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The Best WMV to MP4 Converter: Convert WMV to MP4 with DVDFab Video Converter


   Posted by Kumara Velu

2019-03-19 02:16:05


Summary: Looking for a WMV to MP4 converter to convert WMV to MP4 that can be played by various players and devices? Here is the best WMV to MP4 converter with powerful features.

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It's seldom you work with WMV as a source file unless you use a video editing program that's proprietary to Windows like Windows Movie Maker.

In most instances you would do fine with a WMV file as it’s supported in most applications.

But there comes a time when you need to use your WMV file in an older program or device which supports only popular universal video formats but not WMV.

In that instance, it pays to use a WMV converter to MP4.

The same applies if you would like to share your videos over popular messaging apps which doesn’t support WMV.

Before we proceed with the explanation of how the conversion process works with a WMV to MP4 converter, let’s examine some background information on MP4


Versatility of MP4

MP4 stands for MPEG-4 Part 14 or MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding).

It is a multimedia container format used to store video and audio files in addition to text (subtitles) and images.

The main strength of MP4 is its compatibility across a host of platforms. As you may already be aware, most mobile devices support the playback of MP4 files.

One advantage of the MP4 compression is you'll not see any noticeable loss of the video quality that comes with the original file with the added bonus of a smaller file size.

This is because MP4 video is usually compressed with H-264 which only takes half the space taken up by MPEG-2.


Ideal Streaming Format

Video quality, manageable file size and compatibility has made the MP4 format ideal for video streaming over the Internet.

Talking about streaming video, MP4 does a good job in transmitting well over low bandwidth Internet connections, not to mention DSL and broadband.

What’s more, messaging Apps like WhatsApp and WeChat offers support for MP4 video file sharing - usually MP4 encoded with H-264 and AAC audio.

The universality of MP4 is evident. It's supported even by the proprietary Apple QuickTime.

Leading electronics companies like Sony, Philips, Samsung and Sony, among others, ensure the presence of MP4 support in their media devices.

Now that you’re aware of the versatility of MP4 and its benefits, let’s proceed to the conversion process.


Free WMV to MP4 Converter

If you’re aiming for a one-off conversion, involving a small file, you might want to opt for a free converter program.

If you have the versatile open source VLC player, you could use it as a free WMV to MP4 Converter.

You could get assistance for the task through tutorials you could find over the Internet, particularly over at YouTube.

If you don’t have VLC installed in your system, check out the free WMV to MP4 converter offered by DVDVideoSoft. It supports WMV as an input format.

If installing a program into your computer hard disk is not your cup of tea, you could try an online converter. This would suit you if you have a small file size and a fast Internet connection with good upload and download speeds.

Go ahead and check out the free WMV to MP4 converter online at

That said, free software and online video converters have their limitations though, namely file size and duration of video clip. Others may offer you full conversion but impose their watermarks on the converted videos.


DVDFab WMV Converter to MP4

If you don’t want to contend with such limitations and are looking for a reliable, affordable and versatile, user-friendly video converter program, why not check out the DVDFab Video Converter.

It’s a leading converter trusted by video enthusiasts and professional alike for its quick and error-free conversion process.

Below is how the DVDFab video converter works.

This quick guide will explain how to convert a WMV to MP4, in other words a Windows Media Video file to an MPEG-4 file with a WMV to MP4 converter.

After going through the guide, you'll be able to produce an MP4 file that you could play back in supported hardware devices and also software media players.

Conversion Steps

On launching DVDFab:

1) Select the Converter icon 

2) Import your WMV file by clicking the + button or dragging your file to the + box

Once your file has been imported click on the arrow button to change your output format to MP4.

Additional Options

You have four extra options to tinker with before you begin the WMV to MP4 conversion process as shown in the screenshot below.

1) Click on the play button to preview your clip

2) If you prefer to customize your output file with additional settings, click on the spanner icon for Advanced Settings

3) If you would like to do basic editing to your clip before converting it, click on the Video Edit button 

4) Finally choose your output directory by clicking on the folder icon

Once you’re done with all of the above, proceed to click the green Start button to commence the conversion process.

Conversion begins.

When the WMV to MP4 Converter has done its job, you'll get a Success message.

As the final step play your converted file in an MP4- compatible media player to check if your WMV to MP4 conversion has really been successful.

Download DVDFab Today

If you wish to convert your WMV file to MP4 by following the above steps, download the latest copy of DVDFab for Windows and Mac to enjoy a 30-day free trial with no obligation to purchase.

Do it today and you’ll no doubt be satisfied with the results of DVDFab’s WMV to MP4 converter.

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