Do you likewatchingfull length movies on YouTube? Do you find it difficult to find full length movies on YouTube? Do you want to download full length YouTube movies in high quality? If yes then this article will give your required answers. It is a detailed article divided in three parts. Each part describes a specific topic. Read every part carefully to get the correct answers for downloading full length YouTube movies.


Part 1: Recommended Free YouTube Movie Downloader to Download YouTube Movies Quicky and Easily

The best, free, reliable, and recommended free YouTube movie downloader tool is DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader. It has a built-in YouTube browser which makes it convenient to search for videos and download them easily within from the same window. This YouTube movie downloader also support batch downloading which lets you download multiple YouTube movies simultaneously. It supports SD, HD, Full HD, Full HD+ resolutions. Here’s a detailed tutorial for this free YouTube movie downloader tool.

·         Download and install the 32-bit of DVDFab 11 from the official website.

·         Open the program and go to ‘Utilities’. Here click ‘YouTube Video Downloader’. Let it download and install itself.

·         Once the tool gets installed click it again to launch it. A separate YouTube window will open.

·         Now search for your favorite full length movie here and let it play. Once the movie starts playing a blue ‘Download’ button will appear in the top right corner.

·         Hover the mouse over it and click the required resolution to start the movie download.

·         Repeat the steps above to download more YouTube movies. Click the ‘Download’ tab to check the download progress. Once the download gets finished click the ‘Folder’ icon to locate the files.


Part 2: Online YouTube Movie Downloaders to Download YouTube Movies

Read this part 2 if you are looking for online YouTube movie downloaders. These downloaders are absolutely free to use.


1. Online Video Converter is a nice and free YouTube movie downloader. It provides some customization options like selecting the audio quality and selecting a particular video part by entering the time limits.

Note: This is a free YouTube video downloader website which shows intrusive ads and popups. Do take utter care while downloading files. Only download video format files and skip any type of .exe, .dmg, .zip, .rar. These files may be malicious, so be careful.

·         Go to the website and click the button which shows ‘CONVERT A VIDEO LINK / URL’.

·         Now enter the YouTube movie link in the input field which shows ‘Paste link here.’

·         Click the ‘Format’ dropdown list and select the video format of your choice.

·         Then click the ‘Video Quality’ dropdown and select the quality. You can also enter the ‘Start Time’ and ‘End Time’ if you want to download only a particular part of that YouTube movie.

·         Finally, click ‘START’ and convert your YouTube movie online. After the conversion, you’ll be offered download links to download your free full length movie.


2. ClipConverter.CC is a free online YouTube movie downloader. It is similar to the above tool and is safe to use, though it uses some popup ads. It provides download options in multiple resolutions.  Follow the tutorial below to use the online YouTube movie downloader.

·         Simply go to and enter the movie link in the input text field labelled as ‘Video URL to Download:’. Then click ‘Continue’.

·         After that you will see the download options as video resolution. Select the appropriate resolution.

·         Then in ‘Conversion Format’ click ‘MP4’ or any other format and click the ‘Start’ button. Wait till the conversion gets over. After that download your movie and enjoy.

Note: Do not download any kind of .exe, .dmg, .zip or any other file type except movie or video formats. Always scan downloaded files with a good antivirus software.


3. is a simple online YouTube movie downloader. It works in just two steps which makes it easiest online YouTube movie downloader tool. Follow the steps given below to use this online tool.

Note: This is a free YouTube movie downloader tool so it runs ads. Beware while downloading files. Only download required video formats. Do not click on ads, or download any kind of software from these types of sites.

·         Go to and enter the YouTube movie link and click ‘Download’.

·         This will give you two options ‘Download with sound’ and ‘Download without sound’.

·         Make your choice and click ‘Download’ in front of the required resolution.


Part 3: Tips on How to Find Free Full Length Movies on YouTube

YouTube is strictly against uploading full length movies. As such acts contribute to film piracy, so YouTube has strict policies against it. But still you can find many full length movies on YouTube. These movies are uploaded by some users or the legal owners of those movies. In this case YouTube can’t interfere in between the uploader and the viewer. You may not always find your favourite full length movies on YouTube unless they get uploaded by their producers or owners. But YouTube can’t stop everyone from uploading such movies, so you only need some good searching skills to find those movies on YouTube. Here we are sharing some tips to find free full length movies on YouTube.


Tip #1: Direct YouTube Search

The easiest way to find free full length movies on YouTube is the direct search. Simply search YouTube for your favorite movie. You will get many results for it if you’re lucky.


Tip #2: Search Popular Movie Related Channels

There are a plenty of reputed channels on YouTube which upload movie related content frequently. You can make a list of these channels and search their uploaded movies.


Tip #3: YouTube Deep Search

Recently uploaded movies or the full length movies uploaded by unreputed channels may not show up in the YouTube search results. In that case you should employ deep search. YouTube deep search will allow you to search for a movie with a search filter which include the upload date, duration, type, and video quality. Simply go to YouTube and search for a movie, if you get results then you can watch that full length movie. If you don’t see any satisfactory result then click or tap the ‘FILTER’ option (same in PC and mobile version of YouTube). When the search filter opens customize the options like select the ‘Upload date’ (set it to current year), ‘Type’, ‘Duration’, and ‘Features’. Keep changing the filter options and look for results. This is a hit and trial method which works sometimes correctly.



We presented the article in three parts and each part described the process well. Part 1 described the ultimate free YouTube movie downloader tool which is DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader. Part 2 described some of the two best online YouTube movie downloaders. And in the part 3 we gave you some tips to find full length movies on YouTube. So we hope your doubts are now cleared regarding YouTube video download and finding full length movies. It is now your turn to make the choice between movie downloading tools. You can always use the online tools but DVDFab YouTube video downloader is more convenient than any other online tool. You should give it a try as it is completely free to use.