Those were the days when we were obsessed with the characters of the cartoon shows and related them with our daily activities. Over time, we grew up, but we can feel those characters' influence inside. Thanks to the websites that allow us to watch cartoons online free websites and let our days back for a few hours. With their contribution, you can watch old cartoons online free from anywhere on this planet. Shows are like old cartoons never be old despite how old we grew; we still enjoy every move Jerry takes off Tom harassing to any extent, or Shinchan made his teacher blush in front of the class. 

What to watch cartoons online free sites?

Your weekend can turn into a down the memory lane if you plan to watch cartoons online free. Various free websites offer watch cartoons free online, and you can access the shows you want. To add the excitement, let us tell you that you can access the old cartoons of the 90s, famous shows episode-wise, or sometimes all the episodes come in a bundle to give you a bundle of joy.

How to watch cartoons online for free?

Over a long time, the old cartoons were our source of happiness. We leave no stone unturned to watch them in the present time, and fun to watch their activities on the screen. In earlier days, the cable connection was the medium, but now, access has become easier with the advancement of broadcast technology.

But, geo-restrictions can spoil the easy access to watch cartoons free websites. Sometimes, a few of the show's content gets locked for specific regions. But that does not box you to watch cartoons online free. Here we club two ways to watch free cartoons online.

1. Streaming option with Playerfab

Take the help of software like DVDFab Playerfab All-in-One and access the geo-restricted shows without any interruption. The software supports various streaming options in any format that your device and storage support. You can avail of the standard 1080p resolution video quality and extend upto 4k Ultra high definition mode. With PlayerFab, the scream of Scrappy-Do would prominent be audible with EAC3 5.1 audio track, and you will mesmerize those days with brutal laughter.

watch cartoons online free using playerfab all in one

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Why should you pick Playerfab?

Because it offers:

  • Streaming option of the old cartoons you want to play
  • Supports high definition resolution and standard EAC3 5.1 audio quality
  • Skip the ads during play saves you from annoying
  • You can adjust the playback speed of the cartoon show or any other show you want to watch
  • It supports 3D content
  • Its local music library managing option lets you arrange and organize the cartoon theme songs
  • Optimize the screen and enjoy your favorite cartoons with your kids

Download the software to your device and enjoy all your favorite cartoons from the 90s. To avail of the service, you need to pay $169.99, but if you are an existing user of DVDFab, you only pay $69.

2. VPN option

VPN is another option to bypass the geo-restrictions and access the show. You can avail of the VPN service after activating them by purchasing the license. VPN will re-direct you to reach the content by changing your IP address. By changing the location settings, you can access the locked content.

Note: Before going for the VPN option, ask your internet service provider whether they support VPN activation on your location or not.

With PlayerFab software or VPN, now you can watch cartoons online free websites and unlock the stress-reliever shows. Based on standard shows they are broadcasting with impeccable features, we have selected the ten best websites to watch free cartoons online. Let's count the catalog of the best cartoons websites and revisit the laughter days.

10 best websites to watch old cartoons online free


watch cartoons online free on toonjet

A Christmas Carol to Looneytoons, a bunch of 50s and 60s old cartoons are available on Toonjet. Disney's iconic figures Mickey Mouse to Popeye the sailor, numbers of old cartoons entertain you with their adventurous journey and storytelling. Carol stories, classic stories, and many more movies are included in its library. There is a forum facility available on Toonjet. You can access all the shows for free that Toonjet gathers from various sources on the internet.


  • Well maintained blog for cartoons
  • Built-in Google search option
  • A new cartoon show update option is available
  • Community forum to accommodate all the cartoon lovers around the world

Genre: Old Classics

Price: Free


watch cartoons online free on watchcartoononline

WatchCartoonOnline floats with classic cartoons and anime series. Visit the site if you want to watch cartoons online free anime websites. The massive library contains pure laughter cartoon shows and mature anime series. Dubbed and subbed anime series are available here to enrich your entertainment trail. The site released anime series with English subtitles as soon as Japan broadcasts.


  • Simple and interesting interface
  • Built-in search bar option to find out what you want
  • Dubbed and subbed version also available for non-Japanese speakers
  • The recent release display option is available on the Home page

Genre: Primary focused on Anime. Drama, action, Fantasy shows are also available.

Price: Free


watch cartoons online free websites youtube

There's no discrimination or classification on YouTube but only diversification of huge cartoons gallery. The largest online video platform offers all the varieties from different regions, studios, and industries shows comprehend presentation. It starts with toddler cartoons to grown-up kids' movies; it provides an excellent animation platform to watch anytime.


