convert videos from a wide range of formatsto anothervideo or audio format.

·         Convert videos to videos that are preprogrammed for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony and more.

·         There is no degradationin the video quality after conversion.

·         Various editing and customizing features are available.

·         Easy to use. No technical knowledge required.

·         Import videos from and output videos to mobile devices directly.

·         Fast conversion speed.

When it comes to editing features, you can change color, brightness, contrast of the video. You can also crop, trim, and rotate the video as per your requirements. Subtitles can be added to the videos using this tool as well.

DVDFab Video Converter is an advanced video converter and editor tool.


Part 2: 10 Best Video Editing Websites

Below are 10 Best Video Editing Websites for Video Editing online


1.       Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online is an awesome video editing websites which you can use to edit videos online without installing any software on your computer.You can add images, videos, audios to this tool by uploading them and combine by dropping them on to the timeline to make a project. Various filters are available that lets you give the video different look.

It is a free tool, but since it earns from ads, you will have to disable any ad blocker plugin you have on your computer in order to use this tool.



2.       PowToon

PowToon is one of the best free video editing websites which offers to create and editing videos. This tool suits the best to create explanatory videos. It is a very simple tool and offers various drawings that you can use to create explanatory videos. The Free version offers you creating 45 seconds video.


3.       ClipChamp

Clipchamp is another nice video editing website which offers both free and paid plans. The free version lacks some advanced features. ClipChamp offers various modules such as video editor, compressor, converter and webcam recorder.

To use the video editor module, you have to signup first. Then, you can import the video from your PC, and start editing using the features liketrimming, cutting, splitting, flipping, cropping, filters and transitions and more.


4.       Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a video editing website and said to be the jack of all trades as it offers to make flyers, greeting cards, Instagram posts, and videos as well. It has two options for videos; either you start with Adobe Spark’s template or start from scratch. You can upload images, audio/video clips to make an awesome video. This tool is best suited to creating videos for social media. Videos created by this tool have a small Adobe Spark watermark.


5.       Kizoa

Kizoa is another video editing website for editing videos. Again, this tool is great for creating videos to share on social media sites.

You can trim and rotate the videos. Adding several video clips, and combining them to make good videos can be done as well.  The one downside is when you use the free versions of it, the videos will have watermarks.



6.       Online Video Cutter

Don’t go up to the name only because this tool doesn’t not only for cutting the videos, but it is much more than that. It offers you upload 500 GB clips or even if they are stored on Google drive or similar cloud server, you can edit them. Features offered by this toolinclude cutting, trimming, rotating and more.

Once you are done with the editing, you can choose the desired format, and download on your PC.


7.       Video Toolbox

Video Toolbox is another great free video editing website that offers various editing features to edit videos online. In just a few clicks, you can trim, merge, add watermark to your videos using this tool. This tool allows you to extract audios, videos, and subtitles from a multimedia file. You can also record webcam. This tool has all the basic and some advanced editing options that make it one of the best video editing websites for video editing online.


8.       WeVideo

WeVideo is one of the finest online video editing websites out there as it offers simple interface but offer advanced features. You can control the motion effect, transitions between scenes, and even the green screen.

Still,Photo Animation, Clip Transformation, Voiceover are few of its great features. You can keep your videos on the cloud, and edit using WeVideo, and then either download on your PC or keep them on the cloud. The free version has some limitations such as it offers 1GB cloud space to upload videos with 480P resolution.


9.       Magisto

Magisto is another online video editing tool which offers few features to edit your video clips. Not a professional editor but it is a good one to do certain tasks such as adding title and soundtrack to the video.


10.   Loopster

Loopster is a very easy to use free video editing website for video editing online. Its interactive tools allow you to edit your videos easily. Even if you are a first timer, you can use it effectively.



Editing video is fun only if you have the right tool with you. If you don’t have a good tool with you, it will not be a fun. So, from this list of the best video editing websites, choose the one that suits your requirement, and enjoy editing videos online.

These are top online video editors, but if you also want to find online tools to convert videos, you can check top online video to MP4 converters.

Convert any audio & video files from one format to another

Featuring the most advanced audio & video conversion technologies, DVDFab Video Converter allows you to convert audio & video files of all sorts from one format to another, for playback on desktops, laptops, notebooks, and portable & mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, PDAs, game consoles, even car infotainment systems as well.

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