Tamil moviefansare pure bliss as there are varieties of Tamil movies being released every year. Be it action, romance, thriller or comedy, all types of movies you can get in Tamil cinema. Since Tamil movies are liked around the world; we are here with a list of 10 best Tamil movies on YouTube.

Part 1: Top 10 Best Tamil Movies on YouTube 2020

1.       Thani Oruvan (2015)

Thani Oruvan is a Tamil action thriller movie that was released in 2015, and the movie has 8.5 IMDB ratings. In the movie, Mithran who is an IPS officer commits to expose a scientist, Siddhartha who is involved in some illegal activities to make more money. Finally, he did bring him to justice. The movie screenplays some of the best action scenes.

best tamil movies on youtube

2.       Iraivi (2016)

Iraivi is a Tamil drama movie which was released in the year 2016, and it has 8.1 IMDB ratings. The movie revolves around three 5 people, Arul, Michael, Jagan, Yazhini (Arul’s wife), and Ponni, (Michael’s wife). All of three men suddenly started facing financial issues which forced them to indulge in criminal activities which lead them to prison. And, their wives forced to spend an individual life. The movie beautifully screenplays this drama. This is one of the best Tamil movies on YouTube.

best tamil movies on youtube

3.       Vikram Vedha (2017)

Vikram Vedha is a neo-noir action Tamil movie released in 2017. The movie has 8.8 IMDB ratings. In the movie, Vikram is a police officer, and Vedha is a smuggler and a murderer. Vikram along with Simon is set to capture Vedha. The movie was a big hit, and a treat to watch this on YouTube. It is one of the best Tamil movies on YouTube in recent times.

4.       Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017)

Baahubali 2 : The conclusion is originally a Tamil epic movie, but it was released worldwide in different languages. It is one of the best movies of not only Tamil cinema but whole Indian cinema world. In the movie Bhalladev does conspiracy against his brother to become the king of Mahismati. Later, he orders Kattappa to kill Bahubali. Even though Katappa, didn’t want to kill Baahubali, he did this because he is bound to obey the king’s order. But, later Baahubali’s son, who was saved by Sivagami, returns back to take revenge of his father’s assassination. This movie has 8.4 IMDB ratings. If you love Tamil movies, you must watch this epic movie.

best tamil movies on youtube

5.       Mersal (2017)

Mersal is an action thriller Tamil movie released in 2017. Its movie rating on IMDB is 8.2. In the movie, A doctor, Maaran, gets an invite from Paris for attending an event in which he is going to be honored for his contribution in the field of medicine. But, there was a guy who looks like Maaran, and when he murders Dr. Zachaariah, police mistakenly arrests Maaran as they think he is the murder.
You must watch this movie as it is one of the best Tamil movies on YouTube currently.

6.       Kabali (2016)

Kabali is a Tamil gangster-drama movie which was released in 2016, and the main attraction of this movie is that in the lead role, the superstar Rajnikanth is there. The movie has 6.4 IMDB ratings. IN the movie, Kabali (Rajnikanth) fights against the harassment faced by Tamil labours working in Malaysia. But, he was prisoned for 25 years, and when he returns back he seeks to take his revenge. This is one of the nicest Tamil Movies on YouTube.

best tamil movies on youtube

7.       Kolamavu Kokila (2018)

The beautiful, the sexy, Nayanthara is the main lead in Kolamavu Kokila. Her name is Kokila in the movie who forcefully gets indulge into drug business since the bad circumstances in her family she had to do it. But, later she comes out of all these using her intelligence. The movie has 8.3 IMDB ratings.

8.       Tik Tik Tik (2018)

Tik Tik Tik is a Tamil science fiction movie released in 2018. The movie has 6.9 IMDB ratings. When the Indian Space Research Organisation finds out that an Asteroid is about to hit earth, and is very near, they recruit a team to divert or destroy it before it reaches the earth. The movie is all about trying to stop the Asteroid to fall on Earth. This is one of the best Tamil movies on YouTube as far as Science Fiction genre is concerned. It is said to be India’s first film based on Space.

best tamil movies on youtube

9.       Kuttrame Thandanai (2016)

Kuttrame Thandanai is a Tamil psychological thriller released in 2016. In the movie, Ravi, who works as a collection boy for Credit Card Company suffers from a tunnel vision that causes him to lose his eyesight gradually. He tried a lot to collect some money from the loan but he doesn’t succeed, then he starts blackmailing two people to get some money.

The movie has 7.8 movie ratings on IMDB. It is surely a nice Tamil movie on YouTube.

10.   Irumbu Thirai (2018)

Irumbu Thirai is Tamil language action thriller movie. The movie has 7.9 IMDB ratings.

In the movie, Major Kathiravan borrows money from a bank against the fake documents since he needed money for his sister's wedding. When he got the money, he started the preparation for money, but when his father goes to ATM to withdraw money, it showed insufficient balance. Then he come to know that the money is stolen, and to find it out, he becomes a hacker. It is such a great Tamil movie on YouTube in 2018.

Part 2: How to download these Tamil movies from YouTube?

Now, you have a great list of 10 best Tamil movies on YouTube but if you want to download for your offline collection, what will you do since YouTube doesn’t offer the downloading option. Don’t worry we have something to share with you.

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·         Type the movie name of your choice to play and download.

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·         Click on any of the options to download.

·         You can further click the Download tab to see the download progress.

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Now, you only need to wait for the movie to get downloaded.

Aren’t the steps are very simple to download Tamil movies from YouTube.


Having a good list of your favourite movies is great because you don’t need to look for more recommendations. When you have the list, watch it on YouTube, and download them using the YouTube video downloader so that you can keep those movies for your offline use as well.

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