  • The search bar helps to find out what you want
  • You can watch with subtitles
  • Adjustable video quality
  • The vast library covers various genres

Genre: All Genres

Price: Free


watch cartoons online free websites cartoonson

Are you looking for a blend of cartoons with old and new classics? Your search may end with CartoonsOn. Its simple interface smoothens the navigation process to find out what you are looking for easily. The massive library contains Disney cartoons, anime shows, and various kids' movies full of adventure and fun. Sit with your little one and enjoy yourself together!


  • Straightforward user interface
  • Built-in search bar
  • HD videos are available
  • You can select multiple sources to play video

Genre: Mixed Genres include action, drama, fantasy, comedy, etc

Price: Free

Cartoon Network HQ

watch cartoons online free websites cartoon network hq

If you're a fan of Power puff girls, or Ben10, Cartoon Network HQ is the right place for you. It offers a gallery full of old cartoon network shows that you can watch today. The only drawback is you cannot watch the full episode of the show; clips are screening for the watchers. On the other hand, it offers a comprehensive list of online games to engage you with the characters.


  • You can access it from desktop and mobile
  • Simple interface with search bar option
  • A good collection of online games
  • Shows are available in short video clips

Genre: kid-friendly shows

Price: Free

Super Cartoons

watch cartoons online free websites anime super cartoons

Super Cartoons remind us of Pink Panthers adventure with his comic hunting episode, or it's a dinner date with his fiancée and let us burst into laughter. Super Cartoons help you to recall your old days by showing Donald Duck, Mickey, Mini, and other characters living in front of you.


  • The filtering option is available while searching based on the studio, characters, shows, etc
  • The home page displays the current show airing now
  • Simple user interface

Genre: Old Classic

Price: Free


watch cartoons online free websites anime cartoonito

If you want to visit your toddler days, play Cartoonito. The site is considered an educational and habit-building site for toddlers that include rhymes, stories, easy calculations to help in growth. Your kindergarten kids may learn mechanic work with Bob, The Builder, Or roam the city with Thomas with its friends.


  • With shows various online games are available
  • Kindergarten kids-friendly content
  • Simple interface
  • Vast library for the show selection

Genre: Toddler content

Price: Free


watch cartoons online free websites anime is the best place to land on if you prefer old classics with the new releases. It offers its extensive library with Netflix and Cartoon Network shows for the users to access. The plus side is you'll get old classics with the new release of cartoon shows and movies lineup for you. The site has filter option to scale up your search. Want to cartoon your selfie with more customized settings? You can click here to try it.


  • Brilliant interface
  • Filter option is available
  • Latest new release are available with old classics
  • New cartoon series are available from Netflix and Cartoon Network

Genre: Anime, Fantasy, and family drama

Price: Free

WB Kids Go

watch old cartoons online free on wb kids go

Warner Brothers studio and the theme music become the synonyms of WB Kids Go. Warner Brothers are primarily associated with Bugs Bunny, Looneytoons, Or DC cartoons characters. It's a pure enjoyment while you open the site and watch their activities. The site offers comic books for book lovers and online games for gamers.


  • Vast library for WB studio cartoons
  • Simple interface
  • It offers online games and comic books along with shows
  • Available of old and new cartoons

Genre: Kid and grown-up friendly shows

Price: Free


watch old cartoons online free boomerang

Watch the chase of Tom & Jerry on Boomerang. The site comprehends a massive library of old and new classic cartoons. The site offers a high definition of watching experience illustrating a more prominent view of the scream of Cowardly Dog while solving the mystery. For HD, you can watch the characters with vibrant colors and sharp details of the sketches.


  • It offers HD watching
  • The user interface is attractive
  • Compatible with mobile and desktop version
  • Offers huge old content library

Genre: Old shows with action, fantasy, comedy, etc

Price: First 1 week free. $4.99/ month later, you need to pay for the access

Thanks to these websites, you can watch cartoons online free and get a chance to revisit them. Now it's time to sort out your queries and let's check out our FAQs. See also: top 10 websites to watch cartoon online.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The sites are safe in terms of spamming or virus threats. But it is advisable before, and after the visit, you must check your device's cookie settings.

Yes. All these cartoon characters have copyrights registered under the broadcast studio. Imitations or recreating these iconic characters may indulge hefty fine. You can take inspiration from those characters but cannot copy them.

Once you land on the website, use the search bar to find your desired show. The show appears on your screen. Just click the play button and enjoy watching the funny activities with your family.

Concluded Part

Hunching back those golden memories in the present time is like recalling your old days and living for a few moments there to enjoy the highest. Over the period, the websites have constantly thrived on keeping our memories with us and allowing us to watch cartoons online free. In this context, watch cartoons online for free websites become a roadway to visiting our glorious day. Thus we can conclude, whenever we feel stressed and want relief, go and have a quick roam with Pink Panther or be a member of Scooby-Doo's mysterious adventure or sit back and watch how, after a robust chase, in the end, Tom & Jerry celebrate their friendship.